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On Wednesday, 18th December 2002 Alison Webster,one of the 3 directors of world serpent distribution ,and as part of their Out Of Court Settlement with me, attended the offices of my London solicitor and delivered up a cheque for monies owed and 3 boxes containing mastering tapes(U-matic, exobyte, master CDs etc)and original artwork films belonging to the main bulk of the Death In June, NER,Twilight Command Record/CD catalogue. Due to a possible problem with one of the 3 director’s signatures on the world serpent cheque we had to wait until close of business on Monday, 23rd December to ensure the cheque cleared. Apparently it has! In turn, I have sold back to world serpent distribution my shares in the company that I actually named and help form in early 1991. Perhaps, keeping with Christmas tradition, the directors will divide these newly attained shares up equally between their loyal and faithful servants this Boxing Day, 26th December 2002? Regardless, these shares have failed to provide me with any dividends or share of company profits for some years and I see these, and any further association with this company, as valueless and unwanted in my Life. Washing my hands of this ‘business’ has been both physically and spiritually cleansing for me this propitious Solstice/Yule. To all of those, both on and off list, who have offered me support in all its forms in the 3 years since world serpent’s solicitor on 26th January, 2000 threatened “to apply to the High Court without further notice….” for an injunction against me to stop “defaming” his clients and to seek damages against me for God knows what (the list was as endless as it was untrue), and that world serpent distribution had “never withheld any monies due” nor ” refuse to make due payments” then I send a “Grosse Heilige!” for standingtrue to me. To all of those, some even once very close to me, who offered only hot air and lack of moral fibre then you have only yourselves to live with. And, that will be an existence filled with the ghosts of the morally bankrupt. Pah, Humbug indeed! The company known as world serpent distribution turned what should have been just a financial split into a moral, ethical and political battle.One that blew up in their collective face. Their disgusting witness statements against me served into the High Court of England stand testimony to this. From something very ordinary their wish to destroy Death In June and, in turn, my Will to survive their deceitful attack became a microcosm of a greater, Eternal Battle. To quote Old Blue Eyes from 1 of his many brilliant songs:

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas Let Your Heart Be Light From Now On Our Troubles Will Be Out Of Sight Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas Make The Yuletide Gay From Now On Our Troubles Will Be Far Away…”

Well, that depends doesn’t it? Now, when are they going to change their name? Heilige! Douglas P.

The reissue of the “NADA!” CD has been delayed by a few weeks due to a printing error at the factory that produces the digipaks.The same also applies to the reissue of the CD of Boyd Rice And Friends “Music, Martinis And Misanthropy”. All of the embossing/debossing had been left off by the factory so the digipaks have been returned to be manufactured properly. 18 years after it’s initial release in 1985 “NADA!” still remains Death In June’s best selling album. All the main protagonists involved knew they had created something special and different upon it’s completion and I’ll always remember Patrick Leagas, Iain O’Higgins(the sound engineer) and myself walking over to the Embankment near the Thames at dawn of that final morning in the recording studio near Waterloo, London and having a Champagne breakfast in celebration of it’s finishing and of it’s birth. This period marked a fine tuning of Patrick and I’s song writing partnership which ended with “Born Again” written shortly after the “NADA!” sessions and now featured for the first time on CD. “NADA!” also show cased the beginning of the collaborations between myself and David Tibet of Current 93 which were to last until 1994.Interesting days with interesting people. The packaging includes many previously unseen photographs from that era plus gold foil blocking and embossing/debossing (we hope!)It should look totally brilliant.

Heilige! Douglas P.

Whilst “NADA!” may have been ‘out of stock’ for over 3 years the Boyd Rice And Friends album “Music, Martinis & Misanthropy” has been ‘unavailable’ for nearly 5 years! To celebrate the rebirth of this unique work featuring Boyd Rice, Michael Moynihan, Bob Ferbrache and myself (with cameo appearances by Tony Wakeford & Rose McDowall) not only will it be available on CD in a deluxe digipak with silver foil blocking, embossing/debossing plus many previously unseen photos it will also be released as a limited edition Picture Disc LP. Both versions will include the new additional track “Secret News”. Recorded partially in Tokyo in 1989 in sweltering Summer temperatures and under strange and stressful circumstances,it was then finished in snow-bound Denver in March, 1990 under even stranger circumstances. Thankfully, with the help of Boyd’s 357 Magnum and Bob Ferbrache’s mum and her cocktail making abilities they did, however,become less stressful! More interesting days with yet more interesting people!

This album marked the beginning of my collaborations with Boyd Rice which has seen us perform all over the world together and also co-write the Scorpion Wind and Wolf Pact projects. With the help of John Murphy another work is also partially recorded with the working title of “Alarm Agent”. A possible release date could be the end of 2003. Heilige! Douglas P.

