After over 25 years I’ve decided to close NER Mail Order.

The advent of the internet and the flourishing of online stores that deal more comprehensively with selling the Death In June and associated catalogue has made this once very important venture now redundant.

The fact that Death In June releases are now issued from anywhere except England is also a contributing factor. It makes no financial or logical sense to send stock of titles to England (or Australia!) only to be sent on elsewhere in the World when people can easily order direct from the original source in America, Portugal, Belgium etc.

The establishment of the NER mail order service in the 1980s was fundamental to the establishment of Death In June itself. It provided a much needed service to a hungry and very enthusiastic and interested audience that wasn’t really being catered for. But, gone are the days when I would be crawling into bed at 2 – 3 in the morning after having first cleared it of the overflow of orders waiting to be packed and taken in their sackloads to the local Post Office the next day. In fact, I haven’t personally dealt with the bulk of it since 1997. 13 years on it’s time to put the final nail in its coffin.

I’d now like to thank and say “Heilige!” to all those who have helped with and run NER Mail Order over these long years: JRP, Jack Collyer, D. Roehm, Keith Hinton, Peter Winkworth, John Rawlston, Peter Lane and, of course, Ian Read.

The BM June address in London remains the main business address to send letters, gifts, birthday cards, death threats etc to.

The future of the much loved promotional postcards is still being thought about and if one is sent out for the forthcoming Death In June – PEACEFUL SNOW album it will possibly be the last one.

Festivals End As Festivals Must!


Douglas P.