There, Over There
Has Gone, Goes And Will Go
The Copper Sun
Tarnishes With The Year’s Tears
The Golden Golden Copper Sun
Old Eldest Dead
Over The Blue Milky Seasky
Loss And Lost And Losing
Do Not Wept
All This Is Passing
All The Birds Wing And Fall
Through The Heavens
The Cloudy Clouds
Of Snow Of Dew And Of Smoke
A Shuddering Reflection
Vanishing With The Dropped Stone
Oh, I Wait Under The Spaces
Under The Molten Starrain
The Flashing Falling Planets
Do Not Wept
All This Is Passing
So High I Could Come
So Far I Shall Fall
Daedalus Broken
Daedalus Falling
By The Toothstones
His Shapes Bends
And Makes S Smiling Bow
He Careers And Spiral Down
He Waves Words Of Farewell
” Oh, Do Not Weep
All Of This Passing
To Fail Is Human
To Fall Is Human
To Hope Is Human
Do Not Weep
As The Sound Disappears
As The Rain Falls
As The Sky Parts
As My Tears Fall
Do Not Weep
I Shall Wait For You”
Daedalus Broken
Daedalus Falling
Do Not Wept
All This Is Passing…