The “Live In Italy” video was recorded at the T.P.O., Bologna on 29th May, 1999.This is the 1st ever official Death In June video release and is exceptional in both sound and picture quality. John Murphy and Albin Julius join me during this performance. This is presently ONLY available via the NER mail order service in London. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: Matthew Weber a href=”mailto:mweber@l…”>mweber@l… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: Re: [deathinjune] Oleg’s Rants > Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 18:32:04 -0800 > > >Little Oleg grew up hearing stories of Fascist atrocities. Oh no, > >backdated hate crimes! Somehow he wants sympathy from us. Hey, > >there’s always the Wailing Wall! > > Sorry, but this is just stupid. Crimes are crimes. Genocide is just > murder on a grand scale. > > Oleg is a kook, granted, but he wasn’t claiming some special status > for “hate crimes”. And to tell the truth, I find his naive > emotionalism a lot more appealing than a lot of the macho nonsense > that gets aired on here. > > > > Matt

Ah, Matthew it’s rare to see such charity displayed on an internet discussion group such as this, permeated as it is by “macho nonsense” and ” big fluffy nancies”. I know you’d take a bullet for me, wouldn’t you my bestest fan in Berkeley. Just for the record, to all concerned, I have never boasted about having friends with tattoos of Hitler on their backs simply because I don’t know anyone like that so, Oleg must be thinking of someone else when he gets all naively emotional-NOT ME! The rest of his “rants” sound like some outtake from the film ‘Come And See’ which I highly recommend. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “keith finnan a href=”
mailto:keeffinnan@y…”>keeffinnan@y…” a href=”mailto:keeffinnan@y…”>keeffinnan@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Re: Crisis > Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 01:05:31 -0000 > > what an upstanding fine man like stewart(kidding)I know what you mean > as all of stewart homes writings should end up in the dustbin of > history too!But you must agree that crisis were one of the best punk > bands if you remember all the ilk that were around then > I mean i was 12 when i bought the hymns of faith vinyl from the good > ship probe yeah even at that age i was an angry young prole > funny i always thought that the good old hersham boys sham 69 > were mr holmes favourite group > all i have to say is “cmon cmon urry up stewie cmon” (haha) > Oi! the email > keith

Ah, yes I remember well the night(mare) Crisis, Menace and Sham 69 played Woking Centre Halls. However,I still seem to think it was the Crisis wagon that young Stewart chose to jump in to get him back home to safety and no doubt,another night spent at the typewriter, transcribing his evening out with the proles! Stewart always said, to my face at least, that Crisis was his favourite punk group but I realise that he’s said a lot of stuff behind my back since. I doubt whether the blokes in Sham would have tolerated him. Whilst on the subject of Punk Rock might I just add that I was not a little moved to hear about the recent death of Joe Strummer of The Clash. If it wasn’t for that group and Punk Rock(as well as a phone call from Tony Wakeford) I wouldn’t have been in a group. Like The Sex Pistols I was already interested in The Clash before I’d even heard them, let alone seen them, and I remember Joe Strummer asking me to buy him a pint of lager and lime at The Hope and Anchor pub in north London in exchange for a set of Ernie Ball guitar strings.I knew he was Joe Strummer because he had ” Phantoms Of The Clash” stencilled on the back of his grey R.A.F. flight jacket along with other slogans. As I was only at that pub because the Pakistani cinema at which The Clash were advertised to perform in that night was closed I was a little surprised to see him also there but Joe explained something along the lines; ” that the Pakis took one look at us and decided they didn’t want us playing in their hall so,…” The familiarity of it 26 years on sends shivers up my spine, ha ha,… Either way, we ended up watching the god awful Louie Lewis(I think that’s what his name was, anyway) but also the brilliant Stranglers that night instead. The White Riot Tour was still a way off but when I finally did get to see them they were brilliant and that first album is a complete classic which, when I’m in a wistful enough mood, still gets the occassional spin on the turntable. With the exception of several singles after that their following albums I find too ‘rocky’ and I lost interest. For the same reason I had no interest in his solo career but having recently read so many ‘eulogies’ from the likes of Bully Blagg etc. I just thought I’d say a word. Joe and The Clash were an early inspiration but Punk Rock was never meant to have a happy ending was it? Young deaths are to be expected aren’t they? When is Johnny Rotten going to spontaneously combust? When will Glen Matlock get agood hair cut? When will Pete Shelley die after having a wank? Etc, etc,… Heilige! Douglas P. P.S. Those guitar strings turned out to be complete crap as I broke 4 of them during 1 concert in Oxford a year or so later.

> From: “mauricefy a href=”mailto:mauricefy@y…”>mauricefy@y…” a href=”mailto:mauricefy@y…”>mauricefy@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Re: Crisis > Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 10:17:01 -0000 > > Fair enough, but I thought S*****t H**e’s notes for the Crisis CD > reissue were very amusing. > > Keith is right about Alienation, but Red Brigades, Brookwood > Hospital, Back in the USSR are all classics…

You’re right. I remember well how Tony and I sat in my old flat’s spare room going over which photos should be used for the CD booklet, the introduction to it and discussing how much more mental S.H. must have been than even we had realised. It HAD to be used! Going by your spelling of Brookwood you must be a local. But how things have changed; ” Sainsbury’s Mega Store out of control…” wouldn’t sound quite so good would it? Well, perhaps if it was done by The Ramones?

> From: “mauricefy a href=”mailto:mauricefy@y…”>mauricefy@y…” a href=”mailto:mauricefy@y…”>mauricefy@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Re: Crisis > Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 14:05:29 -0000 > > Not quite a local, I live in Kingston. Never been to Brookwood, but > I know it has a huge cemetery which used to have its own private > railway line to it (the subject of a recent novel). With that the > hospital and the mega store I know I probably don’t need to go… > > Talking about those photos, do you still have the (what looks like an) > IMG boiler suit? Might look cool with the mop!

