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> From: nescionihil@a… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: Re: [deathinjune] Torture Garden, Six Comm and MD > Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 14:21:21 EST > > In einer eMail vom 04.02.2003 02:42:55 (MEZ) Mitteleuropäische Zeit > schreibt > aardvark300@y…: > > > > > > > > Isn’t that Patrick’s lead vocal on “The Torture > > > Garden”? > > > > > Sounds like Douglas to me, but then, I don’t know for > > sure. > > > > Hi! > > Torture Garden is most certainly written by Patrick as there is also a Six > Comm version of this song. It is featured on a “Best of…” double-CD > compilation called “The little Death” which was released on Celtic Circle > Productions in 1994. There the song is called “World as Power”. It sounds a > bit better and “fatter” as one would say nowadays. Clearer voice, harder > drums and so on but apart from the different sound the version is very > similar to the old one. The recording is probably done after the original > DIJ > version. > On this CD you also find “Born Again” and “Calling” in slightly different > versions – more sort of dark 80ies disco… > I always loved the old Sixth Comm stuff so this CD is truly great! In the > booklet you also find a very interesting interview with Patrick where he > speaks about his time in DIJ and what he has done after that. He also tells > about para military training together with the mujahideen in North > Africa… > To me it always was a pity that Douglas and Patrick went different ways. On > one hand I am thankful for all of the great tracks they recorded on their > own afterwards. But on the other hand I always try to imagine what could > have > emerged out of their collecive songwriting… > Someone mentioned Mother Destruction/Sixth Comm seemed mediocre. Well, > that’s > your opinion but to me that sounds like pure ignorance. Ever heard songs > like >” Doubt to Death”, “Mithras” or “Hella”? Different than DIJ but everything > but > mediocre if you ask me. Or did you ever pay attention to the “Content with > blood” album? This album is a true masterpiece from the cover to the songs. >” A nothing life” is a fine example of Patrick’s songwriting genius. It is a > shame he got so much trouble with gangster labels and never earned much > from > his music! > I guess at leath Keith agrees… > > amararemedia

The song “The Torture Garden” was the only song that Patrick Leagas, David Tibet, Richard Butler and myself completely collaborated on. At one of the first rehearsals we had after Tony Wakeford had been asked to leave the group in early 1984 I laid some of the lyrics Tibet had given me to use out on the floor of the studio and as I played drums and/or guitar and Richard mucked around on the keyboards Patrick picked and chose a few of the lyrics that were available. In fact, very few from the lyrics Tibet had written for the song he called “Torture Garden”. Tibet came along later that day and suggested the use of Gregorian chants, recordings of which he had plenty to choose from. This was the 2nd song Death In June wrote using Tibet’s words. Here are his original words: ‘Torture Garden’ More soil More earth More leaves More gravel Rusted and speckled More heaven More hell In the torture garden.

Patrick sings lead vocals and plays percussion/keyboards Richard plays keyboards Tibet plays a record Myself: guitar/percussion and backing vocals.

Heilige! Douglas P.

As I’m not in a position to actually listen to the BMW video that apparently uses a sample of “The November Men” I asked Albin to. His opinion is that it is not taken from that song but does sound similar. Our joint opinion is also that the sound we use on that song is not a sample but made up. Shock! Horror!! I liked it because it reminded me of a TV show that used to be on in the late 1960s/early 70s called “Take A Closer Look” which used to be narrated by the same guy who did the voice overs for the British version of the wonderful “The Magic Roundabout”. ” Take A Closer Look” examined every day occurrances in microscopic detail so things like spilling milk appeared like huge tidal waves of sperm,rain drops falling onto insects like bombs exploding etc. Perfect BBC2 surreal late night viewing for a child! The working title for “Take Care And Control” was in fact “Take A Closer Look”. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “godilovechicken a href=”mailto:godilovechicken@h…”>godilovechicken@h…” >< godilovechicken@h…> > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Richard Butler > Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 18:43:27 -0000 > > — In, “Douglas P.” a href=”mailto:douglasp_@h…”>douglasp_@h… wrote: > > The song “The Torture Garden” was the only song that Patrick Leagas, > David > > Tibet, Richard Butler and myself completely collaborated on. > > I’m assuming this a different Richard Butler than the one in the > Psychedelic Furs… right? > > -Rick >

You assume correctly although that particular Richard Butler did support Crisis at the Roxy Club in London’s Covent Garden, probably in 1978, when they were just called The Furs. Our Richard Butler was in The Runners From ’84 with Patrick before Pat left to help form Death In June. A few years later Richard was then brought in to help out at live performances and photo sessions. He is the 3rd person in the “NADA!” photos. He was asked to leave after the recording of “Born Again” because I didn’t like the shoes and socks he was wearing. I’d had enough and I had to put my foot down somewhere! Heilige,… Douglas P.

