Interview:2005-Yahoo Groups 8

2004 playlist

There’s been a number of new releases this past year from groups like Werkraum, Luftwaffe, forseti, Sonnehagel, Isomer, Projekt Thule, Novo Homo and Darkwood that have probably already been mentioned on other people’s lists that I also enjoyed listening to – a lot! However, there are a few others that also hold special memories:

The John Schroeder Orchestra ‘Space Age Soul’- a lounge-core classic!

Enoch Light Presents ‘Spaced Out – Exploratory Trips through the music of Bach, Bacherach, The Beatles integrating the Moog, the guitar scene, electric harpsichord etc’

Donovan ‘Beat Cafe’ perfect music for driving around sunny, foggy and storm battered New York City and Cape Cod last September.

Tony Perkins – self-titled Sony collection of the ‘Psycho’ actor’s groovy, creepy, Chet Baker-like musical offerings from the late 1950s – early 1960s. Mother, dig that hipster’s voice!

Kirlian Camera – ‘Invisible Front. 2005’. Sounds like a Kevin Spacey/Goldfrapp inspired materpiece? Their most consistent album to date.

Nancy Sinatra – self-titled (with the exception of the loathsome ‘Momma’s Boy’ which sounds like it was written and recorded by/for Yoko Ono rather than Thurston Moore and Nancy.)

Morrissey – ‘You Are The Quarry’ deluxe version with ‘b’ sides, DVDs etc. When I thought this album couldn’t sound better he topped it by including ‘My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye’ on this limited edition.

Brian Wilson – ‘Gettin’ In Over My Head’. It improves with every listen and certainly after hearing him perform a few of the tracks live in Adelaide. However, the track ‘City Blues’, with the incredulously lumpen contribution from Eric Clapton, is to be avoided at all costs!

Brian Wilson – ‘presents Smile’. Well worth the wait and well worth him re-recording this enigma. Now he really does know how to effectively write people out of history!

And, on that happy note I’ll airbrush myself from this list – at least for the time being. 2004 was, if nothing else, ironic! Heilige Leben,…. Douglas P.

“C’est Un Reve”

People are contacting me off-list regarding the copy of “C’est Un Reve” for auction on Ebay. I’ve looked at the advert and it’s fairly self-explanatory and it is true that there were, at least to the best of my knowledge, 10 copies held back at wsd when the bad print run was returned to the printer. This is obviously one of those copies. I have nothing to do with the auction. Whoever the person is who is selling it is actually on this list (“Astarre…”?) and should be approached directly with further questions etc. Before I get asked the next question; no, there are no plans to reprint this book in its present state. Heilige! Douglas P.

RE: [deathinjune] Holland; DIJ

Actually, Hans I think it was early 1985 at the Melkweg when DIJ was just a Revox reel to reel tape machine, Patrick Leagas and myself with Gary Carey of Joy Of Life helping out on something or other. My main memory of the performance was seeing the wonderful Gary slowly crawl across the stage behind me as he’d consumed so many hash cookies he was incapable of standing. What he was doing crawling across the back of the stage during the performance is a mystery to this day. As is the fact that there has never been a realistic offer since 1985 for Death In June to perform again in Holland. Where we used to be quite popular! Heilige! Douglas P.

>From: “hanskadaver” <hanskadaver@…>

Hi there,

I wonder if DiJ will play in Holland too. I mean the last time DiJ played in Holland was in Amsterdam in ’83 ; ) I searched and searched but I did not find some more dates then Brest. I like France and I like to travel but the distance between Rotterdam and Brest is pretty big. Please let me know. Excuse me for my bad English.

Great news!

Re: DIJ – A change of pace?

— First of all, apologies for the long delay in answering this interesting question. It was something I had also been pondering and the Yuletide break was devoted to a lot of time regarding where Death In June was heading on all fronts.

Yuletide came and went and this New Year is fast disappearing. And, I’m still thinking.

In truth, I feel happier stripping back my songs as, these days, I hear them ‘naked’ in my head. My favourite performance from last May/June was in Zagreb, Croatia when I played entirely on my own. Something was very special about that evening and it’s a shame it wasn’t recorded.That approach will be something I’ll repeat at the forthcoming Vittoriale show on 30th April where I’ll also appear solo.

Listening to some of my recorded work recently I realise how far I wandered from those particular versions but it was never my intention to build an artistic/creative prison for myself when I formed DIJ. I don’t have to, so I won’t.

Whether or not I’ll return to using synths, more people etc on stage seems doubtful. Singing along to pre-recorded tapes ala kareoke also doesn’t really appeal. DIJ did that during the NADA! days of 1985 anyway.

For the moment, at least, most live performances will remain me sulking on stage, plinketty plonking my same old tired 2 minor chords on my guitar and contemplating the mop on my head while John Murphy hits anything within reach, trying to keep in time to the voices of Jean Genet and Yukio Mishima which, like instructions from the dead, only we can hear in our fold-back.


Douglas P.

Re: 60s TV clips before DIJ show?

That was a video collection of scopotones (?) that Boyd had put together from his collection of this pre-video format of groovy ’60s groups. The oddest were the ones featuring Petula Clark singing in French on the dockside whilst a group of startled French fishermen looked on at this mad woman jumping about and the group featuring Jerry Lewis’s son. But, then again there was also the group of beatnik girls apparently goosestepping around a fountain in the rain. That was pretty weird.