All of my Punk clothes ended up in the dustbin of history many years ago. What a fool I was as they would have fetched a fortune on ebay and covered all of my legal costs against wsd. Yes, I can see it now, with the IMG boiler suit and the mop I could have taken the idea of ‘red fascist’ symbolically to the nth degree and really made a clean sweep of things. The hospital grounds is now where the super market is and the railway line from Waterloo to the London Necropolis, as the cemetary was then called, was referred to as the Body Line by the locals. The remains of the platform can still be seen at the entrance of a new section built especially for Muslims. In 1985 England’s largest cemetary (I can’t remember if that is in terms of size or amount of interns) was bought by an Islamic organisation and there have been bulldozers there ever since. It’s not as beautiful as it used to be but it’s still worth a visit if you like that kind of thing.

> From: “richardogle2002 a href=”mailto:richardogle2002@y…”>richardogle2002@y…” >< richardogle2002@y…> > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] introduction > Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 23:26:58 -0000 > > Hello, I am a 38 year old male living in the UK, I have been > sporadically following the music of di6 for nearly 20 years, although > not an obssessive fan, I have periods where di6 mean a great deal to > me. I would like to know if anyone knows of any good record shops in > Barcelona that sell di6 & related stuff as i am going there soon, and > also if anyone could recommend any good new and exciting artists that > I need to check out. > regards. Richard.

Dear Richard, As far as my personal experiences are concerned the best record shops in Barcelona that do stock Death In June material, rarities etc,are at the top of the Ramblas situated in streets running both right and left: 7-Pulgadas, Condal,5 Barcelona &, Revolver Tallers, 13 Barcelona. There is also a shop I think called “ZERO” which sells a huge assortment of T-shirts.Someone posted a website address for them on this list not too long ago. Although the designs are unofficial, Boyd, Albin and I all know the owner and have given ‘permission’ for him to print them.I couldn’t pin point exactly where that is although it is within walking distance of the Ramblas. Beware of thieves! Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “mauricefy a href=”mailto:mauricefy@y…”>mauricefy@y…” a href=”mailto:mauricefy@y…”>mauricefy@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Re: Crisis > Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 09:12:47 -0000 > > Thanks for the info. > > Is that where the pictures from the Nada period come from or was that > somewhere else? I think at the time I assumed it was Highgate > Cemetery, but that may just be because I was spending lots of time > there in the early/mid 80s myself….

Dear Maurice, Apologies for taking some time to get back to your question. From 1977 to 1986 Crisis, Death In June and Current 93, the group I was never in, all had photo sessions take place in Brookwood Cemetary. It’s massive and you very rarely ever met anyone else so it was always easy to set these up. It has a direct rail link from Waterloo to Brookwood which also made meeting up with people very easy. Other notable places in the South East where photo shoots have taken place are Windsor Great Park when they still had the giant chairs and table along The Long Walk, Saville Gardens in Virginia Water especially near to The Duke Of Cumberland or, The Butcher Of Culloden as some people like to call him, and his Black Sun Monument and Wisley Aerodrome which is situated off the A3 out of London near the Send/Riply turn off. Not only was this the site for a Lancaster bomber base in WWII, a test runway for Concorde but was also featured in some episodes of The Avengers and at the start sequence of The Prisoner. Within easy reach from Kingston if you feel like a stroll. But, be warned it’s not sign posted, well hidden like England’s Reverse and not difficult to miss. If you’re interested in Eric Clapton who was brought up in Send/Ripley you’ll find the grave of his son Connor, who tragically fell out of a New York skyscraper window and indirectly resurrected his father’s career, in the local church cemetary. Send/Ripley also has the studio where Tony and I mixed the Crisis tapes for the We’re All Germans And Jews CD. It was then owned by someone from The Moody Blues but I think Paul Weller now runs the studio.We got a very good rate courtesy of Ken Thomas. Heilige! Douglas P.

The problems with the CD digipaks now appear to be resolved so the reissues of both Boyd Rice & Friends “Music Martinis & Misanthropy” and Death In June ” NADA!” should be in the shops or in your post boxes very soon. Thanks to everyone who has ordered them for being so patient.] At the time of its release in 1985 “NADA!” was described in one of the main British music papers as sounding like; ” Echo And The Bunnymen meet Kraftwerk at a Nuremburg Rally” which is a description I’ve always quite liked. And that brings me to an equally nice thing that happened to me at Sydney Airport on Sunday, 26th January-Australia Day. Whilst in the terminal restaurant Ralf Hutter from Kraftwerk walked in and sat down not far from me. As part of my reason for being in Sydney was to see ,what turned out to be an excellent Kraftwerk performance at the Enmore Theatre a few days previously ,this was too good an opportunity to miss. I introduced myself and asked him to sign my boarding pass and 4 Kraftwerk CDs I was carrying with me. This he kindly did. For those of you who are interested in what he was wearing he was in a long sleeved black shirt with black jeans off set by big white basketball boots. A daring ensemble for the heat Australia is currently enduring. I looked around for Florian but didn’t see him in the terminal nor when the Kraftwerk party boarded their flight to Melbourne. However, that might be explained in my post about Boyd Rice. Heilige! Douglas P.

I spoke with Boyd Rice earlier this morning and all is well with him and he is definitely not deady dead.In the course of the conversation I told him about meeting Ralf Hutter at Sydney Airport and he let me know his Kraftwerk experience: When he and Fad Gadget were performing in Dusseldorf in the late 1980s Florian Schneider came to see the concert dressed in drag as some sort of disguise! Boyd remembers him wearing huge silver coloured high heels and a massive hat. Ich bein ein schaufenster drag queen, indeed! Perhaps this is why I didn’t see him at the airport? Sadly, I cannot therefore report on what he was wearing but I was in a fetching Ben Sherman black check short-sleeved button down shirt, stone coloured Rohan shorts with lots of yummy zips on, white socks covered by black Doc Martins kindly given to me by FashioNation of Denver. No underpants as Boyd has stolen them all to mop up the blood. Heilige! Douglas P.