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He was asked to leave for the very same reason that his current distributer stated in almost every legal document they offered up to The High Court in England as their reason for ‘sacking’ me!!!!!!!!!! However, unlike some other former colleagues of mine who wished to ingratiate themselves with their masters Tony Wakeford kept his nose remarkably clean during this period so has earned our silence on any further detailed elaboration. I told him the bad news very soon after some performances in France in January, 1984 and he didn’t take it very well. In fact, he blamed Tibet for a long time after which wasn’t quite right. However,…. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: finnan keith a href=”mailto:keeffinnan@y…”>keeffinnan@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: Re: [deathinjune] Torture Garden > Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 02:06:02 -0800 (PST) > > c’mon doug you know a collaboration with pat is long > overdue! > Also the nada reissue is fantastic as always the > artwork and photos are impeccable > its nice to see some older pictures of pat with hair! > i like the snow cammo the both of you are wearing > i presume that it was snow cammo > before I go i have been offered a copy of the french > book live le brun what is your opinion of this book as > im tempted to buy it > and what if any are the plans for the future > take care > keith

Overall, I think the book is quite good although there are some factual inaccuracies, which if I remember correctly, pissed Tibet off more than anyone else. They would have been corrected in an English version but that has never materialised. The last I heard from the authors was that they were going to send me an English manuscript which I could correct and they would put in an exclusive interview etc.That was probably in about 1996. There are some nice photos in there. Yes, it is snow camo and Patrick with hair instead of tattoos? Well ,that would be a sight for sore eyes! Reinvention seems to be the main project at the moment, Keith. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “solnvictus a href=”mailto:solnvictus@y…”>solnvictus@y…” a href=”mailto:solnvictus@y…”>solnvictus@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Re: Torture Garden > Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 06:08:58 -0000 > > The Torture Garden is really a terrific song. The first song I ever > heard from DIJ. And the final lyric was a vast improvement over the > original. I wonder though as to the lyrical genesis and final version > of She Said Destroy In Black New York?.. In the liner it’s also > credited as a Tibet Collaboration. This song I think amongst the best > ever DIJ songs. > > J.D.

“She Said Destroy” was the first song I wrote using lyrics Tibet had given me and pretty much came as they were. It needed little fine tuning from me and was the only song from that era that didn’t. Normally I would take a word or 2 from here and a sentence or 2 from there and fit them together. For example on the same page as the original drafts of “She Said Destroy In Black New York” and “Torture Garden” is this:

” ‘The Heart Of The Master’ Eat! Eat! Harm! Harm! Kill! Kill! Destroy! Destroy! Cleave! Cleave! Tear! Tear! Uproot! Uproot! Put to flight! Put to flight! Dry up! Dry up! Crush my enemies! Conquer! Conquer! Scatter! Scatter! Crush! Crush! Pound! Pound! Delude! Delude! Kill! Kill my enemies!” Ruin! Ruin! Eat! Eat!”

It took me 2 more years to figure out where only the title would work (in ” Rule Again” on the “World That Summer” album) but,I like working like that even with my own words. Later with “But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?” in 1992 and “Rose Clouds Of Holocaust” in 1994 Tibet brought along to the studio complete sets of lyrics that fit the music that had already been recorded and he sung them. By then, 10 years after “She Said Destroy” we were more used to working with each other so knew what to expect/do. However, writing a lot of C93’s “Swastikas For Noddy” together in 1986 really ironed out any creases we had as co-songwriters. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “defaultet a href=”mailto:etomren@u…”>etomren@u…” a href=”mailto:etomren@u…”>etomren@u… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Scorpion Wind? > Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 22:15:34 -0000 > > Hi there, > I read somewhere that the Scorpion Wind ‘Heaven Sent’ double-LP has > a different mix than the cd. Does anyone think it’s worth buying > because of this, or are the differences not so great? And what > about ‘Operation Hummingbird’ on vinyl? No one’s said a whole lot > about whether or not the music is much different from the cd. Any > opinions on the Blood Axis/ Les Joyaeux boxed set? Most of the > reviews I’ve read rave about the packaging and the absinthe spoon, > etc. but don’t really say a lot about whether or not the music is > that great. Thanks, > Erik

There are several songs that are mixed differently between the double LP and CD versions of “Scorpion Wind”. The most noticeable on the vinyl are “In Vino Veritas” which has only the original telephone message from Boyd as vocals that originally inspired the song and “Some Colossus” where Boyd’s voice has a bigger reverb sound on it. Overall, the vinyl has a ‘lighter feel’ to that of the CD. Personally, I prefer the more explosive sound of the CD but the vinyl is worth getting alone for the colour of it. I picked this from the manufacturing plant catalogue because it was called ‘Rosewood’ but it seemed to be the final straw as regards some German journalists who found this delicate shade of light brown as proof positive I was Nasty! And, there I am snuggled up against a koala being Nice!! A brillaint album either way and if you don’t have it in any form get it. Plenty were returned by wsd as part of their Kapitulation and are available from Tesco or NER Mail Order. I have actually talked about “Operation Hummingbird” in a previous post some time ago. There are, once again, differences in mixes and general feel of the CD and LP versions and with that release the LP is the more aggressive sounding. This is the version I prefer. The original vinyl came out with postcards and some with posters whose mottos were different. It is now on green coloured vinyl but without the inserts. The Absinthe recordings by Michael and Erik are brilliant as well as the packaging. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “dimimaro a href=”mailto:dimimaro@h…”>dimimaro@h…” a href=”mailto:dimimaro@h…”>dimimaro@h… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] 2 questions for Douglas P. > Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 00:02:45 -0000 > > 1.Is it true that the idea of the DI6 calendar was conceived > initially by a greek guy? > 2.Is it true that your proposal to play in greece live for the second > time was turned down by a greek promoter? >

