News-2012-07-01-PEACEFUL SNOW USB


DEATH IN JUNE, NER, STEELWORK MASCHINE & STEELKRAFT MANUFACTORY are proud to announce a 21st Century debut for DEATH IN JUNE with the release of the new PEACEFUL SNOW album, also available on a custom made 1 GB USB Flash drive – second edition.

The USB itself is a Black circular key-like design with a White Totenkopf 6 DEATH IN JUNE logo on one side and a Red Whiphand 6 DEATH IN JUNE logo on the other. This second edition has the same content as the 1st edition, but comes without the handnumbered tin box.

The USB version of the new DEATH IN JUNE – PEACEFUL SNOW album, whose audio tracks come in both MP3 and FLAC format, includes :

I. The full 13 tracks from the CD version of the album.

II. 2 extra instrumental tracks (PEACEFUL SNOW and THE MAVERICK CHAMBER) on the ‘Lounge Corps’ version of the album which is only otherwise available with the first 3,000 copies of the CD. So, 19 piano/instrumental tracks in total on the USB – not 17 as on the ltd.ed. CD.

III. All the photos used for all the different versions of the CD/Vinyl of the PEACEFUL SNOW album. 15 original artwork photographs in total.

IV. 3 exclusive videos specially shot by Miro Snejdr for the album of the tracks: A NAUSEA, CEMETERY COVE and PEACEFUL SNOW.

V. Lyrics to the tracks PEACEFUL SNOW and THE MAVERICK CHAMBER. These are otherwise available only on the ltd. ed. 7″ released on Extremocidente in August, 2010. There are no other lyrics printed with this new release on any other format.

Death In June’s PEACEFUL SNOW USB is now available from :