It’s been a while since the “Peaceful Snow” LP came out. Are you going to release a new record in the foreseeable future? What is it going to be like?

There are no new recordings at present. Since the release of Peaceful Snow in 2010 and its brother album The Snow Bunker Tapes earlier this year my main thoughts have been performing this material throughout the World. The artistic Muse has not descended for a brand new Death In June album and I’ m quite comfortable with that. There’s always a Time and a Place.

How did you first meet Ian Reed? How deep have you gone into studying runology? Have you been a member of the Rune-Gild society for instance?

I first met Ian in London in the Summer of 1986 – it was My World That Summer! He knew david tibet and Freya Aswynn so, as I was living in Enclave Ex, their household in North London at the time, it was only natural our paths cross. I was already involved in studying, worshipping and using Runes and I’ve never felt the need to belong to any organization of any sort – especially a religious one.

In one of the interviews you said that your first acoustic guitar was made in Russia. Which is quite interesting, as I can hardly imagine who would bring one from USSR to the UK. Do you remember the instrument? What did it look and sound like?

My Father bought this particular guitar very cheaply in Petticoat Lane market in London in the mid-1960s. I was very young and it was only ever meant for me to try and learn on. It was sufficient for that. In retrospect it was probably quite good for the money and it broke me in for when I bought my first proper guitar to really learn on when I was 16.

You also noted that you are a Pet Shop Boys fan. Did you enjoy their latest LP? What is your favorite one? Do you listen to any other synthpop|disco stuff nowadays? Have you been clubbing back in the day?

I’ve actually been listening to Electric during this ‘C’est Un Rêve’ tour and I’m sad to say I’m disappointed with it. Elysium was so much better. Perhaps they should have taken more time in putting this new album out? Regardless, I love all their work – they were true pioneers – so I don’t have “favourites”. The Pet Shop Boys to me are like the late lamented Lou Reed or his former colleague John Cale or any of the ex- Beatles – I’ll always buy their albums regardless of the perhaps not so good quality in full knowledge that they provided me with brilliant moments in the past and may provide me with brilliant moments in the Future. But, that’s not guaranteed and that’s okay. That’s part of the adventure these days. I never really went “clubbing” although the clubbing came to me as certain Gay Bars in London I went to became trendy over the years. It was always amusing to see some famous people coming in and even DJing in what I considered to be my local Gay Pub. I guess they thought we had the best tastes so we got to hear some music before anyone else! Outside of Depeche Mode, who I’ve always liked, I don’t really listen to what might be called synth pop. I’m a very recent convert to Lana Del Rey – does she count?

I think I haven’t seen any official DIJ videos on Youtube – only the ones made by fans. Do you like the genre? Who’d you ask to shoot a video for DIJ?

There is a massive official Death In June video project in the NER vaults that may one day see the light of day. But, I’m not sure when exactly. Perhaps 2014?

What do you think about fan videos? Usually they are made of WWII chronicles excerpts and photos – does this kind of visual representation suit your music? What are your favourite ones?

I rarely look at Death In June videos on YouTube so I don’t have any favourites. I’m flattered that people want to make videos with my music. I’m pleased I inspired them in a creative way. That’s great.

Drugs and psychedelic adventures have played a significant role in Coil, Current 93 and other British esoteric underground musicians, however I personally cannot hear it in DIJ music. What is your attitude towards drugs?

I went through all of that from the ages of 16-21 so later in Life that never really interested me. Besides LSD in the 1980s was very weak and mixed with speed in comparison to the purer LSD I took in the early 1970s. But, psychedelics definitely left their effect. They can’t fail to – for better or for worse.

One of your early songs We Drive East has a strong anti-communist message. Russian nationalists often blame bolsheviks for pulling the country from the European civilization for 70 years. But is Russia really a part of Europe in your opinion?

I feel Russia should definitely be part of a Greater Europa but whether or not the tendency for Russian isolationism within its own sphere of influence will allow that remains to be seen. I understand its suspicions of the West, some of which are more than justified, especially in the wake of the PRISM revelations, but I think Europa and Russia would mutually benefit from closer relationships. The past is the past – let’s march on together into the Future.


Douglas P.