1.It’s true that Kostis did approach me a few years ago and asked if he could do a Death In June calendar but, as I told him at the time, I couldn’t really see the point in other people doing my merchandising for me as I’ve proved innovative enough throughout the years to be able to conceive and realize such things myself. The idea of a 13 month calendar running from June 2001-June 2003 was my partners, who also designed the whole thing. And, Kostis isn’t my partner! 2.There have been several attempts since our initial performances in Greece to perform again there but nothing has come about due to: a/ Albin’s mother becoming ill so we were unsure if he would be able to perform with us. This was important in 2000 because Albin was performing live with DIJ then. b/ The litigation with wsd made it difficult for me to be able to guarentee I could make a show possible at the time it was talked about. c/ The promoter was already too busy.

Despite some serious problems in Athens in 1999 I enjoyed the performances there and would love to return to Greece to do more. November/December is a long way away but it is a possibility? Heilige! Douglas P.

The koalas in the photos were in a wildlife park and enjoy human contact as long as you handle them correctly. If you don’t their first form of defense is to pee and defecate. In fact, whilst Boyd was having his photos taken the koala was crapping true blue koala poo all over him! Luckily it’s just gum leaves and it smells heavily of eucalytus. You can buy jewellry and other souvenirs made from it. However, when they are really angry they can go ballisic as I saw for the first time last week. 2 were fighting in a tree in the street I was in and it sounded like a woman or a child being murdered. It was during the day time and I could see them whacking and tearing at each other. Eventually, the bigger of the 2 ended up tumbling down the tree to the ground and sat underneath a bush looking exhausted and forlorn. Probably a rejected lover. They are not bears, by the way. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: { + } a href=”mailto:pin_sku@y…”>pin_sku@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Question for Douglas P > Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 17:51:38 -0800 (PST) > > > Greetings Douglas, > > Why is there no official discography on the Death In June website? Do you > have > any specific plans for the site in the future? > > Joseph

At the time of my split with wsd in December,1999 there were over 30 Death In June related recordings commercially available. When they tried to pull the carpet from under my feet and denied me access to not only the money they owed me but also sales statements, remaining stock of records and CDs and so forth I wasn’t about to help advertise any of it. An official full discography on the website, which was only launched in early 2000, would have done this. When they sent the first legal letter they claimed it was I who actually owed them money so I knew then that I’d probably never see the majority of the Death In June stock again and also that it would be a difficult process and take a long time to get what was mine back in my possession again. That being the case, it was decided to only list those titles that have been released or reissued since my split with those ‘people’ and their cronies. However, that will change since my legal Victory over them and a full discography is planned as well as a variety of changes to the site itself. There is a lot of work to be done. Heilige! Douglas P.

>From: nescionihil@a… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: Re: [deathinjune] Scorpion Wind,OH etc Mixes > Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 06:45:36 -0500 > > Hi Douglas! > There is still one question left for me in that context. Why do you put > different mixes on CD and LP at all? I would guess you record a track in a > version you find suitable/perfect for that particular release. Why another > version for the same album when you seem to prefer one of these mixes as > you said? > Best, > amararemedia

At the mixing stage of a recording it is very rare that you get the perfect first take. The vocals sound more atmospheric on that one of the guitar sounds brighter on this, etc and so on. Inevitably, you end up with several different versions or mixes of the same song. Since a lot of vinyl junkies appear to like not only to have the record itself but also something different about the record as opposed to the CD or cassette then that is how different versions end up on the different formats. Up until only quite recently I preferred buying vinyl but it has become harder and harder to find so I now make do with CDs. However, if I can find something I know has a different mix of a song I like on it I’ll buy it. Likewise, there must be a few of you out there that also do the same with my material so it also, inevitably, helps sales. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “jormunrekk a href=”mailto:jormunrekk@c…”>jormunrekk@c…” a href=”mailto:jormunrekk@c…”>jormunrekk@c… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Winter Eagle question for Douglas > Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 18:30:36 -0000 > > hello Douglas, > > I was wondering if the track Winter Eagle has perchance a special > meaning for you, or in what kind of mood you and Albin made it (if > you don’t mind sharing your toughts on your work and creation > process). > Besides, what is the sample the track is based upon? > > IMHO, this song and its music are really peculiar, haunting and, > well, it is kind of difficult to explain this sort of things with > words, but you know what I mean (I hope)… If ever there is true > magic in a DIJ song i think it must be in this one. > > Anyway, thank you for all your work. > > Heilagr!

A Wedged Tail Eagle was soaring directly above the studio on one of the days we were there and it seemed like a Blessing. I thought of something Leon Degrelle wrote and what a Scottish friend had said,I recalled a recurring nightmare I have, walked around the garden at night and ,and,…. Albin and I were working so fast that I can’t recall where the sample came from. Sorry. Heilige! Douglas P.