Boyd should think about issuing them on DVD like a visual Music For Pussycats.


Douglas P.

Re:’Abandon Tracks!'( Digest Number 2028)

Apologies too for the very late reply to this question, Maurice. After the radio show I felt something was wrong with what was on ‘Abandon Tracks!’. Finally it hit me – only last week, in fact. The material featured on the 2nd CD has now been dropped which means this release will now be a single CD and the vinyl only a double LP. The artwork now has to also change which, unfortunately leads to another delay. Hopefully, it should be out by late May/early June. To tell you what is on the album tempts providence even further but closer to the release date I will reveal all. There are 16 tracks in total, half of which consist of new, remixed, re-recorded songs.The other half are rarities taken from one source or another. Despite that, it now has a feeling of ‘wholeness’ about it which was previously lacking.

Heilige! Douglas P.

Re: Toronto, etc.

— I was, in fact, approached about doing a performance in Toronto on the 1st April months ago. However, when I got back to them with my requirements I heard nothing more. The Kanada Kommando consistantly appear to lack the resources, or the wherewithall, to follow through on offers for Death In June to perform there. However, a U.S. East Coast show is still being looked into. DIJ will consider any serious offer to perform anywhere whether it be in Arizona, Florida or Belorus but I don’t accept payment in peanuts and nor do I sleep on the organiser’s gay brothers bedroom floor. Their grandparents, maybe? But, only if I can watch and maybe join in!

Heilige,.. Douglas P.

Re: The Summer of 36

— A film that has a part Jewish member of the Hitler Youth imagining himself as a crocodile whose teeth are dripping with blood and a lumpen SA Man raving on about Gays in the SS couldn’t fail to leave an impression on me. Brilliant acting from, as far as I know, young unknowns who have remained that way adds to the atmosphere of the film. The book by Robert Muller is a dull read in comparison and I’ve still yet to finish it.

The most interesting things about the 2 versions I have is the cover of the 1961 paperback edition that has a Roland S. Howard lookalike in black uniform and Swastika armband looking yearningly at the rather fey blonde haired SS Man with hands on hips guarding ‘camp’ inmates. The other is a 1959 (first edition?) hardback with the classic inscriptions hand written inside:

“For Peter and Mary, Man, like that’s the way it really was. Love Robert M.

“The World That Summer For Hanes Hacker Was a bummer!” Love to Douglas P. from David Tibet xxx 9.VII.85.

Heilige! Douglas P.

RE: [deathinjune]

Oh, Daddio this site is SO PASSE!

For the real lowdown on the All Righteous Academy and their establishment bedfellows; Christines for a New Lobotomy check out:

It says all that can be said about such fine upstanding folk. True sons and daughters of the Plymouth Brethren. The world should be proud. But, why isn’t it? If you raelly want to see the sun shine out of their arsehole this is THE place to see it!

Personally speaking, I’d round up them, and all the yanks like them, and put them on road block duty in Iraq. Now there’s something they could get really concerned about. Fret and worry all they might about the tragic wrongs in the World, all the terrible folk, like you and I Albin, that truly run the World, I have a sneaky feeling that the mere thought of whether or not that car coming towards them is really going to stop, or not, might well become a greater cause celebre? Traffic cops with a conscience. It couldn’t be better than that.

Meanwhile, all the Yanks and Good Ol’Boys like us can be entertained by, not only the sight of jihadists and Born Again Christines going up in a mutual smoke of their own creation but, also your good-self playing groovy lounge-core hits whilst I rustle up some Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages from the various fires, no doubt burning all around us. Hip To The Trip Muslims are more than welcome!

It’s not Fascist

Unless We Do It?

RE: [deathinjune] Re-releases remastered?

With the exception of the reissued versions of ‘But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?’ and ‘Rose Clouds Of Holocaust’ all the other reissued albums/picture discs distributed via Tesco Germany and NEROZ since the year 2000 have been remastered. Death In June’s first album issued in 1983 ‘The Guilty Have No Pride’ is presently being remastered for re-release later this year. More news about that closer to the date. The CRISIS material has also recently been remastered and most of it should be reissued as an album called ‘Holocaust Hymns’ via Apop in America sometime in the Fall. Heilige! Douglas P.

RE: [deathinjune] DIJ London Gig

I’m unaware of any live recording of the evening but that means nothing as I was more concerned with the food poisoning I’d contracted 2 days before and took several more weeks until it properly cleared up. Gaya/Hagshadow would be the best person to ask. I can’t say I remember much of that evening besides throwing a broken marraraca into the audience, listening to a great Naevus and talking backstage to Keith, Dan and Dinko about corporal punishment, male prostitution and being ill. Anyone driving Westbound on the M4 out of London should not buy any food at the Heston service station. It took only one bite from a prawn sandwich and the effect was almost immediate and extremely long lasting! Thank the Gods for Imodium Max!! Heilige! Douglas P. P.S. I’m not back for any questions at present but will try to be in the coming weeks. Apologies for the long absence

Re: Abandon Tracks and Sadness

— Well,you see as everyone who’s anyone knows the magic disappeared when the creative genius David Bunting Michael Tibet 93 departed the group because I refused to take it up the arse from him and I didn’t want to get up his because he always had, how can I say this without being too blasphemous and indiscreet, a shitty side to him. I’ve been an empty vessel of spermless love ever since.

