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> From: “mauricefy” a href=”mailto:mauricefy@y…”>mauricefy@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] RIP The Clarendon > Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 12:19:55 -0000 > > Douglas – if you are still out there….. > > Having passed through Hammersmith this morning and the hideous > Broadway Centre (home of the UK HQ of Coca Cola), I paused for a > moment to remember the wonderful, ancient creeky Clarendon pub which > used to stand on that site and wondered if you too had good memories > of this venue. > > For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, this is > the venue at which the live side of Burial was recorded (in its > basement venue, and which also hosted the DIJ/In the Nursery/Joy of > Life concert in the upstairs Victorian ballroom. > > For the record I thought the latter night was blighted by a terrible > sound system and mediocre support acts. Also, my strongest memory of > the evening comes from my trip home when a bloke called Asif (an > erstwhile Crisis fan who Douglas might remember, and who was always > trying to sell me cassette bootlegs of DIJ gigs) got attacked on the > bus home by a man with a huge alsatian. Poetic justice, perhaps? > > M >

Not only did I see a blinder performed there by Joy Division and A Certain Ratio ,The Clarendon Hotel was fundamental in the early development of Death In June. The upstairs performance, which turned out to be our last there,was marred by all kinds of technical problems and it was also Richard Butler’s last live appearance with the group. If he couldn’t control the drum machine ,which I seem to remember kept triggering itself resulting in some wise wag in the audience shouting for “Blue Monday!”, there was little point in Richard being there. It was also the performance where the group Somewhere In Europe gave me a gift-wrapped set of books by Jean Genet which helped obviously lead to somewhere else for me a little later on. Previously to that Death In June performed 2-3 times downstairs at the Clarendon and one of those occassions still stands as one of the most important/best live sets we ever did. Iron In Flesh supported us, we had a great light/ slide show, the atmosphere was possessed and we performed well. After we departed the stage the packed audience just stood there in apparent stunned silence. Patrick and I giggled as we stood to the side of the stage looking at the strange sight of the stactic audience being illuminated by the strobe lights that were now pointing directly at them. They didn’t even clap after they realised it was actually over. They sort of gradually faded away in silence. Odd! Later a director of Rough Trade, who had been across the road at the Hammersmith Odeon seeing Depeche Mode and who had come over to see how we were doing, took me aside and said something along the lines of: ” Do you know what you’re dealing with? Do you know how powerful this all is?” And, of course I did! Stewart Home also told us after that the person he went to the performance with kept repeating that they had just seen the end of the World. All the way home! Evidently, they later ended up in a psychiatric hospital. If only all performances were like that! Heilige,… Douglas P.

> From: “Daniel W” a href=”mailto:feindflug_uk@y…”>feindflug_uk@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Re: 1% repro > Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2003 18:09:28 -0000 > > Albins helmet cover is in “Palmenmuster” (Palm tree) pattern > camoflage. This was only normally used on smocks, and i have seen no > other examples of Palm covers. In theory an old one could have been > field made into a cover. Very nice camo isn`t it, i would love a > smock in this pattern, as very few reenactors in the UK have them. > > Dan. > > > — In, “Steve Clark” >< nietzsche_baby@h…> wrote: > > Hello Douglas > > > > I may be way off mark here and expect to be corrected, but I’ll > take a > > couple of guesses as to what is the 1% that isn’t original. > > > > First guess is the smock that you are wearing on the cover and > also in one > > or two other photos (not the one with the Tiger). It looks to me > like the > > camo is Oak ‘B’. So far as I’m aware the 2nd pattern smock was > issued in > > regular Oak camo, not Oak ‘B’. Or if they were then to find one in > such good > > condition would be a lucky find indeed. The colours look too > strong for a > > garment that is potentially 60 years old. > > > > Second guess would be the dot suit that you are wearing with the > stahlhelm > > and sniper veil. The detail of the camo pattern looks much smaller > than > > other examples I have seen. > > > > A couple of questions for you too, if I may. Now that June is > almost upon > > us, are we likely to see a 2003/04 calendar? And what is the > camouflage > > pattern on the helmet that Albin is wearing on the May photo? > > > > Regards > > > > Steve

‘Mops’ off to Daniel and Steve as they are both correct. The smock was purchased in a Viennese ‘antique’ shop where it was being sold as an original. However, the price and the fraying around the cuffs (always look out for this) were a giveaway. Nevertheless, it is a very nice repro piece and excellent for photo shoots and keeping dry whilst doing the gardening. It is better water-proofed than my originals but as they really are 60 + years old you have to be forgiving. The helmet cover, along with a similar palm tree camo smock, were found in a shop in Denver during my first visit there in 1990. Any originals I’ve ever seen of this type have been either too small or in very bad condition. Whilst not standard issue the palm tree helmet covers were produced in sufficient quantities in the field to be in circulation. At the start of the war in 1939 it is estimated that only a third of front line troops had camouflaged items of clothing so many smocks/zeltbahns were sacrificed to make helmet covers. Afterall your head is normally the first thing you pop up over a trench, around a wall etc,… The original helmet cover I believe to be a plane tree/oak leaf pattern 4 circa 1944. If you wish to contact me off list Daniel and Steve I could arrange a reward of some sort for your knowledge. A plate, perhaps? Heilige! Douglas P.