>From: “artehand748 a href=”mailto:artehand748@y…”>artehand748@y…” a href=”mailto:artehand748@y…”>artehand748@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] For Douglas…. > Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 17:26:52 -0000 > > Hi Douglas….. > > Some curiosities ….. > >” Operation Hummingbird”: Do you refer to this historical event “the > day and night of 30 June 1934” using this title? > > Quoting by “Kapitulation”: “[…] one week after the death of a > leader two weeks after the birth of me”: Who is the “LEADER” ? > “ME”, are you? > >” Take care and control”: does exist a first limited edition in 2000 > copies (?) distributed by W.S. ? > > Thanks!!!! >

” Operation Hummingbird” was a title long overdue for Death In June to use. However, it came about because it was a combination of; at that time I’d recently received a video of a 20 year old B.B.C. television documentary which I had, in fact, seen 20 years previously and which was shot by a close friend of mine about the 30 June 1934 events, and the fact that the album was recorded in a country area of Australia that has many ‘Hummingbirds’,or Honey-Eaters as they are named locally. The title was quite a natural choice for me at that time. I am a Friday-born Taurean circa 1956 and when I refer to “Me” I mean Me! The rest is predictably ,and also hopefully, open to speculation. “The Field of Blackbirds” is what some Serbs refer to Kosovo as, or more precisely, the area around the capital Prestina.It was the scene of a massive military defeat and bloodbath in the Middle Ages. The LP version of “Take Care And Control” which was released by wsd and was limited to 2,000 copies were all signed by myself and should have a 4 track CD single of “Kameradschaft” also included. Unplayed copies of the LP/CD single should also still be in their plastic shrink wraps. If the LP sleeve is not signed and does not have the extra CD then I was unaware of those pressings. The CD of this album that was also issued by wsd came in a gold foil-blocked cardboard slipcase and sold anything from 5,000 upwards. Being that these 2 versions of that album was distributed by wsd exact pressing figures are now unknown. The Australian version of the album on NEROZ containing the extra track “Circo Massimo” is now the only official version available. I’m sorry about the delay in getting back to your question but I hope this has now clarified the situation a little? Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “sieg42 a href=”mailto:sieg42@y…”>sieg42@y…” a href=”mailto:sieg42@y…”>sieg42@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Winter Eagle question > Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 10:22:31 -0000 > > Hello Douglas, > > Would you care to let us know about that sentence of Degrelle that > Wedged Tail Eagle reminded you of. > > BRUNO

Dear Bruno, It wasn’t a sentence per se but, more a tale from Leon’s excellent book ‘Campaign In Russia’ that had stuck in my memory. He recalled at one stage how he viewed the gradual dissection of a dead Soviet soldier frozen in the waters of a flooded road. During the course of that Winter he had noticed in detail how each time he passed this particular place the Soviet’s body had become thinner and thinner as the passage of the blades of numerous sledges had gradually sliced the corpse to a slim wafer. It was the attention to detail of such an ostensibly macabre and terrible sight that had become almost a work of art worth seeking out whenever he was in the area that stayed with me. I saw some really strange and horrible things during the war in Croatia and the thing that still often haunts me is the 7 year old girl that had all her arms and legs blown off, probably by a Chetnick Serb flak gun as mines tended to do less damage. She was lying there wriggling like a worm and laughing at the same time. It was like something from a Tobe Hooper film and was so surreal that I became immediately detached from the absolute weird horror of her situation. I asked one of the medics why she seemed so disturbingly happy and he said it was a combination of shock and the pain killing drugs. At the same time I remember some people breaking down completely behind me and I couldn’t bring myself to take a photo of her. I think that was moral cowardice on my behalf and I wish I had.It might have served some purpose later but,? She might be still alive but the sheer physical hell she’ll have to go through as her body grows makes me feel completely numb about her future. I can’t express myself as well as Leon did about such matters. Neither would I want to. Heilige! Douglas P.

Someone asked about the type of keyboards that have been used by Death In June and if there were, in particular,any old brands featured. From “The World That Summer” in 1985/1986 to “The Wall Of Sacrifice” in late 1988/early 1989 a Yamaho DX 7 combined with a Korg Poly 800 were used. Up until then it had been a combination of the Korg and various Rolands. The ‘real’piano sounds were always those of a Chinese piano that either Alaska or The Greenhouse Studios in London had inhouse. I can’t remember the make of that piano but it was coloured blue and had an excellent cold sound to it. After that the Korg M1 Work Station took over with the help of any other keyboards in whatever studio I was working in that were available at the time including various Wurlitzers and Hammonds. By the way,Albin’s weapon of choice when he is working with me is an ASR 10 sampling keyboard. Whilst on the subject of instruments since the “NADA!” days of 1984 I’ve used a combination of Washburn 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars with pickups, a Hohner 6 string headless electric guitar and 12 string electric Rickenbackers. Previously to that I had used a Framus 6 string electric which I had bought from Dick Middleton ,the old rhythm guitarist in Mungo Jerry (does anyone still remember that groovy group?) and a hired Ovation 6 string acoustic for all of the recordings up until the “Burial” album. For that album alone I had a terrible semi-electric acoustic, brand name long since forgotten, that combined with Richard Butler’s peculiar live settings on his keyboards gave rise to the awful sound of the murder of Sooty and Sweep that is to me the ambience of the “Burial” album. To those of you unfamiliar with Sooty and Sweep just imagine the sound of squeeky, cuddly toys being constantly jumped on. “EEE EEE EEE-EEE…” Heilige Harry Corbett! Douglas P.

