News-2023:NASCOSTO TRA LE RUNE (new Italian edition)

Preorders are open for the new Italian release of the DEATH IN JUNE book NASCOSTO TRA LE RUNE.

This will be a new, different and revamped version compared to the one that first came out in 2010, and it will feature three brand new chapters (for about 50 pages of additional text), plenty of new photographs and a new full color 16 pp. insert.The book will be limited to a total of 300 copies and will come in two versions: a standard one, with a postcard and a sticker, and a special one, that will feature an exclusive camo-dustjacket, two postcards, two stickers and a t-shirt. This special version will be strictly limited to 100 units only.

Anyone interested in ordering any of these Italian versions of the book can get in touch with the publisher at or

Copies will be available in early April.

PLEASE NOTE!! This is NOT a preorder for the English language version of the book! That one will come a bit later this year and will be announced in due time. Please also note that the English version will NOT include any t-shirt, but it will come with an exclusive special treat nonetheless. More news as they come.3