The Mishima film I accept in its place. Like the film ‘Phildelphia’ I have reservations about it but it got something hard and interesting into the usually flaccid and charmless/harmless Hollywood. Paul Schrader was evidently going through his ‘homosexual period’, whatever that may be – certainly I’d fuck him any day, and also on the verge of a mental breakdown so one should also perhaps take that into consideration? Certainly, I didn’t take the Mishima protrayed on the screen as the one I was intoxicated by. But, that is probably just as well. Anything too close would have probably been impossible and possibly even verging on the insulting. I don’t know? All I do know about that period in my Life is that I am 2 years older than Yukio Mishima ever was and that I do hope to actually experience the decay of the Angel. For a very, very long Time To Come.In the Best Circumstances, as well. Whilst on the subject of films I’ve recently viewed 2 that I think are the best I’ve seen in years; ‘Donnie Darko’ and Roman P.’s ‘The Pianist’. Substance at last! Heilige,… Douglas P.

Ebola Disco Ben, you know what I’m holding-it’s what Sinija of TeHom referred to as ‘Little Black Angels’. Do I need to spell it out? I hope not! Certainly not on the internet. A Gift demands a Gift and I was given one. Or, 2 or 3,….. Darryl Williams became very interested in my MP40 so it was sent packing. British ‘de-activated’ evidently means “can be reactivated in times of National Emergency.” If only he’d have heard the Aussie version of The Enemy Within. Bugger! Oscar the Crow, famous from ‘The Wall Of Sacrifice” photo sessions, also nearly had to fly the roost but, thankfully survived internal examination and was returned. If you don’t know about the imminent Aussie incursions feel free to contact me off-list. Heilige! Douglas P.

Dear List, I found this some weeks ago at the end of a ream of emails (at least 18 x A4 pages) sent to wsd from a Thomas Olson that were submitted by wsd as part of their List of Documents that would have been used against me in the High Court of England during the court case against wsd set for the 18th November, 2002 :

“From David Tibet…sent Tuesday, May 15, 2001 9:35 AM To: Olsen, Thomas

dear Tom, as you seem to be on the lists re: the new DIJ album, could you do Serpent a favour and email them any & all comments re: the Piggies album, whatever the discussion group/mailing list the comments are on? Thanks a lot; and please don’t tell anyone you are doing this for them! Much love, and the 2 CDs and 12″ and SBStars book are on their way… david xxx”

I’m sure many of you remember that this was during a time that I was receiving a lot of flak on the internet, normally courtesy of Mr. Olson, for the release of the “All Pigs Must Die” album and was disappointed in the extreme to find this amongst the plethora of character assasination that was wsd’s ‘case'(i.e. “he’s Nasty so why should we pay him and give back his property, blah, blah, blah,…?”)but was nonetheless willing to tread water on it. There is nothing in particular to gain from me destroying peoples’ dreams about groups, individuals etc. Afterall,I know how hollow that feeling can be after you really find out the truth about someone/thing you thought you knew and loved. However, I’ve become bored with the sniping I receive from individuals on this list who have nothing good to say about me but appear to think the sun shines out of David Michael Bunting’s arse. Take that crap elsewhere. Somewhere more fitting. The c93 list for instance? In short, BUGGER OFF! The above email between Tibet and Olson makes a mockery of the bullshit Tibet had to say to me when he phoned me from Malaya September, 2002 and also the fax he sent me in early 2000 stating that he wished to keep out of the matter with wsd. Yeah, sure! Unless I initiate the discussion I don’t want to hear anything else about him or his group/projects ever mentioned on this list again. He chose the ship he wished to sail with now let him travel with it. Patrick , I think you had some valid points to make about this situation and tended to agree with you but equally you do not see what I receive off-list and enough was enough. I do not include you in those who have sniped at me for too many years on this discussion group and like 99% of the rest of membership of this list I have always appreciated your contributions. Apologies for any disillusionment from either my side or Tibets. But, I know I can NEVER listen to him again without thinking,…….. Douglas P.

As an addition to the previous statement I posted I must admit that I found it peculiar that wsd didn’t bother to delete that particular message from Tibet before they submitted all of that junk to The High Court. Or, was it deliberately left in? I’ve been told I shouldn’t be surprised at what nincompoops wsd really are but with ‘friends’ like that Tibet should watch what he says to them in the future. Sadly, it’s probably already too late for that? Have a nice trip,baby? Douglas P.