Many thanks to most of you who took part in the recent ‘survey’. The results were very interesting and contrasted sharply with most of the personal requests for reissues during the last Euro/American tours which put “Burial” and “The Corn Years” at the top of the pile. These were in the bottom 3 of titles mentioned by this group. The top 2 on this list were by a long way ” The Wall Of Sacrifice” and “Occidental Martyr”. Real food for thought. Thanks! Also, I appreciate the point made by a few people that what they would most like to hear is a new album or at least one containing rarities etc.They have not been forgotten and work continues on both projects but I felt I needed more information about the next stage of reissues. This I’ve got so please no more votes. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “nogi323″ a href=”mailto:towelboy@h…”>towelboy@h… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Re: A question for the group + wine > Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2003 23:49:29 -0000 > > Hej > > 1. Death in June presents Kapo! > 2. Occidental Martyr > > Someone mentioned reissuing some of the sold out merchandize. New DIJ > wine glasses with the totenkopf or whiphand on it would be wonderful. > > Btw Douglas, do you have any favorites among the Australian wines? > > vanliga halsningar > > / Sven André

Presently, Mount Lofty Ranges and Brokenwood Chardonneys are my favourites Australian wines. However, most Aussie wines tend to travel very well so they are all worth trying out in whatever country you’re in. The best of the exported I’ve seen most places around the world is Rosemount but you may be lucky to find the Brokenwood. The crystal glasses probably won’t be re-manufactured as no major tours are now planned. We never sold them via the mail order service as it was impossible to get sturdy enough packaging and the delicate stems would probably break in the post. Sorry! Heilige! Douglas P.

>From: “[Kormak]” a href=”mailto:kormak@o…”>kormak@o… > Reply-To: > To: “Douglas P.” a href=”“> > Subject: Re: [deathinjune] A question for the group > Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 09:02:45 +0100 > > Hello Douglas, > > My top 2 are: > > 1.DIJ presents: KAPO! > 2.The Cathedral Of Tears > > > by the way, long time ago I heard a Kapo! track called “Kopfjaeger”, an > instrumental (I think) version of “Headhunter”. Where does this song > come from (compilation maybe?) > > > Heilige! > > > Kormak

The track “Kopfjaeger” is featured on the VAWS tribute compilation to Leni Riefenstahl issued in 1996. It’s a 2 CD set and amongst the other notable contributions are those by Strength Through Joy, Von Thronstahl, Allerseelen etc. It’s probably now deleted but if you can get it somewhere it is really a recording worth having. ” Kopfjaeger” is the German language version of the Kapo! track “Headhunter” and will be featured on the reissued CD, along with at least 3 extra remixes plus a new version of the instrumental “A Sad Place To Make A Shadow” complete now with German vocals which are also sung by Sturmmann Boettcher himself! ‘Sturmlied’, indeed! I don’t know when this KAPO! CD reissue will see the light of day but I hope it is not too far in the future. The remixes/re-recordings are totally brilliant and seem to catch the Zeitgeist even more now than ever. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: Arcane a href=”mailto:eolh@c…”>eolh@c… > Reply-To: > To: a href=”“> > Subject: Re: [deathinjune] A question for the group > Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 04:02:01 -0500 > > On Sun, 09 Mar 2003 07:28:36 +0000, Douglas P. wrote: > >Death In June “Burial” > >Death In June “Lesson 1: Misanthropy” > > I’m going to say “Burial” and “Lesson 1: Misanthropy” on a purely selfish > level, since they’re the ones I don’t have. 🙂 > > Really, though, I’d love to see all of them in a nice, remastered > treatment. If I were to choose on a purely unselfish level, I’d say >” Guilty Have No Past” (as I think it’s the one that would be served best by > remastering) and “Wall of Sacrifice” (simply because it’s one of the best > albums overall). Yeah, I know you said pick two, but that’s two sets of > two with qualifiers. 🙂 > > Wouldn’t a reissue of “Corn Years”/”Cathedral of Tears” be a bit redundant > at this point, since “Brown Book” and “World That Summer” have been > properly released? > > What about “93 Dead Sunwheels”? Or the DIJ half of “1888”? Maybe a good > b-sides/rarities compilation would be in order . . .

Dear Matt, I agreed with your point of view about “The Corn Years” & “The Cathedral Of Tears” until it was repeatedly pointed out to me during last years tours that there are 4 otherwise unavailable versions of tracks on ” The Corn Years” and that up until the release of “Discriminate” most shops would offer “The Corn Years” album as the best way to find out if an interested customer was going to like Death In June and its associated ethos/releases. Others have suggested that these different tracks should feature on the planned rarities album when that comes out but as that is presently overflowing with material then I think the different versions of ” Love Murder”,”Break The Black Ice”, “Behind The Rose(Fields Of Rape)”& ” Rule Again”, not to mention the otherwise unreleased “Heilige!”, will remain solely on “The Corn Years”. The probable reissue solution is to combine that album with “The Cathedral Of Tears”? How about ‘The Cathedral Of Corn’, anyone?? Or, ‘The Tears Years’??? ” 93 Dead Sunwheels” was overlooked only because “NADA!” has just been re-released. It’s always stood as an album unto itself for me and probably represents more truly how we performed live the “NADA!” period material with all the assorted tapes/samples etc. A very good point. I Love that album. Thankyou for your input, Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: toastboy twentythree a href=”mailto:toastsex@r…”>toastsex@r… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Lesson Two: Fashion > Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 01:29:16 -0800 (PST) > > > i have always wondered….. > On the cover of “Lesson 1: Misanthropy” > is that a “Members Only” jacket?

