“Nascosto tra le Rune” is the third Death in June biography: do you think this the right book to understand once and for all the essence and art of Death in June?

I think that’s asking a lot of one book! And, I’m not even sure if that is, or should be, the purpose of any book about Death In June. All 3 books have had their own distinct direction and ‘feel’ not simply because they have been written in French, English and now Italian but also because of the different styles of the authors and my import, or the lack thereof, into the different books. “Nascosto Tra Le Rune” is as up to date as possible regarding the history of Death In June and utilizes much of an intense interview/conversation/interaction that existed between myself and Aldo Chimenti for about 9 years. Because of that it has a unique view of many aspects of Death In June and that does set this book apart from the others so far written.

In “Nascosto tra le Rune” there is a large section dedicated to your first band Crisis. In your opinion can we consider Crisis the first important and fundamental step in order to create Death in June?

Of course. Without Punk, and then Crisis, there would have been no Death In June. I’m in no doubt about that. I think you can say that about a lot of groups. Being in Crisis and being a Punk rocker and living in the UK in the late 1970s was like serving an apprenticeship for better and bigger things.

Death in June is a band always acclaimed by the Italian public from the time of the “Nada!” tour: an aspect widely documented in the Chimenti book. Can you describe us this feeling and how did it start?

The groundswell of interest in Death In June was already there in Italy before the “NADA!” tour of April 1985. The intensity of the fans and performances showed that and cemented that support thereafter. How it started? I’m not in a position to say. Did it begin with the last Crisis LP “Hymns Of Faith” in 1980, as some people suggest, or did it start with the first Death In June releases in 1981? That’s a question only the fans can really answer and perhaps this book also goes some way in doing so?

Many people are asking for an English version of “Nascosto tra le Rune”. Do you think the book will be translated in other languages in the near future?

I think it’s inevitable that this book will eventually have English, German, French and perhaps even Spanish translations. There’s definitely interest enough for that and with a new, and very different, Death In June album called “ Peaceful Snow” on the horizon for November, 2010 I’m sure that will keep the flames of interest in Death In June alight for some time.

Heilige! Douglas P. 15,IX.10.