> From: “Mike Sulphur” a href=”mailto:sulphur@i…”>sulphur@i… > Reply-To: > To: a href=”“> > Subject: [deathinjune] obscure memorabilia? > Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 10:13:47 +0930 > > Anyone after Doug’s golden guitar string from the Adelaide show? It’s > always surprised me how much ‘presence’ DIJ has though its only a guitar > (even sans a string!), percussion and his voice. > > Some people asked for a review, basically the details: > Death in June, NON (Boyd Rice), Isomer > 23rd of April 2003 – The Enigma Bar, Adelaide Australia > > It was a superb show for sure, Isomer is a local artist who is now on > Tesco. Strong dark ambient / noise with some very haunting textures. NON > slaughtered with a superb rendition of TOTAL WAR, and a Boyd Rice song > was played as well from ‘Music…’, though at the moment the title > escapes me. Its that one with ‘Hitler, Mussolini…’. Douglas also came > in to aid with some electric guitar riffs to the noise sections of NON. > As for DIJ, it started with the percussive classics like ‘Bring in the > Night’ and onto a strange section with Douglas chanting.. ‘where is Bin > Laden now???’. All my fave’s were played even ‘Luthers Army’ i believe > (still trying to compile the full list), though about 20 minutes of the > show had the squealing pigs echoing constantly… quite distracting and > I’m not sure if it was deliberate? > > Regards & Heilige!, > Mike

A brief word of Thanks and “Heilige!” to all of those who helped make Boyd Rice/NON and Death In June’s recent actions in Australia and New Zealand so interesting and worthwhile. Thanks also to those who sent me Birthday Greetings. The day was well spent at the beautiful New Centurian Studios in Wellington where some more tracks were recorded for the forthcoming Death In June/Boyd Rice album “Alarm Agent” which is still on schedule for an October release. I especially recommend any material by the 2 groups that supported us on every level in Australia – Beastianity and Isomer. Both have CDs out and are very worthwhile. I’m not back to answer any questions but the Arktos book can’t be recommended enough and as far as I know the reissues of “The Wall Of Sacrifice” and “KAPO!” are imminent. Heilige! Douglas P.


> Subject: [deathinjune] Re: Least fave BURIAL

The live side of Burial was recorded at The Clarendon Hotel in London by a certain Bob Santana using a 4 track machine linked to the mixing desk. 2 tracks were used for Death In June and the other 2 tracks were used by a group called Pig’s Blood Rising, or something like that. No doubt it was a sign of times to come and not being very close to these ‘individuals’ let alone ever having spoken to them on that particular evening, or at any other time come to think about it, I have no idea if they ever released their 2 tracks’ worth.


> Subject: [deathinjune] Re: Least fave BURIAL > Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2003 19:40:10 -0000 > > That is a great live recording. I’d like to know the story behind the >” Knives” track. Were those the original lyrics to “Until The Living Flesh > Is Burned” or were they changed for some other reason? > > Der Konstrukteur

Like Carousel from “NADA!” started life as Christine the Lizard so Until The Living Flesh Is Burned began Life as Knives. Because the Oh, How We Laughed album was never an official release (Patrick and I have long ago resolved that problem) it has never been considered for reissue.

Titles votes

From nearly 90 titles voted for here are the eventual top 6 placings in the DVD/video poll: 1. HOLLOWS OF DEVOTION& RUNES AND MEN 2. ROSE CLOUDS OF HOLOCAUST 3. FALL APART 4. HEAVEN STREET 5. BUT, WHAT ENDS WHEN THE SYMBOLS SHATTER? 6. COME BEFORE CHRIST AND MURDER LOVE

Many thanks to all of you who took part and be sure I will be using this information in a constructive way over the next year or so. Hvala puna, Juraj! Heilige,…. Douglas P.

Alarm agent

Boyd and I’s “Alarm Agent” album proceeds cautiously due mainly to the fact that we keep coming up with new material so, unfortunately, there is little chance that the new album will be toured this year.Realistically, we’ll be lucky to have it finished by the end of the year but, maybe I’m being a little pessimistic on that front? Time will tell. However, there are still possibilities that our handsome, smartarse middle-aged faces may well be appearing in a few cities in America in the not too distant future. More news as and when but, rest assured it is us that are still waiting, waiting, waiting,…I thought Americans were more decisive than this! Perhaps,too many of them are too busy reading the bible-and quoting it on this list? Thankfully, all of Scandinavia is still up for grabs as far as Death In June is concerned so we’re still keeping our fingers crossed for an Anglo-Celt invasion sometime in November, 2003. Heilige! Douglas P.


> Subject: RE: [deathinjune] Re: death In June t-shirt > Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 09:12:11 +0100 > > I bought a ‘But, What Ends…’ t-shirt and mine was white. Also got the > totenkopf6 design on black – but unfortunately I can not remember where > I purchased these! Definitely from UK sources, possibly sister ray. > Rough Trade were selling a shirt recently (last year) with a masked and > camouflaged Douglas on the front and the totenkopf6 and wiphand6 logo’s > on the sleeves – very nice.

