Could It Be The Worst Shall Fall
And Misery’s Gloom Be The Heir To Life?
Is There A Choice Between Life And Its End?
Must We Choose What Hastens To Fulfill The Loss?

Your Image Has Haunted So Many A Dream
Your Shadow Has Swollen On So Many Sails
But If You Left This Place
Where The Sun Shines Dim
Would You Lonely Darkness
Caress These Hell-Bent Tears

We Call Upon You In The Darkest Of Times
The Blessed Curse, Your Name On Our Lips
For You We Have Flung
Ourselves In The Flames
Without You We Long
For The Mission Of Gain
But We Sicken At The Heart Of Life
Stricken With The Grave Desire
To Touch The Grey Wolf Of The Night
And Worship Where The Martyrs Lie

Make A Grave For Burning Wings
Bury The Light Of Impossible Love
Our Holy Desecration Comes
To Make A Hollow Sacrifice