It was actually a sports jacket I’d bought from one of the more unfashionable shops in Woking called Foster Brothers upon which I stuck a DIJ patch. It did the trick and other people did similar things with their patches hence the Barmy Death In June Army that stalks the World today. ” Member’s Only”?- you’re talking my kind of language oh you potty mouth you!! Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: finnan keith a href=”mailto:keeffinnan@y…”>keeffinnan@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: Re: [deathinjune] A question for the group > Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 02:32:42 -0800 (PST) > > hey ho douglas > id have to say the wall of sacrifice (i do have it but > i know you would do a splendid job with the packaging > if nada and the other releases were anything to go by) > and the occidental martyr(because i love his voice) > By the way i spent a nice day in jolly old london > yesterday had a nice coversation with nigel from rough > trade mainly bitching about a certain company ha ha > but i was shocked at the lack of stuff available > mind you i wont shop in the likes of sister ray in > soho > being piggy supporters > bought myself a few relics from ww2 an original m43 > ski cap from portobello road a snip at 30 quid > and the forsetti cds i bought them on the strength of > the music on the all pigs album i liked the black > jenna track very much > take care doug > keith

Yeah Keith, Uncle Tom Records in Soho got involved in the litigation in a way that was unexpected in its perjury and is probably best kept off of this list. As you know, both Ian and I are native born Southerners and know how to deal with that Cockney-cheeky-chappy-barrow-boy crap. I should think they’ll only be selling lemons in future if they continue their current alliances. Cor blimey mate, better go, I hear the sound of Bow Bells calling gov’ner. Heilige Leben! Dougla P.

> From: “ljdlp_sp” a href=”mailto:ljdlp@h…”>ljdlp@h… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Re: A question for the group > Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2003 12:56:32 -0000 > > Hello Douglas, > > To be totally honest, I would prefer you to put out new material > instead of reissue older material (which I already have), or put > a CD with older unrelesead material (such as the 4 tracks with > collaboration of John Balance) which you should have tons of. > > By the way, why don’t you publish a video, or even better a dvd, > with the Death In June videos. What happened to the videos you > supposely recorded for the BBC? > > As for the options you give, “Wall of Sacrifice” and “Occidental > Martyr” would be my choices. The first one is at least one of my > favorite DI6 albuns of all time, the second due to the new material > you mention. > > One final note, “Lesson One” should remain only in vinyl. If you > ever reissue it, please do it on vinyl only (maybe a picture disc). > > Thanks again for all these years of inspiration and amazing music. > > Strength and Honour! > > Alberto

Dear Alberto, NER has just released a live video of Death In June performing in Italy in 1999. You can get it if you look through some of the other notices on this group site or go to: Otherwise, plans are going ahead for other video/dvd releases in the near future which includes the B.B.C. video as well as the continued progress on the re-release of various back catalogue titles, the issue of the rarities album plus the new album “The Concrete Fountain”. A lot of the words have been written for this new album but I’m presently concentrating on writing music for the new Boyd Rice project that I’m involved in. About two thirds of that has been recorded and I hope we have it finished by the 30th April which would be a groovy time to finish ‘Alarm Agent’ or ‘Twilight Security’ or whatever it will be called! For the Australian members of this group I suggest viewings/recordings of Rage may prove worthwhile in the near future! Kiwis should also keep their eyes peeled on all fronts. And, I mean ALL fronts!! Heilige,… Douglas P.

>From: SittenStrolch a href=”mailto:der_sittenstrolch@y…”>der_sittenstrolch@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: Re: [deathinjune] A question for the group > Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 18:56:34 +0100 (CET) > > Dear Douglas, > > Death In June “Burial” > Death In June “Lesson 1: Misanthropy” > are my favorites. Won´t you reissue “1888”? Are some > vinyl reissues in planning? > > Best regards,

Dear Gregor, It would be hard to know which releases should now be reissued on vinyl. What would you suggest? I’m interested. ” 1888″ presents a BIG problem. It is beautifully presented but most of the Death In June material is catered for on CD by either “The Corn Years” or ” Discriminate”. As for C93 then I’ve been tempted to do an Oliver Strahl and use the embarrassing “Emptiness Itself” track ( Oh God, John Cage please forgive him) by putting to music the very recently discovered words David Tibet wrote to Thomas Olsen in an email which was either by purpose or mistake left on the end of a ream of emails sent by Olsen to the 3 ever-decreasing piggies. And, which are now in my possession! But, I don’t know? Maybe I’ll give them to Occidental Martyr for his next reissue? Maybe I won’t destroy some people’s dreams? I just don’t know! It would make for a great re-issue though, wouldn’t it? Or, would it?? Questions, questions…. Oh, how the ‘Stars’ go sadly marching,……………….As the Grouchy Goucho might say; “too ficking right you cunt!” By the way, the photos for “1888” were taken in the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin, Brookwood Cemetary and the old Reichstag. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “wzagmeister” a href=”mailto:wzagmeister@h…”>wzagmeister@h… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Re: A question for the group > Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 13:36:36 -0000 > > I would like to see “The Wall of Sacrifice” and “Ostenbräun” spliced > down on one cd. With the different tracks intercutting eachother. > Should be a powerful, adventurous release! > > – WAZ.