Although official Death In June T-shirts have been printed since 1982 the very last official one was in 1999 which featured a design of the Death In June mask set within a Wolfshook and was designed by Enrico Chiarparin and came in black- short and long sleeved. The claret ‘Symbols Shatter?’ T-shirt was printed with permission by Michael Moynihan many years ago. Stjepan Rukavina also did a very nice one connected to the Thagalasz magazine in the late 1990s. The people in Barcelona do a vast selection without permission of different shirts but as I know them I basically don’t care but, I have to say that a Spanish/Catalonian ‘Large’ is not what British – Australian – Germanic -Americans would call ‘Large’! If you do order from them and you do want Large think XXL !! When I have more time I will post a listing of what I think is the officially issued designs of DIJ T-shirts over the years. In the Mean Time, I’ll try to make sure Rough Trade are not selling bootlegs-of which there are plenty. I’ve no time for more questions but will try to intervene as and when. It has been very interesting of late! Heilige! Douglas P.


Of all the names of groups and individuals people would like to see me work with (yawn!)the only one I would take seriously would be Anni-frid Lyngstad from ABBA. And, this is only because I recently read that she is a product of the Lebensborn ‘project’. Originally born in Norway in 1945 her mother and grandmother were ostracised and branded ‘traitors’ at the end of WWII and so migrated to Sweden. Now that would be a voice on The Concrete Fountain that would add some fuel to the fire. And, as I’m going to Sweden soon,….. Now please put a sock in it – but discuss Lebensborn to your hearts’ content. Heilige! Douglas P.


On top of what I’ve already said in the previous message: Tony used a Rickenbacher-copy bass guitar made by Shaftesbury but also played a hired Ovation acoustic bass on The Guilty Have No Pride album. Patrick used 2 Roland syn. drums and I also use a JHS(John Hornby Skewes) SD1 drum synth which is the type that Soft Cell used on “Tainted Love”. Marc Almond later gave that drum to Geff and Sleazy of Coil but, I wouldn’t know that having never met them, known them, worked with them etc. & so on. Pat and I also both used military side drums made by Premier and purchased at a music shop in Aldershot, home of the British Army, and not far from where we both lived which provided equipment to all the military bands in the area. If anyone visits Aldershot the shop is centrally placed in the town and well worth a visit as it’s walls are festooned with Army banners used at various battles including Waterloo. Something I’m sure Anni, my future co-writer, would love! I’ve no idea what kind of drum kit Patrick used as from day one it was always covered in fake leopard skin as was Pat’s motor cycle and crash helmet. Hope this has been of some interest and, no, I’m not back to answer anymore questions – this is just a ‘tidy up’. Heilige! Douglas P.


A couple of weeks ago there was a discussion about soap and sausages. I have a story about soap all of my own: At the end of WWII my father, who was career RAF, found that his flying skills were now required to ferry back from the continent aircraft of all shapes and sizes that were either now superfluous to the peaceful conditions or worthy of government investigation.One of these latter cases were a number of JU 52 German transport planes captured in Holland. I have some brilliant photos of him waving from the cockpit of some of these or standing besides one of their 3 engines looking rather pleased with himself after having landed it at Croydon Airport without being shot at by his own side! Anyway, on board one of these amongst many military things they found a rather large cargo of soap. As a souvenir my dad filled up a whicker basket with this ‘find’ and took it back home with him thinking that this would be one memento that would actually come in handy. I was born 11 years after the War and I always remember being puzzled by the presence of a whicker basket at the bottom of our food upboard in the kitchen that was never used to go shopping. However, it was lined with newspaper and potatoes were sometimes kept in it. Eventually, as I became older I asked my mother why this really good looking basket was never used and she told me the story of dad coming home with it filled with soap that he’d found on a German aircraft. However, she didn’t think it smelt right let alone looked right – evidently a yellowy/waxy/parchment look – (doesn’t a lot of soap look like this?)and as rumours were then becoming rife about how some soap may have been manufactured in the 3rd Reich she insisted that the soap was got rid of. Evidently this happened but my dad insisted that they keep the basket as one of his ‘mementos’. After his death in 1970 my mother made sure the basket didn’t last long in the household but not before I managed to do a few shopping trips with it. Waste not want not,…. Heilige! Douglas P.