Classics like Rose Clouds Of Holocaust and Brown Book (the Horst Wessel Lied) were all entirely David Michael Tibet Bunting 93’s fault, sorry I mean creations, yet I’ve sadly been solely credited with these anti-semetic anthems to holocaust denial for many a long year.It is indeed a shame and I’m sure Tibet David 93 Bunting Michael resents his lack of time in the limelight because of this.

But, I’m a conniving son of a bitch that prefers to bathe in the glory of it all alone and take 100% of the royalties, of course. At least Albin gives good head and is immaculately clean as are Boyd’s underpants. Smelly yes, but dirty no!

I’m off to have another sniff and drift in dreams of greater lives and times when 93 Bunting Tibet Michael David wrote, played, sang, produced all the DIJ classics and I had time to smell the roses. All white and dead, naturally!

God, it was just so piss easy when he was around.

The untalented Mr. P.

Re: [deathinjune] How can I order T-shirt from

The “fucking plates” are not “fucking” sold out – they, along with any of the other “fucking” porcelain/ceramics, can be made to “fucking” order as I’ve “fucking” stated on this very “fucking” list.

Send the “fucking” money and you’ll get what you “fucking” want unless you’re “fucking” impolite in which case you’ll get “fucking” nothing! And, that’ll be called “fucking” rough justice.!!

Whinge, whinge, “fucking” whinge!!!

As for the T-shirts they are not available via NER Mail Order and are merely advertised on the website. Please be kind enough to go to the source such as Tesco Germany or Soleilmoon. Links are/will be posted as the website is gradually but, steadfastly reinvented. Please be patient because Kris G has put a lot of work into this and it will be all the better for it.

>From: kathleen de lao <kathdij@…> >Reply-To: >To: >Subject: Re: [deathinjune] How can I order T-shirt from >Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 00:33:58 -0700 (PDT) > >i dont know either i wanted to order the fucking >plates now there sold out they dont exactly make it >easy >(douglas should do something about this.) my only >other guess is to send the webmaster a email asking >him.

RE: [deathinjune] DEATH IN JUNE – HEILIGE !!!!!! wooden box – Limited and numered in 23 copies

Hi Guys, I’m from Death In June I don’t have the Death In June – Heilige!!! in the wooden box. I don’t sell the copy for US$150.00, 83.00 GBPs or 120.00 EUROS.

Now some information about the box:


Now the bootlegger is showing the balls to sell his wares on the main Death In June internet group perhaps he would also be bold enough to tell me/us why he is actually doing such a thing outside of merely profiteering from my work? I haven’t received any monies from this unsanctioned item, a letter excusing his brashness but, hoping in a good Catholic guilt-ridden type of way for forgiveness because he’s been such a big fan of mine since Jesus walked the Earth , let alone, horror of horrors, a free copy! Now, come on Marcos don’t play the innocent, butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth, stereotypical thieving dago. Afterall, this is the Death In June yahoo group where we call a fag a fag, a nigger a nigger, a yid a yid and a spick a spick. The over 2,000 members will see right through you. What’s the deal?

RE: [deathinjune] The abandoned `Abandon Tracks’? plus radical traditionalists?

Dear Pete, With the exception of the forthcoming reissue of ‘The Guilty Have No Pride’ CD/DVD hopefully before Yule and ‘Burial’ CD in early 2006 ‘Abandon Tracks!’ will be the last compilation/release for a while dedicated to tidying up the past. I feel I can now give that side of reestablishing DIJ a breather. I know certain tracks have been lost along the way but one day they no doubt will see the light of day again. Crisis was never released via NER but that’s a mere technicality. Next months ‘Holocaust Hymns’ will have fewer tracks than the long deleted ‘We Are All Jews And Germans’ thus making it a single CD. It’s released on the American Apop label and more detailed information will shortly follow closer to the release date. It’s another part of my past tidied up so I can get on with any future I may have and it provides anyone who didn’t get Crisis the first time around the opportunity to wonder what all the fuss was about. Heilige! Douglas P.

A T-Shirt Comparison, Rampant Merchandise .. Douglas?

( Was Re: [deathinjune] Death in June “Mask” T-Shirts available now )

— Dear Joseph, About 18 months ago on this list there were a lot of requests for T-shirts and complaints about the shoddy nature of the plethora of bootleg T-shirts readily available all over the World.

Why wasn’t I providing T-shirts like I used to?

However, for some years I had been under the impression in my own ivory tower of exclusity that they were passe and no longer of interest to DIJ fans etc but, I was wrong. Not everyone wanted an embroidered patch or a Totenkopf 6 plate. Jon of P.I. (yes it is a difficult name but with a great and clever logo!) kindly intervened and started to run a series of what I think are very nice high quality shirts. However, I must admit that I/we had reservations about the heavy/death/black metal-like styling of the long sleeved Wall Of Sacrifice shirt which was the last designed. We spoke about it but there was a demand so it sold regardless. He is now providing perhaps a more tasteful short sleeved one.

