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Jan Mydlář executioner mask
Featured on “Essence!”

Jan Mydlář (1572–1664) was a 17th-century executioner from Prague. He is mostly known for his performance of the 1621 execution of 27 Bohemian Revolt leaders, and is remembered by his red hood-like mask he donned when performing his executions.

The executed men were primarily Protestants, though one man was a Catholic. They had organized an uprising against the Habsburg Emperor Matthias and later Ferdinand II.

On 21 June 1621, between 5AM and 9AM, 27 men were executed. With four
sharpened swords ready, twelve were beheaded and fifteen were hanged.
The beheaded ones had their heads displayed on the Prague Old Town
Bridge Tower. The execution was unprecedented, not only in its
magnitude, but because the condemned were men of high importance,
representing various ranks of the Czech society and professions—noblemen, scholars, burghers, businessmen, etc. The execution was followed by reprisals against Protestants in Bohemia.

Mydlář is the central character of a 19th-century novel
by Josef Svátek. According to this story, young Mydlář became an
executioner because of a disappointment in love, just before graduating
from medical school.

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“Retrouvailles de deux frères”

Photograph by Jean Séerberger

Place de l’Hôtel-de-Ville, Paris, 26 August 1944

Used as a promotional flyer/photo for “The Guilty Have No Pride”


“Foro Italico”, Rome

Used on the cover of “But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?”

Externsteine ‘grave’, Germany

Used on the cover of Take Care & Control

Angel Of The North statue, England

Used on the “Black Angel Live!” cover.

Valle de los Caidos monument, Spain.

Used for the covers of “Cathedral Of Tears” CD/DLP and the “The Cathedral Of Tears” MCD.


Mausoleum Sir William Richard Drake (1817-1890). Brookwood Cemetery, Cemetery Pales, Brookwood, Woking, Surrey, Greater London.
Used in the artworks and covers of “NADA!” and “93 Dead Sunwheels”.

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