First of all, ‘Heilige!’ to all those involved in Trying, Trying and Trying to make the public performance of Death In June, Der Blutharsch and Changes come about in Chicago 1 month ago on 13th December, 2003. Also, ‘Heilige Leben!’ to all of those who travelled from all points in North America, Canada and elsewhere to support the performance. In those dreadfull Wintery conditions You answered The Call and You were There. So were We! And, We will Never Forget that Night, will We? As for the xtians for a New Conformity and their lumpen prole friends in the All Reactionary Arsewipes of Chicago then they couldn’t make for better bedfellows. They’ve already made fools of each other so I can’t wait for the ‘moral majority’ to piss all over the great unwashed, or is it simply unhinged, in an attempt to cleanse themselves of them. Like chickens with their heads chopped off I’ve enjoyed the way the antivolk have desperately ran around their disperate dunghills in Illinois trying to contain and rationalise their pathetic actions on the night, dredging up, at the drop of a ski-mask, or is it the bible, the ‘truth’ statement provided to them by some ‘faith-based’ xtian community. It’s good to know the libertarian lemmings of Chicago formulate their information on such reliable and, no doubt, respectable members of the community of Chicagoland. Gosh, how alternative, dude! With an attitude like that the next G8 Summit will crumble in no time at all. When we have lies we have everything! Right on!! And, of course it’s no wonder their spelling makes them look like complete twats let alone that they can’t even get their own versions of the evening right! To call them political simpletons would be flattery. A Chicago pizza pie Schmucko Supremo (heavy on the corn) is much closer to the truth. To spout verbatim a liturgy of half truths and lies provided to them fresh off the plate by the soldiers of Christ because they conveniently suited their view of the world and its wrongs is one thing but, to use the wrecked lives of the men, women and children, soldiers and civilians, Croats, Bosnians and Serbs who had lost their arms and legs (and probably later their lives, livlihoods,lovers etc) during the recent bloody conflict in the Balkans to try to score a cheap ‘political’ point is the most despicable of all. To name the Bolnicki Klinicki in Zagreb, Croatia as a “fascist hospital” because I donated US$30,000 of my own money to buy medical equipment for the only place in the area that provided any care whatsoever to amputees turns my stomach at their ignorance, let alone the proud arrogance of self rightousness. How can these revolting, spineless twats live with themselves? Oh, of course I’ve almost forgotten – LACK OF MORAL FIBRE! They’ve never done anything worthwhile in their entire lives except moan, moan, moan. And this type of worthless scum never will. Their sad, pathetic polemic on the night proves that. Ignorance provides such bliss. Better to gather in a 7-11 car park and protest against an imaginary white power music festival than go clear mines in Europa and save some farmer’s child from being blown up almost 10 years after the end of the war. It still goes on and you can do something about it but that’s far too real. And, naturally far too dangerous! Safer to be bully for a night time than cripple for a lifetime, eh dudes? We March On (because our “shoes” are better than theirs will ever be). Douglas P.


Date: Tue Sep 2, 2003 8:29 am Subject: Saving Corporal Schickl……

There was some discussion recently as to whether or not ’18’ survived the battle for Berlin. As a close personal friend of someone whose last battles, in WWII at least, were in the Villa Goebbels, the Tiergarten and the Fuehrer Bunker itself ( which was evidently absolutely beautiful and filled with statues, paintings etc.) he maintains that during the chaos and confusion at the end it was ALWAYS possible to get out. As he, in fact, did himself. During rest periods within the Bunker he saw ’18’ go past him outside to have a look around several times and a double could have come back as his replacement-at anytime! During the last organised breakouts my friend was momentarily captured by Bolshevik troops who luckily became distracted by the bigger ‘catch’ of a Party Leader, the contents of the Party Leader’s briefcase and his subsequent, on the spot, execution. This horrible incident, however, provided my friend and 2 of his kameraden the opportunity to escape and make their way West out of the city. He was later arrested at a railway station by British troops who had taken a keen interest in the design of his trousers(and later discovered blood group tattoo!) On 20th April, 1989 I remember well him saying to me that “if he wasn’t dead then, he should be by now” and a Merry Time was then had by All,……. Heilige! Douglas P.

Odin Hour Watches

Date: Fri Sep 5, 2003 10:33 am Subject: Re: [deathinjune] Watches for Douglas

The Odin Hour watches along with the Heilige! crystal glasses and the last official T-shirts were all manufactured for the mainly European tours of 1998/99 and about 300 watches were made and sold. We have none left. Sorry, at this moment in time, having only relatively recently washed my hands of wsd I can’t be bothered to explain any further about the watches unique position in my finally departing wsd. Enough time has been wasted on them and their ilk. However, as a last ditch attempt to get a watch I’d hazard a guess and say that each of the directors would be more than willing to part with their watches which I gave them as gifts. Being a bit strapped for cash they might have already, of course! Either way, good luck with your search. Douglas P.