Following on from that Tesco Germany decided to do their shirt based on the ‘Lesson 1: Misanthropy’ logo and ‘The Guilty Have No Pride’ and I think it looks fine. I can’t comment on prices as I wouldn’t know how much such things are at the best of times.

Soleilmoon have now joined in at my request and yet another approach can be seen. It’s loud and in your face and it makes a change and has a large demand! I love it!!

In all of the above cases I receive a royalty for each shirt sold. Which in turn helps me exist which is more than I can say for the ton of bootleg T-shirts that are available with or without the Totenkopf. That hasn’t disappeared officially or unofficially.

Tesco, my main distributor is based in Germany. Germany has a particular past with laws based upon that past effecting its present. Some of those laws effect the use of certain symbols etc. In fact, within the next 48 hours I must officially respond to some of these laws or I/DIJ will be put on what is called the ‘index’ which will officially ban DIJ in that country. These problems are real. They have been created by the usual low/no lives in an attempt to end the Life/Art/Work of Death In June. So, you see that in part is “what’s going on!” Many enemies do indeed bring much Honour but boy do I get fucking bored with their constant prattling. It’s about time some of them were given a Columbian necktie.

And, with that in mind my short intervention on this list comes to an end. Wish me Luck, kids! Heilige,… Douglas P.

Re: Pagan Sexuality

Thankyou Joseph for that breath of fresh air. I thought I was suffocating as I waded through the messages on this list this morning. I’m running back to the German censorship authorities before the islamic tibet coil lovers drag me into a group I was never part of in the first place to become a sex work slave endlessly proving over and over again I can play Em as “stone turns to stone.” Truly a miracle! A horrible one!! Barnaby, where are you when I need you? This is not paradise and I’m definitely out of here for some time to come. God Luck Volks. Douglas P.

Re: Israel

— ……as shown Troy by recent television news reports by many Jews in the Gaza Strip and West Bank!

But, best of all was the Orthodox Jew with a very stiff right arm goosestepping down the middle of 2 ranks of Israeli soldiers. Sure he was dressed in black but those stockings, that wagon wheel on his head and those ringlets! Oy vey, they have got to go, they are not the uniform the mustard is cut with, already!

Finally, after waiting for so long I have the right footage with which to make the ‘Rose Clouds Of Holocaust’ video with. At last my bacon is saved from zee German Index Polizei! Thankyou God. Thankyou Ariel Sharon. Thankyou Israel. But, above all and lest I forget in my usual selfish, take the credit for it all, kind of way thankyou, thankyou, thankyou David Michael Bunting Tibbbles 93. How could I possibly forget him?

Shalom, Douglas P.

In, “Troy Southgate” <arktos- anarch@h…> wrote: > >Could someone please explain why the flag of Israel is on the > > site? > > It’s there to be spat at …

Coil & Current 93 Rare items

The following C93 & Coil items are now up for auction on eBay. The starting price is 2,300 GBPs and before any of you start accusing me of being a Jew Loving, Cock Sucking, money grabbing, Arse Fucking exploitative Fag, (afteral this is the Death In June Yahoo Group where decorum always holds sway especially where my good self is concerned!) may I politely remind any of you interested that a few years ago a complete set of signed copies of Death In June releases without inscriptions was bought for 18,000 Deutschmarks which in 2001 was worth about 6-7,000 GBPs.

As promised to this list a couple of years ago here is a sneak preview of the signed and/or white label/test pressing copies of current 93, coil & nurse with wound vinyl, CDs & video in my possession that will shortly be offered for auction via Ebay etc. All titles are in excellent condition. The collection will be sold as a whole. However, I remember Patrick Hitthaler wanting some nww material and if what I have is of interest that can be arranged off-list for those titles alone. I also have 1 or 2 other nww titles that are unsigned that you may be after? For the rest of you, enjoy:

C93 VIDEO (PAL VHS) Since Yesterday “ For Douglas with love Lucifernal from the Rose Garden. David Tibet”

CDs Imperium “To Douglas oh Douglas my comrade in tragedy. David”

A Gothic Love Song “A song not for Douglas. Tibet”

The Starres Are Marching Sadly Home “For Douglas in his silence. David 21.IX.96”

Where The Long Shadows Fall “For Douglas to share with Colonel Winter! Lucifernal Love, Tibet.”

VINYL C93 & NWW white label 12” “Ballad of a pale Christ – swamp rat” hand written by Tibet.

Swastikas For Noddy (on LAYLAH) “To Douglas P. my comrade in tragedy, always…David 7.III.88” Plus hand drawn sunwheel.

A Gothic Love Song 12” “For Douglas Ungothically, Tibet”

Dawn sleeve has red foil blocked symbol and titles with plain black vinyl with no actual label. “To my hero in solitude, David 93 “ Plus hand drawn sunwheel

C93 and HOH Island white label with plain outer sleeve “Douglas!”

Imperium white label “Imperium to Douglas P. from his better half….David” Plus hand drawn sunwheel

In Menstrual Night picture disc In middle of disc in silver ink-side A: hand drawn large sunwheel plus Odal and Thorn runes and “NADA!” side B: “He is dodgey. He is Doug Pearce. With menstrual love(platonic) David 93” Clear plastic sleeve has in black ink: “And would you believe it?…..they wouldn’t let me watch them fucking. (but Arbeit Macht Frei!) David 93”

Buddhist priest ‘thing’ white label “To the man who puts ‘Death’ in Strawberry Death Current! David”

Aleister Crowley 666 The Hastings Archives/The World Is Power Dark blue record sleeve with gold foil-blocked hexagram. Numbered 6 of 31. “For Douglas “We want to sink into the deepest basin. D.Tibet 93 19.VIII.86.”

