Have you participated, in one way or another to the release of “Ends!” ?

Only in being the skinny speed freak that played on it. This was very much down to Doug’s ideas and hard work.

The fact to release this last concert can let suppose that this moment of your carreer has kept an importance in your mind. What kind of remembrance do you keep today from the end of this project, what does it represent in your soul ?

To be honest even with the nostalgic glow of being slim and dashing its not a part of my past I have returned to much. Possibly, the fight at every gig ambiance has something to do with it and the disillusion with a politics that was the original motivation for the project in the first place may have something to do with it as well.

That said it sounds a lot better or a lot less worse then I remembered it. Which was a pleasant surprise.

Do you see yourselves like some very different political animals between the Crisis area and the Death In June one ? Do these entites represent for you two different manners to see the world ?

Well Crisis was unambiguous in its politics. Death In June had more to do with ambiguity,obsessions, history and aesthetics then with actual politics. I of course being a fool of the unwise variety took a self destructive decision that turned out to be the worst of my life. Even worse then buying a pair of loon pants or “The Snow Goose” LP by Camel.

So I look back at both groups and have to take the good, the fact that both collaborations with Douglas produced something of worth and try and untangle it from the wreckage of my personal life and decisions. Crisis was a heady mix of speed and socialism. With a very bad come down.

Do you expect to develop some new things around Sol Invictus after The Triple Tree and the Grey Force Wakeford projects or do you prefer these days to concentrate yourself on these kinds of collaboration ?

We are hard at work on the new Sol album now. I am working on it with my producer Reeve Malka. I have signed to Prophecy for my Sol Invictus work which means I know the back catalog is in safe hands and I can concentrate on the new material. We are also signing Orchestra Noir to them so I hope a release from them will appear in the not too distant future.

I’m also working with Reeve Malka and Susan Mathews on a ambient/video project called “The Gild. Its very early days but shows promise. I have finished a solo album for the Israeli Eastern Front label which Reeve is about to mix. Sol have just returned from a festival in Utrecht which was very good and we now have to rehearse for our London concert in October which cold spring are putting on.