French edition


German edition


Original Italian edition. 1st edition : Comes with CD limited at 1000 copies ; special deluxe hardback edition with dustjacket, 199 copies. 2nd edition : Comes with CD limited at 1000 copies ; softcover, 800 copies. 3rd edition : paperback reprint limited to 299 copies, printed in 2012.

CD Tracklist

  • 3D Radio Advert
  • Let Wind Catch A Rainbow On Fire
  • Interview
  • The Honour Of Silence
  • Interview
  • Frost Flowers
  • Interview
  • Rose Clouds Of Holocaust
  • DEATH IN JUNE Enigma Bar Performance Advert #1 - 2003
  • Interview
  • The Mourner's Bench
  • Interview
  • All Pigs Must Die
  • DEATH IN JUNE Enigma Bar Performance Advert #2 - 2003
  • Interview
  • Unconditional Armistice
  • DEATH IN JUNE Jade Monkey Performance Advert - 2005
  • My Rhine Atrocity


English book released in 1996, 224 pages. Covers Death in June's history until 1995


French book limited to 999 copies, covers the history of Death in June until 1994.

Lyrics Books

1995 : “C’EST UN RÊVE”

1000 copies were printed but for reasons of misprints, the whole stock was destroyed. Only 10 copies were kept and given to friends.


Hungarian book released in 1999. Includes almost all lyrics until 1998 and their Hungarian translations. 1st edition 93 copies with sticker. Second edition 120 copies.



The World That Summer

Written by Robert Muller and based on his own experiences, this film recreates the Germany of 1936, when a young boy is trying to conceal his Jewish blood. The film shows how the Nazi ideology was absorbed into the fabric of people's lives.

Brown Book

Braunbuch – about War and Nazi criminals in West Germany (English title: Brown Book – War and Nazi Criminals in West Germany: State, Economy, Administration, Army, Justice, Science) is the title of a propaganda publication written by Albert Norden on behalf of the Stalinist regime of the GDR in 1965.

In this book Albert Norden claims that 1800 politicians and other prominents in West Germany held prominent positions in Germany prior to 1945, became rich etc.

Considered a classical peace of cold war communist propaganda, created under control of the Stasi, several acts of forgery in the book have been proven.

For example it claimed that President Heinrich Lübke had been involved in the construction Concentration camps, that Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger, an admitted former NSDAP member, had been an importantant collaborator of Goebbels, that employer president Hanns Martin Schleyer was member of the SS, that Minister-president Hans Filbinger as a naval judge had announced death sentences against deserters, that Refugee Minister Theodor Oberländer was a war criminal, or asserting a brown past of later President Richard von Weizsäcker.

Altogether 1800 West German persons and their past were covered: especially 15 Ministers and state secretaries, 100 admirals and generals, 828 judges or state lawyers and high law officers, 245 officials of the Foreign Office and of embassies and consulates in leading position, 297 high police officers and officers of the Verfassungsschutz. The first brown book was seized in West Germany – on Frankfurt Book Fair – by judicial resolution.

The contents of this book led to substantial attention in West Germany and other foreign countries. The federal government of Germany stated at that time, it would be “all falsification”. Later on, however, it became clear that the data of the book were partly correct. Hanns Martin Schleyer, for example, really had been a member of the SS. The book was translated into 10 languages. Amongst the reactions to it was also a similar West-German book of the same name, covering the topic of Nazis re-emerging in high-level positions in the GDR.

THAGLASZ MAGAZINE 8 Notre Domicile est l’Europe

Four CD set mounted within the covers of an A4 book, together with a 7″.

Several different versions available:

– Grey structured cover (clear vinyl with red glitter) only for groups – 84 copies
– grey cover (black vinyl) – 25 copies
– Yellow cover (red/clear-yellow-marbled vinyl) – 25 copies
– Red cover (orange vinyl) – 25 copies
– Green cover (pink vinyl) – 25 copies
– Blue cover (clearblue/darkblue vinyl) – 25 copies <br>