NWW CD Live at Bar Maldoror “Love Love Love to Douglas P. Tibet”

VINYL Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountain LP A screen print of a woman with 2 dogs on the front cover with individually mounted screen print inside signed “For Doug …..Steve Stapleton 1987.”

COIL CD Love’s Secret Domain “This is a CD for Douglas after he’s dead. Love from a secret domain. Balance 6.6.91 ev.”

VINYL The Anal Staircase 12” e.p. – comes with a large Horse Rotorvator poster plus 2 hand bills. 2 hand drawn swastika shapes replace the letter ‘s’ in 2 of the following words: “Unfurling of snakes coils taro binary wary First swirlings of tri-umphant chaos….energyies to Doug with love the first swirlings of the rotorvator turning towards the great extreme dark dawn of holocaustic roses true evil being when roses sing. With Love Geff John Balance 17.12.86 London’s Charnel Playground.”

Gold Is The Metal “To Doug in June – let’s open the Blood gates. John Balance 25.IV.88ev.”

Wndowpane 12” white label signed “John Balance Otto A”


Whilst there are still adjustments yet to be made in some enigmatic dates, venues etc. regarding Death In June’s 24 year history I feel comfortable enough to finally announce that the official Death In June website:

is now relaunched. It is almost completely different from the previous incarnation and well worth a visit.

Merci Beaucoup, Kris G.

Heilige! Douglas P.

Re: RANT!!!!

This is very well argued Joseph and basically reflects my own stance on such matters. It was a cassette copy of most of Love’s ‘Forever Changes’ that Tibet gave me in about 1983/84 that helped turn my stylistic approach around and I’ve been a big fan/collector of all things Love ever since. I’m also smug enough to think that Death In June’s packaging makes ownership of the real thing also desirable so once people are hooked on the sound the rest will follow in terms of appreciation of the aesthetics etc. Ben more than eloquently covers this in his message on the subject. Heilige! Douglas P.

New Der Blutharsch & Ostara albums.

For all you S.A. men and madchen who stay up late I’ll be co-hosting The Vanishing Point radio show with Alan Bindig tonight, Tuesday 27th September. During the evening, besides playing some unheard material that will be featured on the forthcoming Death In June DVD ‘Behind The Mask’ and the soundtrack to the recently issued film ‘The Doctor’I’ll also be playing tracks from the new Der Blutharsch album ‘When Did Wonderland End?’and the exclusive extra CDII of the new Ostara album ‘Immaculate Destruction’. DB’s ‘When Did Wonderland End?’ is Albin’s most complete work to date. It reminds me of a Romanian volk group wandering through the streets of Sighisoara kicking thieving gypsy children out of the way as their colourful mothers, gold teeth glinting in the sun and oblivious to their offspring’s suffering, sway to the beat of the very best of Der Blutharsch mixed with a scarey hint of The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud topped up by a soupcon of Novo Homo, the King of Kinky Lounge now more popularly known as Bain Wolfkind. Another Turkey trot forward for Albin and as always there’s the obligatory ‘hidden’ track which sounds like an annoyingly catchy Italian drinking song. And, probably is! As for CD I of Ostara’s ‘Immaculate Destruction’ the best thing I can say is that Richard should sack the neo rock cod-piece of a guitarist and don’t cover Scott Walker songs! The real new album lies, I think, in CD II which alone makes this album worth getting. Heilige! Douglas P.

Re: Pearce/Walker

— I’m afraid the closest Death In June and Scott Walker will probably ever be will be contributing tracks to the accompanying compilation double CD to the book ‘Looking For Europe’ that is scheduled for release in Germany/Europa 17th October, 2005.

Scott’s track is ‘The Angel Of Ashes’ and DIJ’s is ‘Runes And Men’. Other notables on the compilation include The Strawbs, Der Blutharsch, Blood Axis, Changes, Laibach, Nico, Of The Wand And The Moon, NON, Fire + Ice, forseti, Darkwood, In Gowan Ring, Werkraum/Lady Morphia, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Sonne Hagel, Kirlian Camera, Thee Majesty, Royal Family And The Poor,…..the list goes on and on.

Much of the material from the 49 tracks is unreleased and as far as I know the book is only in German. But, it does have pictures, many of which are never been seen before!

I know nothing else about ordering details etc.

Heilige! Douglas P.


—‘My Black Diary’ first saw the light of day on the Nature And Organisation album. We never performed it live because by then that axis of individuals were no longer performing live together. All the vocal parts were recorded separately anyway without any of us being all being in the studio at the same time. It’s not really a Death In June song but a ‘rarity’ I’m associated with.

‘My Black Diaries’ was performed live however several times by DIJ.

The title is derived from the secret diaries of a Gay Irish Republican executed by the British in the 1920s and whose name’s R,……. I’m having a senior moment so anyone else please feel free to chip in. Heilige! Douglas P.