Date: Mon Sep 8, 2003 7:48 am Subject: Re: [deathinjune] Purge II (Rape Plant/Douglas Question)

David Michael Bunting definitely came up with the phrase although I’ve often wondered whether or not it is inspired by me telling him about my parachuting experiences which took place before I ever met him. The patchwork pattern of English fields were always made the more beautiful for the large fields of rape(the plant from which Americans and Australians extract what you call canola oil?) as you gazed upon the landscape during your descent. When I knew him LSD was never David’s drug of choice but speed and bottles of Blue Nun and Black Tower German wine were consumed in immeasurable amounts by both of us. Perhaps it was the anti-freeze they used to add to it but German wine in the 1980s tasted infinitely better than it does today on import. Most of it is disgusting! I can, however, highly recommend the historical series of wines that have recently been mentioned on this list. You can easily obtain them at most AGIP service stations on the Autostradas in Italy and you can even get theme packs of 6 miniatures containing the different wine labels used for your dictator of choice. The Mussollini bianco vino frizzante was a particular favourite for Boyd , Albin and myself. Heilige! Douglas P.

Unreleased recordings, current listenings

Date: Tue Sep 9, 2003 2:09 am Subject: Re: [deathinjune] Re: A 2nd Question For Douglas

Yes there are recordings that have never seen the light of day and most of the unreleased material will be addressed by the issue of the ‘rarities’ album sometime in the future. Some major sign posts for me heading in the acoustic direction would have been listening to Manson’s Love & Terror cult album, having my electric guitar stolen, buying an acoustic guitar that had a spaghetti western feel to its sound and Tibet giving me a tape of Love’s Forever Changes album which I think Sandy Robertson, the Scottish music journalist who also wrote the Aleister Crowley Scrapbook, had previously given him. No more questions please list, I’m off to catch a plane. Heilige! Douglas P.


Date: Mon Oct 6, 2003 5:11 am Subject: Re: [deathinjune] A Question For Douglas (DIJ “Cover” Album)

Although I’ve been asked by David Tibet and Boyd Rice to do cover versions of other people’s work for their separate projects I am completely luke warm to the idea myself simply because I don’t feel I could better anything by other people I like. That’s the reason why I’m not on the Scott Walker tribute album that has been mentioned on this list. Regardless, if I did do a Led Zeppelin song it would be “Immigrant Song” from the wonderful ‘III’ album with Morrissey and I sharing lead vocals. I’m not back for more questions and I haven’t forgotten about providing the list of official DIJ T-shirts that have been produced over the years to this list a.s.a.p. It’ll come, hang on. Heilige! Douglas P.

Court case

Date: Thu Oct 9, 2003 4:38 am Subject: London, Chicago & Denver

A few weeks before the court case against wsd was due to appear in the High Court in London last November, 2002 I had a meeting with my solicitor and barrister where we went over details of wsd’s statement in which, amongst many other ‘nasty’ and terrible things that will amuse me, sorry, haunt me for the rest of my Life wsd accused me of being an “itinerant musician”. My legal advisors were perplexed and asked me what I thought it really meant. Hmm, I pondered and thought about this serious accusation and then realised wsd in all their wisdom had nailed Death In June on the head; A Wandering Minstrel I! So, what people will be getting at these 3 performances will be a very stripped back version of DIJ. There will be no drums only John Murphy on finger bells and tambourine prancing around the stage like a Rumanian about to rape, oh apologies I mean marry a 12 year old girl, and me with a mop on my head and guitar in hand strumming away describing which songs are about buggery, Jews and my old colleagues. A bit like a post industrial, neo-folk, apocalyptic version of Sammy Davis Junior in some floating gay lounge in Las Vegas. I hope! The audience, in London at least, will get suitably and typically sloshed and munch on Linda McCartney’s vegetarian sausages (my favourites-yum!) whilst calling out requests for “Born Again” and “All Alone In Her Nirvana”. which will be politely ignored. Maurice, you’ll never, never know if you never, never go! Heilige! Douglas P.

New York

Date: Sun Oct 12, 2003 6:06 pm Subject: Re: [deathinjune] “Stripped Back” Douglas P

Sorry, Roy there are no plans to have another bite at the Big Apple this time around. What you saw last Winter in New York was what, in theory at least, London, Chicago and Denver will also experience this year. However, things being what they are; London will probably turn into a sail up the Thames to the Houses Of Parliament where we’ll fire Bonfire rockets, which are so easily available from any newsagents in the UK at this time of year, into this particular shrine of wisdom, Chicago will see me pour a can of petrol over Albin and set him alite and whilst people are wondering if they’ve come to the Heilige Feuer Festival and it’s all part of the act I’ll wander through the audience chanting “A Penny For The Guy” and in Denver we’ll all probably go down to Boyd’s place and get drunk on Sisco (Cisco?) a much maligned drink, methinks. The one and only time I’ve drunk what some describe as ‘liquid crack’ the only apparent effect it had on me, besides the usual alcoholic euphoria, was that I could speak backwards. How bad can that be? Anyone else here with interesting tales of Sisco? The performances planned for Europe and Austin will be different again. Heilige! Guod.

