Death In June-Black Whole Of Love

First release date : 1995

Personnel :

  • Douglas P.
  • Campbell Finley
  • Simon Norris
  • David Tibet
  • James Mannox

Release notes :

Limited edition of 2000 copies boxed set containing 7″, 10″, 12″ and CD5″ which come in separate covers. Included are a 2-sided 29×29 cm picture insert and a 14×14 cm envelope containing a 4-page 12,5×12,5 cm booklet. All tracks are unique remixes/re-recordings of songs from Rose Clouds of Holocaust LP/CD, except “Leopard Flowers” which was previously unreleased.
7″ (denoted Sides A/B) had the catalog number BAD VC 39-7. The phrases “Black whole….” and “…of love” were scratched into the vinyl.
10″ (denoted Sides C/D) had the catalog number BAD VC 39-10. The phrases “Confidence is good….” and “….but control is better” were scratched into the vinyl.
12″ (denoted Sides E/F) had the catalog number BAD VC 39-12. The phrases “Long overtime….” and “…to redefine.” were scratched into the vinyl.
CD5″ had the catalog number BAD VC CD 39.

Leopard Flowers recorded at Big Sound Studios, Adelaide, Australia, March 1995.
Rose Cloud remixes recorded at Jacob’s Studios, Farnham, England, July 1995.

Original tracklist :

ALeopard Flowers4:07
BLuther’s Army4:06
CLeopard Flowers4:06
D1Luther’s Army4:10
ELeopard Flowers4:03
F1Luther’s Army4:15
F2God’s Golden Sperm4:17
CD1Leopard Flowers4:03
CD2Luther’s Army4:06
CD3God’s Golden Sperm4:16
CD4Accidental Protégé4:32
CD5Omen-Filled Season4:10