Death In June-Heilige!

First release date : 2000

Personnel :

  • Douglas P.
  • John Murphy

Release notes :

Digipak CD release of the final Death In June concert of the 20th Century (from the 9th July 1999 show in Melbourne, Australia).

Original tracklist :

1Smashed To Bits (In The Peace Of The Night)3:58
2Bring In The Night2:43
4Only Europa Knows6:10
5The Bunker2:06
6Little Blue Butterfly3:13
7Frost Flowers3:28
8Death Of The West2:25
9Heaven Street3:34
10Little Black Angel2:55
12Giddy Giddy Carousel1:39
13Ku Ku Ku1:32
14Runes And Men2:24
15Rose Clouds Of Holocaust2:30
16Hullo Angel1:25
17Leper Lord1:04
18Fall Apart2:26
19Fields Of Rape2:44
20C’est Un Rêve3:41

Edition : 1
Release date : 2000
Format : CD / Digipak
Reference : NEROZ 43
Label :  NEROZ
Copies : ?