Nick Drake

Date: Tue Oct 21, 2003 6:33 am Subject: Nick Drake

Up until a couple of years ago when I saw Nick Drake’s album ‘Pink Moon’ on special at Bay Junction Music Centre I had never consciously listened to his work. I’ve heard that David Michael Bunting favours him but when I was working with the Very, Very Voice all I ever heard from him regarding what he required in terms of sound was the mullatto Arthur Lee, the madman Manson and the total Nasty genius-Moi! I reckon Nick came in with the likes of Michael Cashmore but what would I know? I was never there! Either way, I do have an interesting slant on Nick Drake because going by what I understood his work was like I thought for years he did the music to the 1972 biker film ‘Psychomania’ which is one of my favourites. Unless he went under the pseudonym of ‘Chopped Meat’ and as I am not an afficianado of Nick Drake he may well have, I am completely unaware of any such contribution to the film but Chopped Meat really looks like Nick Drake and the lyrics to the main song go a bit like this:

  • “And the World
  • Never knew his name
  • But the chosen few
  • Know of his fame
  • Come join his company
  • Riding Free
  • He really got it on
  • He rode that sweet machine
  • Just like a bomb
  • He felt it in his soul
  • But no one there could find him
  • So he left those fools behind him
  • With a feeling that they could not understand
  • He took away his Life
  • With his own hand
  • And the world
  • Never knew his name
  • But the chosen few
  • Know of his fame
  • Come join his company
  • Riding free
  • They tried to tie him down
  • To make him place his 2 feet on the ground
  • How could they treat him so?
  • To ride was more than Living
  • But taking more than giving
  • They tried to clip his wings just like a fly
  • So instead of standing still
  • He chose to die.”

If ‘Chopped Meat’ was, in fact, Nick Drake I’d love to know. It would mean I was inspired by him. But, I doubt it. Heilige! Douglas P.


Date: Tue Oct 21, 2003 6:52 am Subject: “NADA!” II

So, from “She Said Destroy” on Christmas Day, 1983 to “Born Again” early 1985 Death In June mk II doesn’t sound complete? I beg to differ. Regardless of the fact that Patrick Leagas had departed the group, which realistically made it as complete a circle as it could be, why should there be such an electronically influenced follow up? The synthesis of all I’d learnt or wanted to use from and in that period resulted in ‘The World That Summer’ and thereon. A carbon copy was redundant.”NADA!” is unique – end of story. “93 Dead Sunwheels” was never an attempt to emulate that but a separate entity unto itself and came into being in 1988/89 – 3 to 4 years after “NADA!” I knew when someone shouted out for “Blue Monday” upstairs at the Clarendon Hotel, London 7th December, 1984 that I would only allow that direction to last for so long. Whoever that wit was I owe him my future! Heilige! Douglas P.


Date: Tue Oct 21, 2003 7:50 am Subject: T-shirts!

For all the Death In June T-shirt fetishists out there that have wanted this list for some time:

  • 1982 – white shirt with large brown/beige Totenkopf 6 design set in a diamond shape
  • 1984 – grey shirt with blow up of the “Burial” cover in dark blue on front with small gold diamond Totenkopf 6 design over heart
  • 1985 – grey shirt with small black Whiphand 6 design over heart. A few Totenkopf 6 designs may well have also been done.
  • 1986 – 1997 – black and white shirts with large ‘Death In June’ written in “The World That Summer” type of script & Totenkopf 6 design on front. The biggest selling design that was stopped by the 3 wisemen at wsd because they thought T-shirts didn’t sell anymore. In truth, they were probably just too heavy for their delicate selves to carry up the stairs to 7i7 and as the money was flowing in so freely in those days why should they bother?
  • 1987 – white shirt with dark red ‘Death In June’ and brown “Brown Book’ soldier on front
  • 1987 – white shirt with dark red ‘Death In June’ and ‘Heilige Tod’ with 3 “Brown Book” soldiers on front
  • 1993 – white shirt with a circular design by Enrico Chiarparin and red lettering “But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?” written on front – I personally do not have one of these and as it was manufactured by wsd I can’t vouch for the quality or quantity.
  • 1995 -1996 – white shirt with a large circular green/bronze design by Enrico Chiarparin with a Runic circumference and with a red rose in the bottom left of a photo of me in the DIJ mask. Also manufactured by wsd.
  • 1997 – grey and black shirts with “Twilight Command” logo over heart, Totenkopf/Whiphand 6 designs on both sleeves and large lettered “Sun Dogs” plus 2 dog’s heads in red over this lettering on the back.
  • 1999 – black short and long sleeved shirts with another Enrico Chiarparin design of the DIJ mask set in a diamond with a large Wolfshook and various other smaller runes. The long sleeved version had the Totenkopf/Whiphand 6 designs alternating down the sleeves. This is the last officially produced T-shirt.