A Stalingrad Slavonija (8:05)
B1 Kirlian Camera Ich Bin Der Letzte Tourist In Europa (3:45)
B2 Axon Neuron / Vagwa Za Dom Spremni (4:35)
1-01 Spiritual Front Luther’s Army (4:36)
1-02 Anima In Fiamme Little Black Angel (4:44)
1-03 Cadaverous Condition Fall Apart (2:25)
1-04 Socrates Wounded Symbols Of The Sun (1:48)
1-05 Fremdheit Death Of A Man (6:07)
1-06 Werewolf Castle Vukovar (5:31)
1-07 Werkraum Heilige Krieg (5:56)
1-08 Egoaedes Vjara U Z.D.S. (4:47)
1-09 La Reine Noir A Frightful Friend (Hrvatska 1991) (6:08)
1-10 Bleiburg By The Grace Of God And The Deeds Of Heroes (8:07) Mixed By – Les Joyaux De La Princesse
1-11 Osvit Osvit (3:56)
1-12 Velebitski Vukovi Occidentem Sapello (5:40)
1-13 Bleiburg Z.A.P. (3:37)
1-14 Bleiburg Krzni Put (3:59)
1-15 La Reine Noir History’s Wind (3:28)
1-16 In Gowan Ring The Orb Weavers (5:04)
2-01 In My Rosary Your Shimmering Hair (3:59)
2-02 Oraison Within Our Hearts (4:27)
2-03 Ostara The Reckoning (4:49)
2-04 Lady Morphia Brothers (3:12)
2-05 Soil Bleeds Black, The Epitaph On Elisabeth (3:13)
2-06 Werkraum Jayd (3:34)
2-07 Werkraum Ehorn (4:25)
2-08 Werkraum Waldt (3:53)
2-09 Spiritual Front As Blood (3:50)
2-10 Westwind Cross Of Iron (5:31)
2-11 Bakterielle Infektion All Just Sleeping (6:12)
2-12 Gregorio Bardini Pico (7:46)
2-13 Gregorio Bardini Arx (6:55)
2-14 Ostara Audio Biography (0:30)
2-15 4th Sign Of The Apocalypse Amsterdam (4:22)
2-16 Leger Des Heils Precatio (3:17)
2-17 Leger Des Heils Vita Amoris Mors (2:51)
3-01 Sturmkind Flak (3:06)
3-02 Sturmkind Frühling (2:50)
3-03 Sturmkind Soldatenlied (1:19)
3-04 Melek-Tha Nihilistic Death Syndrome (12:50)
3-05 Fremdheit Der Alp Ist Tot (V.3) (3:46)
3-06 Orion Malnova Europa (5:38)
3-07 Clockwork Death Kommt Der Krieg (4:54)
3-08 This Morn’ Omina The Great Day (8:37)
3-09 Kirlian Camera After Winter (AB Version) (5:19)
3-10 Von Thronstahl Das Neue Reich (3:42)
3-11 Von Thronstahl Heimaterde, Mutterboden, Vaterland (4:05)
3-12 SRP Europa (5:02)
3-13 Sword Volcano Complex, The Spindogspin (Part Two) (2:29)
3-14 Natural Faith Project Lost Childhood (2:49)
3-15 Werewolf Castle Sender Werewolf (2:56)
4-01 Unknown Artist Twentieth Century – Thaglasz* (1:36)
4-02 Unknown Artist Twentieth Century – Thaglasz** (2:41)
4-03 Unknown Artist Twentieth Century – Thaglasz*** (4:04)
4-04 Axon Neuron / Vagwa Untitled (5:50)
4-05 Axon Neuron / Vagwa Torrents Of Hagalasz (Pt. XI) (1:57)
4-06 Axon Neuron / Vagwa Solstice (4:28)
4-07 Sturmkind Kleiner Friede (3:53)
4-08 Fear Men Of Our Tribe (6:24)
4-09 Sektion Einheit Holy Rape (5:07)
4-10 No Festival Of Light &amp; Sator Absentia Male (6:45)
4-11 Inu Yaroh Super Bootleg (7:52)
4-12 Socrates Wounded My Little Camelot (2:34)
4-13 Socrates Wounded The Blood Of Freedom (3:15)
4-14 Cadaverous Condition Nostalgia (3:20)
4-15 Cadaverous Condition Underneath Stars Without A Sky (3:27)
4-16 In My Rosary Sulamith (3:48)
4-17 Trylok Mysterious Girl (5:32)


100 in grey cover, 200 in red cover and 200 in blue cover. It include CD, 146 pages book and one-sided 8″ flexi disc. Only the first 333 copies come with the one-sided 8″ flexi disc.

1 Aurum Nostrum Wedlock (4:45)
2 Gregorio Bardini Pico (7:36)
3 Dies Natalis Der Stein Weit Im Korn (6:16)
4 Anima In Fiamme Little Black Angel (4:42)
5 Forseti Ewigkeit (3:15)
6 Werkraum Jagd (3:30)
7 Werewolf Castle Sender Werewolf (2:55)
8 Sektion Einheit Holy Rape (5:04)
9 Fear Men Of Our Tribe (6:12)
10 Order And Progress My Little Camelot (0:24)
11 Axon Neuron Solstice (2:21)
12 Leger Des Heils Vita Amoris, Mors (2:50)
13 Kirlian Camera After Winter (AB Version) (6:38)
14 Cadaverous Condition Underneath Stars Without A Sky (0:58)
15 Bleiburg Sto Bog Da I Secra Junacka (Za Poglavnika I Za Dom) (4:45)
A Les Joyaux De la Princesse Il Disait La Verite, Ils L’ont Tue…


Limited to 105 copies released with Thaglasz #5 magazine.

33 copies in clear blue vinyl and magazine cover in grey.
34 copies in yellow/black vinyl and magazine cover in light brown.
33 copies in light green vinyl and magazine cover in red.
5 promo copies in yellow vinyl as one-sided DLP without magazine.

A1 Axon Neuron / S.T.G.M. Untitled
A2 Axon Neuron / Vagwa Torrents Of Hagalaz, Pt. XI
A3 Werkraum Ehern
A4 Werkraum Waldt
A5 Cadaverous Condition Nostalgia
A6 Cadaverous Condition Fall Apart
B1 Von Thronstahl Heimaterde, Mutterboden, Vaterland
B2 Forseti Waffengang
B3 In My Rosary Your Shimmering Hair
B4 Kirlian Camera Ich Bin Der Letzte Tourist In Europe
B5 Ostara The Reckoning
B6 Aurum Nostrum Dors Et Reveille Toi


limited to 101 copies (34 in brown cover – 34 in red cover – 33 in grey cover) ​


Limited to 105 copies released with Thaglasz #3 Death In June freundeskreis magazine.

-50 copies in brown vinyl and brown leather fold-out cover.
-50 copies in red/white vinyl and apricot leather fold-out cover.
-5 copies in black vinyl come in a box with T-Shirt and pin.

A Krizni Put
B1 Z.A.P.
B2 Untitled


100 copies

Thaglasz 02 limited to 100 copies (25 in green cover – 25 in white cover – 25 in yellow cover – 25 in red cover). Some copies came with a Thaglasz sticker.


105 copies

Thaglasz 01 limited to 55 copies (50 in red cover – 50 in blue cover – 5 in lilac cover).