Carried Away By Despair, As One Is Carried Off With All The Consequent Horror – By Galloping Consumption, Friendship Becomes The Individual And Very Subtle Sentiment Of Love Which Every Predestined Man Discovers – In His Own Hidning Places – For His Inner Glory.

Values, Thousand Of Years Old Shine On – These Scales. To Assume The Right To New Values, That Is The Most Terrifying Assumption For A Reverent Spirit That Would Bear Much. Truly, To Him It Is Preying And Matter For A Beast Of Prey.

Here The Spirit Becomes A Lion Who Would Conquer His Own Freedom And Be Master In His Own Desert. Here He Speaks Out. Here He Seeks Out. Here He Seeks Out His Last Master. And Defeats His Last God

I Am The Spirit That Hovers Above The Shapeless Mass Of Dream. Where Everything Sinks, Lay Only Leopard Flowers Upon My Tears.