Here is what I know of this book project about C93, Coil & NWW: In May, 2001 I first learned of it via a variety of postings on this list. It caused a bit of fuss at the time as people took umbrage about the apparent exclusion of Death In June. As the author is the same person who wrote a feature on C93 in the Wire magazine in 1998/99 which completely excluded my name/presence from that group it didn’t really surprise me. His name had been mentioned in the wsd offices when I was still with them and they had tried to get him on the guestlist for 1 or 2 Death In June performances in London. As I’m not particularly rock journalist/ligger friendly this did not occur. Since C93,Coil & NWW were now, with the possible exception of Sol Invictus, wsd’s main groups the whole thing smelt of pig manure. I thought no more about it although I noted that some on this list advocated a campaign of contacting this journalist and suggesting that the inclusion of my good self may not be a bad idea. Some months later in about late 2001/early 2002 I received a letter from the journalist in question explaining his idea and stating that David Tibet would very much like me to take part in it. Also enclosed was a ton of questions! Well, this was a turn up for the books. Had the journalist been inundated by sack loads of post from irrate Death In June fans protesting at me being airbrushed out of post industrial history ,or had he belatedly seen the light? I don’t know but, I thought this was a good opportunity to finally see the Wire article which I had heard a lot about but never had the chance to see for myself. I was still suspicious that people were giving Tibet a raw deal and the article wasn’t in fact as insulting as people had said. I replied to the journalist saying that I would consider my position but would first like to see the Wire article he had previously written. In time this finally turned up and indeed the article was as bad as people had told me it was. Nasty old Douglas P. was nowhere to be seen! An accompanying letter said that the reason why I was not included was because they had run out of space and also that he needed the replies to his questions. Pronto! So, not only had I been so unimportant in the development of C93 that I wasn’t originally worth a line or two, if I wanted to write myself back into this oh, so important part of musical history I had better be quick about it. Well, fuck you too Mr.Important Alternative Rock Journalist! I’m not so bloody desperate to see my name in print. In the meantime, the litigation with wsd was proceeding apace. In 2000, as a fellow share holder in wsd, I was obliged to contact David Tibet regarding legal matters and he replied that he wanted no further correspondence about this problem and wanted to keep out of it. That was fair enough and as we hadn’t spoken or corresponded since about 1998 and, out of respect for our past friendship, I agreed to this. However,in mid-2002 when each side in the case had to declare their respective List of Documents that would be used as evidence it showed that David Tibet (and John Balance of all people!) had made contributions to wsd’s list and after we’d seen what these had to say my legal team ,and others, considered him within their sights and ‘fair game’. I was legally advised to make contact with him and explain some options open to him before they ordered Tibet to appear in the High Court on 18th November,2002.After leaving several messages on his answer machine in London I received a telephone call from him on honeymoon in Malaysia. In total we spoke for an hour which I personally found very emotional and upsetting as we hadn’t spoken for so long, or candidly in years. During the course of this conversation he explained that I was excluded from the Wire article because he “couldn’t think of anything good” to say about me at the time. He also reaffirmed that he would now like me to take part in the proposed book but understood why if I didn’t and that “nothing bad” would be said about me. Umm, thanks mate,I’m still pondering those remarks! On my part, as I had found the circumstances of this telephone re-union so upsetting I told him that I would try to call the dogs off and tell my legal team to leave him alone. This I did but up until the point of wsd’s Kapitulation my lawyers insisted that they should still subpoena him to appear in court as they were not in the business of losing cases and Tibet had crossed the neutral barrier and could prove to be a useful witness. So, to finalise: I did not take part in the book because I don’t like to be considered such a second rate, last minute afterthought and neither do I wish to propogate anything that will in one way or another or by association benefit a company that tried to screw me for all I’ve got in the most underhanded ways possible. Also, none of the people involved ever showed any interest in my personal welfare during this ‘Kampzeit’ – not one phone call to see how things were going and, besides, for Tibet and Balance to have contributed to ‘evidence’ against me knowingly or unknowingly(as Tibet claimed) is pretty hard to swallow. What those 2 had sent to wsd was unnecessary rubbish from the internet and could only be used against me in wsd’s attempt at character assassination. So, now the dust is beginning to clear, I’m starting to hear from ‘old friends’ I haven’t heard from in 3 years with letters of how miserable their lives are and waxing lyrical about the ‘good old days’. Guess what? Indifference has a way of becoming infectious and frankly my dears, I couldn’t give a damn! The past is very much that-the past.As good as it might have been at the time. I also find the fact that I and Ian Read are included on the front cover photograph presently being advertised on the internet really peculiar. Although being invited to, Ian Read also declined to take part in the book and after reading wsd’s Witness Statements about his alleged conduct in a West End record store I’m sure he’s only too pleased there is distance between him and anything that could now benefit those ‘people’. It’s a funny Old World and work on my autobiography just gets better by the day. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “Robinson, David” a href=”mailto:david.robinson@c…”>david.robinson@c… > Reply-To: > To: “‘'” a href=”“> > Subject: RE: [deathinjune] Misanthropy, Nada & Kraftwerk. > Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 17:55:49 -0000 > > how many dates did Kraftwerk play in Australia ? > Are they touring again, or just one-off dates ? > Any new material from them Douglas ?