That is an interesting proposition but I think that they represent different periods in Death In June’s development which should be kept separate. “The Wall Of Sacrifice” was a very different ‘Me’ to the one who sent Erik of Les Joyaux De La Princesse those vocal recordings 18 months before. There is an air of optimism in “Ostenbraun” that I was still hanging onto and that I cannot hear in “The Wall Of Sacrifice”. I remember that I literally felt I was at the end of a Quest when I recorded that particular album and friends even described me as ‘a ghost’ after that album. Even David Tibet; hence “A Song For Douglas After He’s Dead”! “The Wall Of Sacrifice” is extremely particular. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: vigilante2000@m… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] 2 questions. > Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 01:41:44 -0500 > > Hi, > I have a couple of questions > What is the story behind The Only Good Neighbor? Is it indeed a curse? > Did it actually “work”? > Also, where does the sample of a cabaret-like song with the lyrics “each > man kills the thing he loves…” on Take Care… come from? Are the lyrics > of that (sampled) track related to Oscar Wilde? > Since instruments have been mentioned, are those real or synthesized > trumpets on DIJ tracks prior to Take Care…? Did Joy Division influence > the overal presentation of the 1st DIJ album? Were there any other groups > of that period that were an influence? Any opinions on the movie 24-hour > Party People? > Thanks. > —

I have felt for a long time that if you truly believe in Something and put your Heart into it then you can only expect the Very Best results. I have also felt for a very long time that those who speak in public about their so-called magickal successes are completely bonkers and should be viewed with a HUGE degree of scepticism! The query to the sampling part of your question has already been answered. To this day I cannot see/hear the connection between Joy Division and early Death In June. Except for Tony’s particularly distinct bass guitar lines, which I think are more like Paul MacCartneys’s than Peter Hooks, and in my opinion put Tony Wakeford definitely in the top 5 of the World’s best and most accomplished bass players I’m not even sure if Tony or Patrick even saw Joy Division. Certainly, I don’t remember them being with me when I did. The group that truly inspired the idea of a DIJ mini LP was Dance Society who had a very successful mini LP out a few months before Death In June. Working, as I was, at Rough Trade Distribution I thought that was a very good idea so we went with it.Mini LPs seemed to be the way to go. That whole period of 1979-82 was one of complete illumination, experimentation and revelation. The end of Crisis and the discovering of Joy Division AND Death In June were part of that for me. To this day I remember in August 1979 walking around Bergen in Norway and reading about Joy Division and the controversy they were just beginning to invoke and thinking that as soon as I get back to England off of this tour with Crisis I’m going to check this group from Manchester out. I did and they were TOTALLY BRILLIANT! Except for a peculiar and odd London jazz group called The White Brothers and, naturally PTV, I can’t think of any group operating at that time that had any influence over me/us. Patrick, Tony and I had just come out of the melieu that was Punk and that will forever and a day be enough. The film ’24 Hour Party People’ is me sitting in a cinema in Leicester Square, London last year (April, 2002) thinking that the person who plays Rob Gretton looks incredibly like Rob Gretton but does not articulate like him, that momentarily the people who play Ian Curtis, Stephen Morris and Bernard Albrecht(Sumner) look like those people but never sound like them when they speak and that Peter Hook is portrayed like some mad, inarticulate thug which is a side of him I never saw. Tony Wilson was never less than savvy as far as I can recall so his role as a complete ‘twat’ is somewhat overplayed. However, I fully understand that it wasn’t my money he frittered away on junkies. The film ended with a voice coming out of the darkness saying something like ” Is that you, Doug?” And, of course, it was me and the voice belonged to an old member of a group called Clash Of Steel who I thought were one of the great unrecognised from the mid to late 1980s in London who also chose that afternoon to meander down Memory Lane. I’m sad so many of that lot are now dead. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “richardogle2002″ a href=”mailto:richardogle2002@y…”>richardogle2002@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] DI6 live resource > Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 10:12:53 -0000 > > I was wondering if anyone knew of a website listing all of DI6 live > adventures, I remember seeing local blond blue eyed boys ‘In the > Nursery’ in Sheffield around 1984/85, and I believe DI6 played as > well, I can’t recall seeing them at the time although I was well out > of it at the time. So I would be curious to know if they did.The > reissues are going to be delicious. Anyone know anything about a > compilation called Steel Night with DI6 on. > regards Richard.

After sucking up to me for some time The Incest Twins ,who originate from Bracknell in the South ,supported Death In June several times in London between 1983-84. DIJ has never performed in Sheffield with or without them. ‘Steel Night’ is the probable title of the forthcoming Cold Spring release that will feature the live performances from Von Thronstahl, Days Of The Trumpet Call,Folksturm and Death In June from the 3 night Festival at the Slimelight in London November, 2001. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “Robinson, David” a href=”mailto:david.robinson@c…”>david.robinson@c… > Reply-To: > To: “‘'” a href=”“> > Subject: RE: [deathinjune] Re: A question for the group > Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 13:50:55 -0000 > > BBC video ? Whats this Douglas ? > Don’t tell me you were asked to do Top of the Pops ?!?!?