In, Spuppy2491@a… wrote: > Is “my black diary” was released on the “nature and organisation” Lp first or > in a compilation before Abandon tracks? > Douglas have you ever played that track in live? I see you in Brest for the > secret and normal gigs and in Paris many time I don’t remember you play it. > I listen all my records of DIJ and friends since that summer and I think it’s > my favorite song of DIJ. > > OlivTestpressingman


— I meant Gay Irish Nationalist – my Orange and Green ancestors would be turning in their graves at the connotations of “…Irish Republican”. The Devil, as usual, is in the detail and I apologise for the slip of the keyboard. These senior moments are becoming a real problem. Heilige! Douglas P.

Re: London gigs(and the Rest of The World)

— For the moment, and at least the foreseeable future, Death In June has performed its Last Farewell in the live arena. The last tour was the last tour.

There are lots of reasons why and I almost had a change of heart recently but,…………

I’m 50 in 6 months time and there is much to do with DIJ and my Life inbetween now and then and beyond that needs the time that extensive touring around the World for the past umpteen years has deprived me of.

I’ll miss meeting some very interesting people as most DIJ shows, particularly in the last few years, always had an atmosphere of Kameradschaft about them.

Heilige! Douglas P.

In, “John Drake” <johndrake68@y…> wrote: > > Hi, has anyone any news on any up coming gigs by dij in London. > rather miffed as i missed the last two, last one i saw was on on a > rather leaky boat

Re: New DIJ Sound & Vision Material

— There are plenty of words but no new music at present.

That is one of the things I will try to address next year and another reason why the touring had to come to a halt.

The music video is another work in progress and I hope to be shooting scenes for ‘Punishment Initiation’ in the coming weeks. However, what I have in mind will probably take a few $s and a silver tongue to convince the individual concerned that I want to ‘star’ in it with me.

Scouse Keith you can guess who that is, can’t you? No telling mind! Heilige! Douglas P.

In, “konstrukteur69” <konstrukteur69@y…> wrote: > > Douglas, > > Have you any word on any proposed or upcomming new song material to be > released by DIJ in the near future? Also, what has become of the > proposed DIJ music video project you once spoke of doing a year (or > two) ago? > > Cheers, > DerKonstrukteur

Re: “Abandon Tracks” Question (for Douglas)

— With the exception of the experimental tape stuff I did in the early 1970s, which I’ll probably put out one day with the planned autobiography, “the can” is well and truly empty. Heilige! Douglas P.

In, “konstrukteur69” <konstrukteur69@y…> wrote: > > Douglas, > > I’m slightly curious as to why you decided to release only one new & > unheard (in any previous format) track on the “Abandon Tracks” cd (The > Concrete Fountain)instead of several in favour of remixed tracks? Are > there any more of these tracks “in the can”? > > Cheers, > DerKonstrukteur

The Medium is the message!

— Yes, Iain this was the type of reply I was looking for but all the other ones were also of interest.

‘The Medium’ was in fact the name I was precisely looking for.

The stories about the prediliction ’18’ had for s/m, skat, water sports, etc have been around a very long time but not often mentioned is a story of how he lost one of his testicles – in a ritual involving a goat when the animal bit it so badly it had to be amputated. Hmmm,…..

In, “Iain” <sublevel3@n…> wrote: > > I’ve heard of Hitler referred to as the “Tribune” in that context > and even as “John The Baptist”, as one who comes before someone > better. Other Thule Society members didn’t speak so highly of him as > they didn’t see him as being an intellectual like they were. > > cheers, > > Iain (Sublevel3)

ebay preview of “Nero”

Someone approached me to see if I was interested in selling my copies of the book ‘C’est Un Reve’but my reply came back to me so here’s the answer on this list-

No, sorry!

However, as my last auction of collectibles was so successful I am now interested in selling my London-based black Fiat Uno “Nero” within the next few weeks.

I’ve had it since the heady days of The Wall Of Sacrifice and many a famous post-industrial, neo-folk, apocalyptic arse has graced its seats including Boyd Rice, Albin Julius, John Murphy, Ian Read, David Tibet, Rose McDowall, Geff Rushton, Tony Wakeford, Patrick Leagas – even Dekatria!! By the way, I’m sure I never let Steve Stapleton into the car as he often looked too much like a street person I should be pouring the spare can of petrol over and cleaning up a bit so it’s not smelly. I promise. But, I digress.

It’s in very good condition, has about 110,000 miles on the clock run up driving me to and from quaint English studios in London and Surrey recording many a classic, ground breaking album and around Northern France on photo shoots to WWII war graves, battle fields, Tiger I memorials etc, is fully taxed, MOT’d and runs perfectly well.

And, the starting price will probably be 666.00 GBPs

And, I’m willing to sign it!


Heilige,… Douglas P.

Re: question to mr. pearce relating to …………

Dear Steffen, I find it pointless presupposing a Life anything other than what I have. I am content, even ‘Happy’,with my lot within the World as I find it/view it/experience it. I am in Love and I am Loved. I have Achieved and continue to Achieve. The march to The End is almost in Order but, not quite. Struggle, Action, Victory, Rest seem to be recurring hours of the clock that chime and chime and chime. But, 13 O’clock comes around for everyone and we must be accepting of that.