Incongruously, they are part of The Big Day Out Festival which tours the major capital cities in Australia this time of year and which is mainly rock orientated. However, Kraftwerk, like New Order last year, wisely decided to perform solo concerts in Sydney and Melbourne the 2 largest cities in the country. Nothing new musically was performed but they did do a broad cross section of material from “Autobahn” to “Expo 2000”. Sadly, only 1 encore was performed although they could have done a lot more as most of the crowd didn’t budge for some time after the lights went up. From what I remember of seeing them in London 20 years ago they showed more visuals although any sign of the robots of Wolfgang Flur and Karl Bartos have now been removed.One of their human replacements looks a dead ringer for John Mahonney who plays Frasier’s dad in the TV sitcom of the same name.

> From: “pdcjr a href=”mailto:pcjr9@a…”>pcjr9@a…” a href=”mailto:pcjr9@a…”>pcjr9@a… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] luthers army ? for douglas > Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 00:59:50 -0000 > > Douglas, one of my favorite di6 songs is luthers army, and first > heard the song on discriminate, so I bought rose clouds… I was > wondering, what made have the two different versions of background > instrument, the trumpet on discriminate, and the “keyboard” type > instrument on the new digipack version of the song. I love both, but > have an affinity for the trumpet version. I also would like to know > any background info on the song, if possible(inspiration, meanings, > etc.) thanks and hope to hear an answer soon. > Phil

Dear Phil, The title ,at least, was inspired by something I’d read about the Pope of the time in question referring to “Martin Luther and his army of followers” as “The Great Beast”. It reminded me of Crowley and mixed up with some memories of hitching around Northern France as a 17 year old coupled with my general state of mind, blah, blah, blah,….. I don’t dissect my work in public. In fact, I don’t dissect my work to anyone! The trumpet is a trumpet on “Discriminate” but the Angel-like voices on the” Rose Clouds..” version is a combination of sounds from a Korg M1 Work Station. Something Diana Ross’s backing group introduced me to in 1992 when I was working on the “But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?” album and we were in the same studio. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: finnan keith a href=”
mailto:keeffinnan@y…”>keeffinnan@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: Re: [deathinjune] Misanthropy, Nada & Kraftwerk. > Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 07:23:17 -0800 (PST) > > hey doug nice to see you on the list again > I was lucky enough to meet ralph and florian a few > years ago in liverpool.They played here at the royal > court and being me ahem! I managed to get a backstage > pass they were really nice to me and answered all my > questions I remeber at the time I was wearing the > brown book t-shirt and florian was very interested in > the soldier and who this band was. Funnily enough > though > the royal court put on a huge spread on for the band > and kraftwerk fucked off so we were told to dig in > so hats off to ralph and florian for free champers! > As regards to the infamous hidden reverse book I think > you are well to be out of it if the last tv appearance > of coil was anything to go by i felt embarrased for > them mind you john and sleazy have are the hinge and > bracket of so called industrial music > as regards to the legal case its really funny doug > when genesis p was being hounded by the press over > certain allegations a certain mr tibet and the coil > boys were shaking in their occultured boots as they > were in the video as cited as evidence on gen > OH How I laughed > keith

Dear Keith, I too remember the “Dispatches” period very well. As most people didn’t know where I lived at that time in England it was discussed that if the proverbial did hit the fan it could be used as a safe house-for Tibet at least! However, I’m sure if that had of happened the good people at wsd would have informed the police, contacted the tax office, done a title search on the property, got a printout map of exactly where the address was from the internet and arranged to hand over the hunted perverts into the hands of the proper authorities thus saving the futures of all the pychick youth whose lives they had attempted to destroy. I should know, wsd tried the same tactics with me! Fun Times,… Douglas P.

> From: “aac92000 a href=”mailto:algiz_aac@h…”>algiz_aac@h…” a href=”mailto:algiz_aac@h…”>algiz_aac@h… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Question for Douglas about M,M&M > Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 00:53:33 -0000 > > Hello Douglas, > > I’ve had the original CD edition of Music, Martinis and Misanthropy > for some years now, and it has remained among my favourite albums. > > Just one question: what do the phrases/quotes in latin inside the CD > booklet mean? “Reinier Door Feneri” etc.? > > Best, > > Aki

Dear Aki, The page that reads: “Barbarus hic ego zum…” is Latin and basically means: Here I am A Barbarian as I understand Nothing

“Reinier Door Feueri” is not Latin but a motto Boyd found regarding an old German secret society. I’m not sure which language this is but I’ve always understood it to imply : Reign Through Fire. However, I may be wrong about that and am open to other interpretations. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: finnan keith a href=”mailto:keeffinnan@y…”>keeffinnan@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: Re: [deathinjune] Dispatches. > Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 17:23:52 -0800 (PST) > > its really incredible the similarities isnt it when > you ditched wsd certain individuals seemed to steer > clear of you with wsd being their bread and butter > the same thing happened with gen when that programme > aired the same individuals denied even knowing or even > asscociating with him its a pity gen didnt have the > same conviction or the will you have mind you with the > allegations thrown at him you can hardly blame him for > fleeing mind you doug this country being what it is i > cant blame anyone for fleeing especially if you > remember at the time that wonderful expose on > satanistic abuse by a certain mr cook when he > interviewed boyd oh how i cackled when the question to > him was something like “do you eat babies” and boyds > wonderful sneering laugh just responding “no” > Im off to the stinking capital soon so if there is any > nice message you would like me to convey to the good > old chaps at rough trade let me know > and I hopefully as everytime im in london i always > seem to bump into gobby so i will pass him my > condolances(hee hee!) > take care doug enjoy the warmth > keith

From what I remember Gen was luckily in Haiti at the time when that TV programme went to air and did not bother returning to the UK for a long time after. Going by the last time I spoke with him he had no plans to ever return full time there. And, who could blame him?

