Death In June-Lives At The Edge Of The World

First release date : 2012

Personnel :

  • Douglas P.
  • John Murphy
  • Boyd Rice

Release notes :

3 Different live events from Brest, Brittany, recorded in December 2011, May 2005 and April 2002.

4 hours of video! 45 Different songs and 81 different performances. Massive gallery of unseen photos + poster. Certainly the most complete collection of Death In June songs on one single release.


Edition : 1
Release date : 2012
Format : DVD NTSC / Digifile
Reference : SMR012
Label :  Steelwork Maschine
Copies : 1000


 Brest 10-XII-11
1Till The Living Flesh Is Burned 
2Bring In The Night 
3Death Of A Man 
4Ku Ku Ku 
5Golden Wedding Of Sorrow 
6Hullo Angel 
7The Honour Of Silence 
8Peaceful Snow 
9We Said Destroy 
10He’s Disabled 
11Fields Of Rape 
12Life Under Siege 
13Because Of Him 
14Leper Lord 
15Luther’s Army 
16The Maverick Chamber 
18Hollows Of Devotion 
19Wolf Rose 
20Death Of The West 
21Giddy Giddy Carousel 
22All Pigs Must Die 
23Fall Apart 
24She Said Destroy 
25Little Black Angel 
26Rose Clouds Of Holocaust 
27Runes & Men 
28But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter? 
29Heaven Street 
30C’est Un Rêve 
 Brest 7-V-05
31Till The Living Flesh Is Burned 
32Death Of A Man 
33Bring In The Night 
34C’est Un Rêve 
35Ku Ku Ku 
36Symbols Of The Sun 
37Omen-Filled Season 
38She Said Destroy 
39The Mourner’s Bench 
40Because Of Him 
41He’s Disabled 
42Rose Clouds Of Holocaust 
43Little Black Angel 
44Doubt To Nothing 
45Luther’s Army 
46Flies Have Their Houses 
47Death Is The Martyr Of Beauty 
48Hollows Of Devotion 
49Disappear In Every Way 
50To Drown A Rose 
51Tick Tock 
52Death Of The West 
5313 Years Of Carrion 
54All Pigs Must Die 
55The Enemy Within 
56We Said Destroy 
57But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter? 
59Heaven Street 
 Brest 10-IV-02
60The Night Of The Knives 
61Death Of A Man 
62C’est Un Rêve 
63Ku Ku Ku 
64She Said Destroy 
65Smashed To Bits (In The Peace Of The Night) 
66All Pigs Must Die 
67Tick Tock 
68Rose Clouds Of Holocaust 
69Disappear In Every Way 
70We Said Destroy 
71Little Black Angel 
73Fall Apart 
74Giddy Giddy Carousel 
75But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter? 
76Fields Of Rape 
77He’s Disabled 
78The Enemy Within 
79Heaven Street 
80People/Où Est Boyd Rice? 
81Total War