Interview:2003-Dark Sonus

had the rare opportunity to have an interview with Douglas P. from Death in June on Friday December 12th in the afternoon via phone. I apologize with the delay in the review being posted. Douglas is a very interesting and down to earth person to talk to, and he cares about his fans quite a bit. Death in June formed sometime around 1980-1981 in the wake of the dissolution of Crisis. Douglas Pearce and Tony Wakeford were leftover from Crisis. Since than Death in June has utilized the talents of his friends to make Death in June a kind of collaberation project over the years. Today, Death In June uses more acoustic guitar and is said by many to be the alpha of Apoclalyptic folk, or militant music. This interview was done on the afternoon of Friday Dec 12th here in Chicago, a show that was scheduled to occur on the 13th, but fell through due to a leftist political protest. This is the only interview of official type for what is now known as the “God Curse Chicago” show. I spoke to Douglas for about forty minutes, and actually Douglas was using a phone card. We couldn’t arrange an in-person meeting, so we did the interview by phone, and I couldn’t write down everything we discussed. I did get some of the key points, But I didn’t want to take up Douglas’s time so my interview was rather compact.

1) Darksonus: What synthesizers has Death in June used in the past, or on various albums?

Douglas P: Death in June has moved more into the arena of acoustic guitar, however a MIDI-guitar was used on the album “But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?” LP, Death in June has also used various effects processors on some of our albums and keyboard parts in the past. On the whole I’ve used Korg Poly 800, Korg M1 and Yamaha DX7 keyboards

2) Darksonus: Since many people on Darksonus are gear fanatics, what kind of gear do you use and own?

Douglas P: Besides the keyboards? Well, my original guitar was a Framus Nashville electric 6 string but this was stolen in 1983 which inadvertently made me consider using acoustic guitars. I currently use a Washburn 6 and 12 string acoustic. Also I use a Rickenbacker 12 string and, in addition, a Hohner headless guitar. I try to find guitars that go for that spaghetti western sound.

3) Darksonus: What was your worst on-stage experience?

Douglas P:In 1978 I was nearly killed by a live mic, I was shocked so badly I was thrown back into a drum set. That knocked the microphone out of my hand and probably saved my Life.

4) Darksonus: What music are you currently listening too?

Douglas P: Pet Shop Boys, Clinic (new stuff) and various others

5) Darksonus: You are a collector of all things militaria, and have been since a young age, what is your favorite piece of military clothing?

Douglas P: My .44 pea-dot pants. .

6)Darksonus: We know you love animals, which do you prefer cats, or dogs? Douglas P: I prefer dogs, any breed.

7) Darksonus: What are your current thoughts and feelings about the war on terror?

Douglas P: It’s an undeclared war on the West…(pause) bound to get worse in my opinion.

8) Darksonus: Have you ever joined any cults, or religious orders like the Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn, a magikal-religious-scientific order dedicated to the teachings of Aleister Crowley?

Douglas P: I was never a great joiner in such things. Most need it as a crutch. I don’t!

9) Darksonus:9) Darksonus: Do you believe in Parapsychology, the unknown and such?

Douglas P. Yes I do, actually I had an excorcism performed on me as a child. My father has been dead for 32 years, and I’ve heard his voice on several occasions since then.

10) Darksonus: Some say your music has a calling to the misanthropic, are you yourself misanthropic. A now famous quote by you “why go to a club, when you have the best sound system right in the living room”.

Douglas P: Misanthropy is a way of coping but human beings are great. Well, the right people can be great!

11) Darksonus: What do you think of the recent election of Arnold in California?

Douglas P: Its brilliant; I love “the governator”.

12) 12) Darksonus: What do you think of the current American leadership in the White House?

Douglas P:Douglas P: All leaders are suitable for their times.

Darksonus: I just want to say thank you for the great interview, and sorry for the delays in its release.