> From: “Ben..” a href=”mailto:eboladisco@h…”>eboladisco@h… > Reply-To: > To: a href=”“> > Subject: [deathinjune] RE: Misanthropy, Nada & Kraftwerk > Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 22:20:28 +1100 > > They were part of a kind of festival known as “The Big Day Out” which is > basically a collection of boring bands and every obnoxious moron in > Melbourne in one stadium…which is the reason I didn’t go…and yes I’m > kicking myself… > > Ben..

Dear Ben, I’m pretty sure Kraftwerk performed at The Metro on their own only a couple of days ago!! I feel the same about The Bog Day Out as you do. Marianne Faithfull performed a great concert in Adelaide last night and is now heading your way for several shows. If you’re interested a word of advice;miss the support group. Some of the most inane, trite lyrics I’ve ever heard. The exodus to the bar during their set was hilarious. Douglas P.

The 2 Death In June albums most ‘inspired’ in part by Yukio Mishima were The World That Summer and Brown Book. Mr. Greg may well already be aware of these but several of the tracks from those albums have now been remixed/re-recorded with my vocals now replacing the voice of David Tibet and more of the original guitar and keyboards added. Later this year they should see the light of day on a rarities album that is in the pipeline.Perhaps, they will now feel more complete and possibly more satisfying to Mr.Greg? Heilige! Douglas P.

>From: HonestAbe44@a… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Fun Questions for Douglas P > Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 13:34:23 EST > > What kind of car do you drive? Automatic or manual? > What was one of the most embarrassing things that has happened to you? > Do you have a good relationship with your family? > Have you ever considered having children?

I drive a German manual in Australia, an Italian manual in Europa and an American automatic in America. The last one was a Chrysler Concord I got for a very good rate from Thrifty. My favourite motorcycles are BMWs. The Japanese bikes I had always had something going wrong with them, with the exception of a brilliant Suzuki trails bike, and Harley Davidsons feel like armchairs with big wheels. I can’t think of any embarrassing moments. I have a love/hate relationship with my family apparently similar to most other people. But, blood is thicker than water and if I wanted any of them to ‘off’ someone for me I’m sure they would. In fact, as part of them come from both sides of the divide in Northern Ireland I’m convinced they’d love to keep in practice. Yes, I have considered having children about 16 years ago and in a previous question and answer session I went into more detail about this. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “Mr. Greg” a href=”mailto:mrgreg23@y…”>mrgreg23@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: Re: [deathinjune] Mishima etc. > Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 09:13:47 -0800 (PST) > > > DP: > yes I am aware of the two mentioned albums, however it’s been several years > since I gave them a listen. Ended up trading them for a first edition of > Sun & Steel which I sold several months back for a healthy price. For a > good cause, you see. I’ll see if I can track down some used copies, > unlikely though as I live in the sticks of No California. Be interesting to > see what’s up with the reedits you mentioned. > So does Mishima serve more as a back reference for you now and less as > direct inspiration? > Just an odd curious question: given that you knew many of the same folks > who were involved with TOPY(coil boys & tibet) in the early 80s why did you > not become involved? Or start your own parallel organization? Given the > loyal, near-cultish nature of DI6’s fans–don’t slam me lads, cause I know > how much trouble you all go through to get that rare release or live > show–I’d think it was a natural extension. Then again, maybe I’m just > bent. > Per the film Mishima, I completely dig most of Glass’ soundtracks. His work > on Kundun is his best, as far as I am concerned. > Out, > mg

Dear Mr. Greg, Those re-edits are not out yet so you’ll have to wait a bit longer before they are available. We haven’t definitely decided upon a title for the rarities album yet but they will be on that – not versions of The World That Summer or Brown Book. Yes, you’re correct to say that Mishima is now a “back reference”. I’m now older than he was when he died and I’ve opted to experience the actual decay of the angel for as long as possible.My frame of mind wasn’t always that way, however. I never had the actual ‘need’ to join TOPY and this was, in fact, discussed at the time. Most of those people were hanging around me. Tibet and co-horts came to see Death In June – not the other way around. In truth, before I had even met Tibet I was already keeping a file on him. I still have it. He appeared an interesting individual and obviously Fate decided that our paths were meant to cross. But, it is odd how I did end up working with many of Gen’s ‘cast offs’. From Rose MacDowall through to Simon Norris they had all fallen out with him. I’ve never had any problem with Gen and have always enjoyed his company whenever we’ve met. The idea of forming my own organization? No, the idea never appealed although perhaps it does exist in a more private collection of very close comradess that have sometimes been mentioned on records etc. They’ve stood by me for a very long time and are still there despite all the difficulties we’ve gone through in the past, gulp, 23 years. God, I hate that number cropping up! Heilige! Douglas P.