No, it was another BBC programme called SNUB TV. I was invited to the Rough Trade party in late 1988 at, I think The Town and Country Club in North London where The La’s were playing,and I was approached by a former R.T. colleague who was then working for this programe and he suggested that if I did a Death In June video they would show it. Within a few days I had won a weekend’s free rental of a video camera so, I thought as the Gods were providing I should oblige. Little did I know at the time how bloody super-expensive the editing would be!! Regardless, a video of “Giddy Giddy Carousel” was shot which has been shown at many DIJ live performances throughout recent years and on a variety of television channels throughout the world. It was, however, snubbed by SNUB at the time; the reasons being various and unconfirmed! Heilige! Douglas P.

>From: toastboy twentythree a href=”mailto:toastsex@r…”>toastsex@r… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] people like us > Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 11:01:01 -0800 (PST) > > i bought the PEOPLE LIKE US remix/ interpretations cd >” HATE PEOPLE LIKE US”. > > As i was listening to track #17 “Lycra rally Remixes” > by DEATH IN JUNE. (pretty cool) i wondered has DEATH > IN JUNE been remixed by PEOPLE LIKE US as well? > > + are there any remixed (by other artists) DEATH IN > JUNE songs that might be released or in current circulation?

No, there are no official remixes of Death In June by anyone else in circulation to the best of my knowledge. Many years ago there was talk of Steve Stapleton of NWW doing a lot of different remixes of “Break The Black Ice” but that didn’t come about. In retrospect,considering the wsd litigation, that is just as well. A Croatian remix of “Little Black Angel” by the same guy who I’ve done the Future Shock techno releases and the initial recordings of “The Concrete Fountain” with has also been talked about for some time but, once again, nothing has materialised. That may still one day happen but it isn’t planned in the near future or for the rarities album. Heilige! Douglas P.

>From: “emilklimov” a href=”mailto:maxjack2@b…”>maxjack2@b… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Ostenbraun and Old NER Material > Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 15:59:12 -0000 > > > Just wondering what anyone thought about a reissue of the Ostenbraun > material with LJP. I’ve only ever had a copy of the CD version so > didn’t hear the rest of the material that was on the cassette > version. > > Also a question for Doug, NER started off releasing material for > other acts – I just looked through my collection and came across the > In the Nursery 12″, Joy of Life mini LP and of course the Torture to > Conscience LP. Why did you stop this process – was it to do with not > finding artists with a similar aesthetic or outlook? Or did you come > to see NER as solely a DIJ outlet. At the time these acts seemed like > a mini movement in themselves. I remember the CLarendon gig with ITN > as being one involving lots of technical problems but also being a > great NER evening. It inspired a lot of us who had come up from > Bristol that night. Do you still listen to anything by the > Humberstone Brothers? > > Cheers, > > Peter

NER also helped issue the first Legendary Pink Dots LP “Brighter Now” but when I found out that Edward wasn’t a psychedelic skinhead and Play It Again Sam Records in Belgium phoned me up wanting to release it I decided to let it go! The main reason why NER first halted the release of material by other groups in the mid-1980s was financial. When Patrick did his disappearing trick after the Italian tour of April, 1985 I had to think about EVERYTHING concerning the future of Death In June. This was also combined with a very difficult period in my personal Life that was just about to start. At the age of 30, and for the first time in my Life, I became homeless, I was alone and I had to decide where I was going with this now solo project. To survive the next uncertain period it was obvious that contraction was necessary so projects with other groups/companies were ditched, live performances cancelled for several years and a general era of battoning down the hatches was embarked upon. Certainly, without the invaluable help of people like David Tibet and a few others who have been around me/DIJ from the very start, then I/DIJ may not have survived those tough years. By the mid-1990s all aspects of that situation had changed dramatically so material was then put out by projects I Loved such as Strength Through Joy, Occidental Martyr, TeHom etc but once again the problem of money cropped up when wsd decided in 1999 to stop paying ‘Satan’s Spawn’ and 3 years of expensive litigation began. That time has only recently ceased to exist. A little longer and much more will too! There are definitely other groups out there that I know and Love but I can’t for the foreseeable future see me/NER being in a position to help release anything by them. There is too much rebuilding of my own to be done. The last time I consciously remember hearing anything by the Incest Twins was many, many years ago. I immediately lost interest in them when I found out that what Tibet had been saying about them being 2-faced, back-stabbing twats was true. He had warned me that he had seen an interview in a French magazine where they had criticised and slandered me and had jumped on the ” He’s a really dangerous person” band wagon in a big way. I chose to give them the benefit of the doubt at the time as I realised sometimes translations in foreign magazines can be inaccurate. Sadly, when I saw in an English fanzine an interview of theirs, which was along the same lines, the sad little ingrates were no longer of any interest to me. All I know is that I vastly overpaid them for their support slots. Silly me! The reissue of “Ostenbraun” CD is still in Erik’s hands but I have no objection to it and I know a lot of people would like to hear it. A Bien Tot Douglas P.