Regarding nature I feel Mankind does not fully accept its responsibility for death, destruction and equilibrium within it. I don’t think we kill enough sharks, enough crocodiles, enough snakes, enough alligators, pigs etc. As the hawk takes the dove and the dove takes the worm we must not forget that we can take everything – responsibly. It is part of our role on this planet and to negate that is a negation of our role in nature.

All Pigs Must Die was possibly an overstatement. But, certainly some pigs should die! Even though I am a vegetarian that is incredibly kind to animals – that are nice to me, of course.

Heilige! Douglas P., “tom_sawyer_1966” <stvoelkel@a…> wrote: > > dear mr. pearce, > > thank you for answering. — perhaps I may ask you some more questions? > > what do you think would be your life-fulfilment in a “perfect” world- > situation, or in other words, what would be your prefered life- role > in an environment more to your own ideas than the present one? > > how do you see the role of mankind in nature? > > thank you again. > > best wishes > steffen

Re: not depressed and with an answer!

— Dear Filippo, I may not be a pure musician “with a keen sense of timeless folkloristic atmosphere” (please excuse me whilst I take a piss – I can’t stop giggling – aaargh, drip drop, flip flop, that’s better) but, I can play on guitar A – Em A – Em A – Em – G in a charming, chiming, neo-nasty, non- ambiguous/ambiguous problem- child type of way and they are, in fact, the chords to that timeless, misanthropic classic ‘People’ which in 1989 I wrote along with Boyd Rice, another recalcitrant sod of a Human Being. And, believe me your English is far, far better than some of those who claim it as their native tongue. There are no excuses necessary. And, welcome aboard. May we serve you well. Heilige! Douglas P.

In, “hagshadow” <hagshadow@f…> wrote: > > — In, Pippo <leopardflower@a…> wrote: > > > > Hi to all! > > I’m Filippo,20 yo from Piacenza,Italy.I have been a bastard > lurker ’till > > now,but I have a question… > > I love Di6 and all related things,and I dont know if this is the > right > > place for this…someone has the “People” lyrics?I also love to play > > guitar,but playing guitar is the only thing that I do worst than > write > > in English:-) someone knows People chords or other Di6/Rice guitar > chords?

Re: question for Douglas: cover of ‘Paradise Rising’

— I took the photo in Vienna during a trip to that city in 1987. However, whilst it is in the city centre I cannot recall exactly where. I used to think it was near the St. Stephen’s Dom but Albin tells me that he hasn’t seen it there. So,…???? Heilige! Douglas P.

In, “rotterdamgutter” <rotterdamgutter@y…> wrote: > > A while ago I bought the vinyl version from Paradise Rising. A little > late, but hey. The photo on the cover is great, can you tell me what > it is and/or where it is taken? > > Thank you and tot ziens! > > Hans

Re: DIJ Abandoned Cover Tracks

— I’ve played with the idea of covering the following:

The Shirelles ‘Soldier Boy’ Fontella Bass ‘Rescue Me’ Scott Walker ‘Where Does Brown Begin?’ Nancy Sinatra ‘Home’ Glenda Collins ‘It’s Hard To Believe It’

But, I think playing with the idea is probably all it will amount to. If I can’t write my own songs especially for the next album I’m done for. Heilige! Douglas P.

Re: Re-issues

— ‘Burial’ is already in the pipeline and should hopefully be re- issued by about February/March, 2006 Richard. The war ended in Croatia 10 years ago and the 20,000 GBPs ‘Something Is Coming’ raised to help the patients at the Bolnicki Clinicki in Zagreb was put to good use. Victims of undiscovered mines are still admitted, and will be for the foreseeable future, but the situation isn’t like it was during wartime. ‘SIE’ has therefore been demobbed and possibly remains the proudest moment in Death In June’s 24 year history. Heilige! Douglas P.

In, “richardogle2002” <richardogle2002@y…> wrote: > > Hello Douglas, > With the release of TGHNP now imminent, does that mean the programme > of reclaiming your back catalogue is now complete, or will we > see ‘Burial’ & ‘Something is Coming’ re-released in the future? Like > many here i have both on vinyl, but would like to have them on cd. I > seem to remember someone on the list claiming that you wouldn’t like > to see them re-released, especially ‘Something is Coming’? Anyway all > the best. > Regards Richard.

FAQs, live perfromances and websites, etc.

— I’ve actually dealt with the issue of future live performances on this list a few weeks ago but I understand it can be difficult to search for specific topics. However, if you look at the reinvented websites: or:

there are now regular news updates which can answer quite a few questions such as this. Briefly however, you have missed your chance of seeing Death In June perform on the East Coast, or anywhere else for that matter. We were in NYC and Boston last May so,…… You blinked and missed us. Heilige! Douglas P.

In, “goregrinder666” <goregrinder666@y…> wrote: > > Hey Douglas, will DIJ be coming to the Eastcoast anytime soon? > I would really like to see a live show.


— When this T34 was painted pink it was used in an article about Gays in the military in Gay Times or The Pink Paper or one of those London based magazines. It featured an interview with a British soldier who had been seconded to U.S. special forces in Afghanistan/Iraq where he had experienced no problems at all about being gay. He’d since left the Army and his main gripe was that if he had been wounded/killed it would have been really problematic for his partner to have gained access to him/his pension etc. I’m assuming those very real problems, which I have experienced personally, all go away in the UK on December 21st? I’m pretty sure the pink T34 has also taken part in recent Gay Pride marches in London. Heilige! Douglas P.