.>From: “Robinson, David” a href=”mailto:david.robinson@c…”>david.robinson@c… > Reply-To: > To: “‘'” a href=”“> > Subject: RE: [deathinjune] RE: Kraftwerk etc > Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 15:38:02 -0000 > > Douglas > You mentioned New Order in an earlier mail. You a big fan then ? Or more of > a Joy Division man ? > Cheers, Dave

I mentioned New Order because they were also part of this touring Festival that comes to Australia this time every year and they too, like Kraftwerk, sensibly did some solo shows. I wouldn’t now describe myself as a big New Order fan but I do like them and was really keen on them at the beginning. Having seen Joy ivision a lot in London it was only natural that I saw most of New Order’s first performances in London and the South East of England. I remember myself and JRP,who used to run the NER mail order, both getting speeding tickets on our motorbikes as we sped through the night to see them play in the seaside town of Brighton. That seemed to make the experience even better for some reason. Working at Rough Trade Distribution in the early 1980s or visiting The Hacienda in Manchester I had the pleasure of talking to Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner, Rob Gretton and Tony Wilson and they were always nothing less than polite and articulate. I even gave Peter Hook and Rob Gretton copies of the first 2 singles and The Guilty Have No Pride when they came out. Upon request they also gave Nico, who was then living in Manchester, a copy of Heaven Street in the hope she might do a version of it but I never did hear from her about that. Heilige! Douglas P

> From: “Ben..” a href=”mailto:eboladisco@h…”>eboladisco@h… > Reply-To: > To: a href=”“> > Subject: [deathinjune] RE: Kraftwerk etc > Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 02:41:54 +1100 > > Yeah..The second nail in the coffin.. > They played last night apparently at the metro.. > I’m not a huge Kraftwerk fan,but I would have definitly gone if I had > known.. > a definite downside of not keeping up with the media.. > Marianne Faithfull…I can’t say I’m all that familar with..I have heard > her,but have > never really heard anything to attract me personally to her music.. > But I may go and have a look though.. > > Out of curiosity,would you have gone to see “sir” Paul McCartney if he had > come?

I saw Paul McCartney 30 years ago in London and I wasn’t all that knocked out by it but this would be a difficult call. Probably I would because he now plays a lot of Beatles’ songs.It would depend on the size of the venue I suppose but,… However,Ringo was brilliant when I saw him in Las Vegas 18 months ago! I’d see him again, no problem. Heilige,… Douglas P.

> From: “keith finnan a href=”mailto:keeffinnan@y…”>keeffinnan@y…” a href=”mailto:keeffinnan@y…”>keeffinnan@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Re: Sir Paul etc > Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 01:29:15 -0000 > > Im suprised by that mind you doug i’m a not so typical scouser > contrary to popular rumours not all of us love the beatles > I always found them a curse on the liverpool music scene as a certain > standard was expected and after mcartney opened lipa I found out that > the majority of students were not local I thought he was an even > bigger scumbag and quite frankly the only decent music to come out of > this town were the bunnymen and the teardrops and good old loony mike > keane from the royal family I suppose I was a bit lucky as my mum > was quite cool she hated the beatles being more of a stones fan she > introduced me to a lot of odd music when i was a kid stuff like the > mothers,beefheart,she even bought me the the never mind the bollocks > album in 79 i think i was eleven,but a lot off the stuff she liked > made me sick like tiny tim ugh!Anyway was it the real mcartney you saw > or his strange doppleganger creepy!This rarities project sound good > you know we want more doug > Before i go one thing I wanted to ask you was what do you think of > laibach I wanted to ask as someone sent me the peel sessions cd > did you ever see them?And do you ever keep in contact with the likes > of moynihan Did you like his blood axis stuff > keith > Hey ho off to war we go

Dear Keith, You are up late young man! As an impressionable 7 year old I fell for all of the Merseybeat groups in 1963 and as John, Ringo and George eventually moved just south of London to live not far from where I went to school/college and George Peckham (Porky) of The Fourmost mastered everything Death In June recorded from 1981 until 1997 there are a lot of cross references in my Life to various fab Scousers, way too many to mention in fact, up to and including The Bunnymen, the Teardrops, Wah! Heat and Frankie. I was never into The Royal Family in all of its various forms. Whilst recently in Sydney a great 3 CD compilation of Cilla Black featuring many rarities from her days with George Martin at Abbey Road was obtained.” Cilla 1963-1973 The Abbey Road Decade” is fabgear poolside listening that is highly recommended! The more I’ve read about Paul’s death the more plausible it seems especially now the plastic surgery William Campbell has to undergo is now beginning to look too obvious.’Paul’ now has really scary eyes, don’t you think? Long gone is the doe-eyed, butter wouldn’t melt in the mouth look. The book about that subject with the embossed egg on Paul’s face as a front cover is a great and convincing read. I can’t at the moment think of its title-“Paul Is The Walrus”, “Paul Is Dead” something like that? I was never into Laibach and am, in fact, the man who turned them away from being on Rough Trade. Their curly hair, reefer jackets, sub TG music and ‘promo’ pictures of people being stabbed to death didn’t do anything for me.However, I have to admit they were like a catapillar that transformed into a butterfly. They look great but I still can’t understand the relevance, if there is any, of Beatles and Stones’ ‘tribute’ albums. But, then I’m a humourless s.o.b. Michael and I are in regular contact and I’ve always liked Blood Axis. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “mauricefy a href=”mailto:mauricefy@y…”>mauricefy@y…” a href=”mailto:mauricefy@y…”>mauricefy@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Re: Sir Paul etc > Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 10:03:30 -0000 > > I think any right-thinking person is repelled by Paul MacCartney > these days, but having said that: > > *he did lay down the greatest basslines in pop music > *he played everyone else off the stage in the peculiarly nauseating > experience that was the Golden Jubilee concert > > He’s still a wanker though! > > M > > PS Nico’s version of Heaven St would have been interesting!

