“This Is A Story About 3 Little Piggies. 3 Little Piggies Who Never Went To Market, Especially On A Friday Afternoon When They Stayed At Home And Let Other People Bring Home The Bacon. And They Still Do! But The Rashers Get Thinner And Thinner, And Life’s Knives Get Sharper And Sharper…”

This Milchcow Has Given Its Last Pound Of Flesh
Their Coffers, Once Full, Will Be Emptiness
A Curse For A Night Time, A Curse For A Lifetime
3 Months Have Gone, And 6 Months Are Due-Time
Threatening Squeals, It’s Shut Up And Pay Time
For Three Little Piggies, Wither And Decay Time

Happy Greet, Happy Meat, But Better Happy To Goodbye Time
The 3 Months Have Gone, It’s 6 Months To Pay Time
As We Have Seen The Guilty Have No Pride
But, Their Lies Do Lead To Their Own Suicide.
This Milchcow Has Given It’s Last Pound Of Flesh
Young Coffins Will Fill Their Hearts’ Emptiness.

Now You Have Seen, I Can’t Help But Grin
My Angels Are Coming From Deep Within!
Now You Have Heard, I Can’t Help But Grin
My Demons Are Coming From Deep Within!

Die Piggie, Die… Bye Bye!