In, OssariumSolferinensis <OssariumSolferinensis@g…> wrote: > > Original Message > From: “Iain X” > > Personally I prefer the T34 in Bermondsey, South London.. > > > > it used to be pink and could often be seen parked down brixton … used to > pass it on my way to east dulwich > > patrick

Re: What Is The Meaning Of “The Corn Years”?

— In 1988 I was walking through some fields in a place called Englefield Green where I used to live in Surrey, not far from Windsor Park when a friend I was discussing the future of Death In June with said to me that the 1980s had been my “Corn Years” and I should reap them! So,….. Heilige! Douglas P.

In, “kashimanotachi” <kashimanotachi@y…> wrote: > > Sorry if this has already been dicussed but I was just wondering > what “The Corn Years” is in reference to. > Thanks, > Robert Wilkins

Re: A little question for Douglas P.

— I am totally unaware of any forthcoming DIJ concerts in Chile or Argentina, proposed or otherwise! In plain English there are no shows in South America. The last time I tried to get something like that together was a couple of years ago in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Peru. It fell to pieces early on in the story but for understandable reasons. Death In June was, as usual, ready to go but unfortunately the rest of the pieces of the puzzle didn’t fall into place. It’s a shame because as you probably know some of my best friends live in South America. Heilige! Douglas P.

In, “zweistimmenstauschung” <nebelkatze@h…> wrote: > > Dear Doug, just a simple question: > > i’m from Chile, South America…. ¿what happens whit the supossed > concerts in chile and argentina???…. > > with love > > F.

Re: question to Douglas regarding the “godlike genius of…”

— The Walker Brothers were huge in Britain in the 1960s (like their fellow American Jimi Hendrix, they broke there before anywhere else in the World) and Scott even had his own TV show just like Dusty Springfield, Lulu, Tom Jones, Cilla Black etc., so I can’t remember a time when Scott Walker was never not there.

However, when Patrick Leagas joined Tony Wakeford and myself in what was to become Death In June we started talking about different musics outside of the punk scene we’d just crawled out of. Both of us had older brothers who had very much taken part in “the swinging ’60s” and both loved Scott Walker (although my brother thought Tom Jones and Glen Campbell had the edge on Scott!).

Shortly after that in 1981 Julian Cope, then from the brilliant Teardrop Explodes, issued the compilation album ‘Fire Escape In The Sky…The Godlike Genius Of Scott Walker’ on Liverpool’s ZOO label and a number of printed articles started to come out about Scott which added to the enigma. I’d say that was the record that really hooked me on his solo works and The Walker Brothers. For that I’m eternally grateful to Julian Cope!

From then on it’s been a continuing obsession which I view more as an inspiration rather than an influence.

Heilige! Douglas P.

2005 ‘hits’

These are the albums that got a lot of airplay in the NER office, and many hotel rooms and airport waiting lounges this year. By no means were all of them issued in 2005 but,….and in no particular order:

  • Richard Hawley – ‘Cole’s Corner’
  • HERR – ‘The Winter Of Constantinople’
  • Supergrass – ‘Road To Rouen’
  • Nancy Sinatra – ‘Nancy’ compilation on Sundazed
  • Paul Weller – ‘Illumination’
  • Paul Weller – ‘As Is Now’
  • Luke Ashby And The Lonely Crowd – ‘The Late Night Review’
  • Kelly Osbourne – ‘Sleeping In The Nothing’ advance promo copy CD-

especially the track ‘One Word’

  • British Sea Power – ‘Open Season’
  • Doves – ‘Some Cities’
  • The Dears – ‘No Cities Left’
  • Novo Homo – ‘Private Hell’
  • Bain Wolfkind – ‘Music For Whore Lovers and Gangsters’
  • The Marvelettes – ‘The Best Of…..The Millennium Collection’
  • Brian Wilson – presents ‘Smile’
  • Cousteau – ‘Nova Scotia’
  • Derniere Volonte – anything and everything- the new album should be


  • Bob Dylan – ‘Nashville Skyline’
  • John Cale – ‘Black Acetate’
  • Francois Hardy – ‘Tant de Belles Choses’
  • Leonard Cohen – ‘Dear Heather’-great simply for ‘The Letters’
  • William Shatner – ‘Has Been’
  • Morrissey – ‘You Are The Quarry’ deluxe version with extra tracks

especially ‘My Life Is An Endless Succession Of People Saying Goodbye’

  • Jane Birkin – ‘Rendezvous’
  • Luftwaffe – ‘Trephanus Uhr’
  • Sonne Hagel – ‘Helfahrt’
  • Echo And The Bunnymen – ‘Siberia’

There’s certainly some bleed over from last year and I’ve deliberately left out one or 2 notables such as anything ‘Schlager’, The Beatles or early Bee Gees etc which get heavily played whilst driving. I’m looking forward to getting more into the new Lesley Gore album ‘Ever Since’ as well as the finished version of ‘Sonnenheim’ by :Of The Wand And The Moon: (perhaps this Summer’s BBQ fav in the making?)and receiving the new Der Blutharsch album as opposed to the promo CDr in the coming weeks. Heilige! Douglas P.