Ah, Maurice I have a feeling that if I was a “right-thinking person” this discussion group wouldn’t exist! You’ve made up my mind-if Macca plays in Oz I’m buying the best tickets in the house. Before I depart this group again and this topic I must say that Linda McCartney’s vegetarian meals are absolutely delicious and if anyone has the chance to hear her backing vocals with Wings just on their own, which are featured on some bootlegs, they will brighten up any party that might be lacking in atmosphere and good cheer. Guaranteed!!!!!!!!

> From: “herr_runen a href=”mailto:runenede@w…”>runenede@w…” a href=”mailto:runenede@w…”>runenede@w… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] For Douglas about his (old) Crisis clothes > Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 20:14:41 -0000 > > hello Douglas, > > I remind some of your clothes for Crisis > were customized but can you tell me the > slogans printed or painted (by you ?) on > these shirts ? > > best regards, > >

A lot of the designs were stencils of New Left/Situationist poster designs I had from the Paris May,1968 riots. Their original slogans I then distorted and re-stencilled in English along with Crisis lyrics. I can’t remember any specifically-it was 26 years ago and something I chose to blank out of my mind quite a long time ago. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “J. Alfred III a href=”mailto:othala@s…”>othala@s…” a href=”mailto:othala@s…”>othala@s… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Re: Question for DOUGLAS P.-Kapo!speech:”Glavni grad > Hrvatske..” > Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 21:08:35 -0000 > > Hello, > Could you please tell me what that says when translated into English? >” Glavni grad Hrvatske danas lièi na Jeruzalem…”. > > Jason

I’ve always understood it to mean something along the lines of:” Today in the capital city of Zagreb, Croatia sees the birth of a New Jerusalem”. Stirring times,…. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “godilovechicken a href=”mailto:godilovechicken@h…”>godilovechicken@h…” >< godilovechicken@h…> > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Ennio Morricone question for Douglas P. > Date: Sun, 02 Feb 2003 08:51:52 -0000 > > Hello all, here’s another question for Douglas- > > I was wondering if songs like “Honour the Silence”, “Death of a Man” > and “Punishment Initation” were perhaps partially inspired by the > work of Ennio Morricone. I’m an admirer of Morricone’s “Spaghetti > Western” soundtrack work and considerate it beautiful, and > beautifully European… despite the obvious American nature of the > film genre… (or maybe in spite of it?) > > It’s a stab in the dark, I admit… there are times when I > think “Honour the Silence” might be more Genet-influenced than > anything… then again I might be totally off-base there too! I hear > that longing, longing trumpet and think I might be projecting too > much of myself into the song… > > Thanks- > Rick

Both Patrick Leagas and I always freely admitted our love for Spaghetti Western period, and before, Morricone. I don’t believe Ennio had any further inspiration than that. I’ve been to Spain often and I had in mind for” Punishment Intiation” recreating the sound I heard in a transvestite Flamenco bar in Sitges, near Barcelona in 1980. This song is one of the remixed/re-recorded songs that will feature on the rarities album that is being currently worked on. I can’t hear any Morricone connection in “Death Of A Man” which certainly has Mishima and Genet inspirations plus a lot more but, I can hear it in” The Honour Of Silence”. Tibet said “..he stood like Jesus” and that made me write the rest of the song. Peculiar days! Heilige! Douglas P.

>From: Lux10ebrae@a… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: Re: [deathinjune] RE: Sir Paul etc > Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 17:33:12 EST > > Hi Douglas, can you comment on the new and final George Harrison album? I > haven’t heard it yet, and the prospect doesn’t exactly thrill me, but as he > was facing his mortality during the writing and recording I wonder what he > might have wanted to communicate. Obviously, this has personal relevance > for > me. The guy survived a stabbing attack only to live long enough to die > from > brain cancer… that’ll put your spirituality to the test! > > Too bad the most interesting Beatles were the first two to die. Somone > suggested Paul and Ringo should join up with Pete and Roger and perform as > the Beat-Whos! > > And, speaking of Marianne Faithful and all things Fab, about five years ago > there was a TV program in which she did a version of “Working Class Hero” > that was just devastating. I was awestruck… that’s when I really became > a > fan. > > LVX

Dear Lux, It’s interesting you should bring this album up. If I had had the time to submit my favourite albums of 2002 this would have been among them. As the year 2003 seems to already be fast disappearing then this answer at least provides me with the opportunity to mention it. Since I bought it in early December it has been constantly played and keeps drawing me back. It’s even playing now as I write! By no means a brilliant album “Brainwashed” is very good and a great relief as I hoped it wasn’t going to be like his awful mid-1970s releases etc. It’s not! Some of the lyrics still leave a lot to be desired but by his own admittance in the recently re-published ‘I.Me.Mine’ autobiography these were never his particular strong points;” …I just needed something to rhyme with ‘love’ so I used ‘glove'”. Thanks for that advice George and thank Krishna you didn’t go with the original title of the album; “Life As A Leg End”.

Marianne Faithfull also performed “Working Class Hero” the other night in Adelaide and it was stunning. Live it has an odd Herbie Flowers-like bass line in it that alludes to “Walk On The Wild Side” and really made it stand out. The Beat-Whos sound like a Fab idea although things don’t look particularly healthy for Pete at present as he seems to be yet another victim of the Witchhunt Times we live in. Heilige! Douglas P.