Death In June-Live In Japan

First release date : 1989

Personnel :

  • David Tibet,
  • Douglas P.
  • Rose McDowall

Release notes : One-sided limited edition LP of either 500 or 1000 copies (reports
conflict). Live recording of the concert from 12/19/88 in Japan at the
Loft Club.

Contains a b/w print of Douglas drumming on structured paper.

Original tracklist :

A1Heilige Leben 
A2Bring In The Night 
A3Behind The Rose (Fields Of Rape) 
A4Death Of A Man 
A5Blood Of Winter 
A6Heaven Street 
A7In Sacrilege 
A8C’est Un Rêve 
A9Heilige Leben

Edition : 1
Release date : 1989
Format : LP (one sided)
Reference : SUR MLP 11
Label :  Supernatural Organization
Copies : 500 or 1000???
Notes :