There have been some shirts manufactured by Michael Moynihan in the early 1990s -maroon with black images of the “But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?” album printed on both sides of it, Stjepan Rukavina for his Thagalasz Freundeskreis’ black T-shirt and a black shirt printed for the 1999 performance in Sydney, Australia with a large head on a stick on the front and the names of all the groups performing that night on the back but they are the only other truly sanctioned ones. I let Zero in Barcelona get away with it but all others are bootlegs mainly emanating from America. No more questions about T-shirts please. There may or may not be some for the Scandinavian performances but only time will tell. Heilige! Douglas P.


Date: Wed Oct 22, 2003 3:03 pm Subject: Re: [deathinjune] Re: Nick Drake

I KNOW Maurice but, “mulatto”, “madman”, “Moi” have a better ring about them than GENIUS, “madman”, Moi” which have perhaps more subliminal connotations I’m too modest to discuss here. Wyrdly enough a few days ago when I got out ‘The Best Of Love’ LP as I had a real craving to hear “Your Mind And We Belong Together” a press cutting of Arthur Lee’s concert at The T&CII (Town & Country II) on 3rd June, 1992 fell out of the sleeve. It’s from Melody Maker and dated May 16, 1992, written by Steve Sutherland and features these choice snippets:

Arthur Lee is the legendary LA flake who out-weirded and just about outlived Jim Morrison, who last played here in 1975, hasn’t recorded anything for nigh on two decades up until this year and, for all we know, has spent the intervening years in some sort of tortured hell of his own devising. Because of his long absence, we have got used to talking about Arthur in the past tense. But then he strolls on tonight like a MULATTO James Coburn,……..If you weren’t there people, you were nowhere.”

Dig it!


Date: Thu Nov 20, 2003 12:35 pm Subject: London

If Patrick and I can manage to make the trains run on time it looks as though we could be performing “The Calling” for the first time since 1985 on Saturday in London. Those of you who may have been initially put off by the thought of the vegetarian buffet may now be tempted by the presence of this piece of beefcake? Heilige! Douglas P.

London II

Date: Sat Nov 29, 2003 12:08 pm Subject: London etc

I’ve been relaxing watching the first snow falls on Mt. Annan and pondering why the blue storm doors of Rutherglen close so badly, as though inviting Winter and its havoc inside, and perhaps that invitation is meant to be accepted, so I’ve been remiss about offering my thanks and “Heilige!” to the organisers and most of those who attended the good ship President in London, especially those who travelled from abroad. The appalling weather tried its best to ruin the evening early on as the original sound engineer and his helper both slipped carrying equipment onboard resulting in a few cracked ribs and dislocated discs. Replacements had to be found and so the sound check was a very last minute and frenetic affair. The original person responsible for the catering also succumbed to ‘flu and dropped out of the event so the vegetarian buffet had its share of moments. However, overall everything went according to plan with the exception of breaking 3 strings which seems to only happen in London and a very bad case of nerves resulting in the a cappella version of ‘Hullo Angel’ (thanks, Nick for calling out the chords but the fingers were refusing to obey orders!) It was also good to catch up with people I hadn’t seen for years including Patrick. The version of ‘The Calling’ was unique to say the least. Special thanks to Sami from Stockholm for making sure the banner is now back in my possession. Heilige! Douglas P.

Court case

Date: Mon Dec 1, 2003 2:11 pm Subject: Re: [deathinjune] ongoing

Dear Maurice, You’ve yet to learn to live in a world where I organise pograms in Rostock, kill innocent women and children in Croatia, cease to exist amongst England’s hidden preverts and that those white knights in their shining armour wsd won a glorious victory against Boy Nasty and his Totenkopf 6 millions. Once you’ve done that you can sit back, relax and enjoy each faux pas those muppets continue to make. The fact of the matter is that in October, 2002, a few weeks before the case was due to be in the High Court in London on 18th November, world serpent offered an out of court settlement which saw the return of all my property and a cheque for more £s than they had ever previously admitted to owing me. I gave a fuller report to this much monitored list last December. Poor wsd have been telling Porky pies for years – are they even worth commenting about anymore? I doubt it. Let them disappear in every way. Heilige! Douglas P.


Date: Sat Dec 13, 2003 6:23 pm Subject: Denver

As I hover above the fear stricken Metropolis of Chicago and ponder who should be the first to feel the might of my Disappear In Every Way ray ; the Community for New Communism or the hypocrital pussies at the Pub With No Beer, I thought I’d mention the future action in the Mile High City on the 19th December. The Kandy Kolored Klown they call The Non Man will be whispering the sweet murmurings of the Love Handle Lounge Head Honcho plus Tales of The Holy Grails in full grease paint and plastic horns. “Anton Le Rice” will MC the evening at the Bluebird Theatre and besides Death In June’s Lounge Nasty Classics extracts from the “Alarm Agents” album will also be showcased. In the meantime, keep your eyes fixed on this list. It is the 13th afterall and we aim to please with constant unease! Heilige,…… Douglas P.