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Date: Wed Jan 14, 2004 8:58 am Subject: Nazi Shoes Bigger Than Jesus Boots in U.S.A.- shock horror!!

First of all, ‘Heilige!’ to all those involved in Trying, Trying and Trying to make the public performance of Death In June, Der Blutharsch and Changes come about in Chicago 1 month ago on 13th December, 2003. Also, ‘Heilige Leben!’ to all of those who travelled from all points in North America, Canada and elsewhere to support the performance. In those dreadfull Wintery conditions You answered The Call and You were There. So were We! And, We will Never Forget that Night, will We? As for the xtians for a New Conformity and their lumpen prole friends in the All Reactionary Arsewipes of Chicago then they couldn’t make for better bedfellows. They’ve already made fools of each other so I can’t wait for the ‘moral majority’ to piss all over the great unwashed, or is it simply unhinged, in an attempt to cleanse themselves of them. Like chickens with their heads chopped off I’ve enjoyed the way the antivolk have desperately ran around their disperate dunghills in Illinois trying to contain and rationalise their pathetic actions on the night, dredging up, at the drop of a ski-mask, or is it the bible, the ‘truth’ statement provided to them by some ‘faith-based’ xtian community. It’s good to know the libertarian lemmings of Chicago formulate their information on such reliable and, no doubt, respectable members of the community of Chicagoland. Gosh, how alternative, dude! With an attitude like that the next G8 Summit will crumble in no time at all. When we have lies we have everything! Right on!! And, of course it’s no wonder their spelling makes them look like complete twats let alone that they can’t even get their own versions of the evening right! To call them political simpletons would be flattery. A Chicago pizza pie Schmucko Supremo (heavy on the corn) is much closer to the truth. To spout verbatim a liturgy of half truths and lies provided to them fresh off the plate by the soldiers of Christ because they conveniently suited their view of the world and its wrongs is one thing but, to use the wrecked lives of the men, women and children, soldiers and civilians, Croats, Bosnians and Serbs who had lost their arms and legs (and probably later their lives, livlihoods,lovers etc) during the recent bloody conflict in the Balkans to try to score a cheap ‘political’ point is the most despicable of all. To name the Bolnicki Klinicki in Zagreb, Croatia as a “fascist hospital” because I donated US$30,000 of my own money to buy medical equipment for the only place in the area that provided any care whatsoever to amputees turns my stomach at their ignorance, let alone the proud arrogance of self rightousness. How can these revolting, spineless twats live with themselves? Oh, of course I’ve almost forgotten – LACK OF MORAL FIBRE! They’ve never done anything worthwhile in their entire lives except moan, moan, moan. And this type of worthless scum never will. Their sad, pathetic polemic on the night proves that. Ignorance provides such bliss. Better to gather in a 7-11 car park and protest against an imaginary white power music festival than go clear mines in Europa and save some farmer’s child from being blown up almost 10 years after the end of the war. It still goes on and you can do something about it but that’s far too real. And, naturally far too dangerous! Safer to be bully for a night time than cripple for a lifetime, eh dudes? We March On (because our “shoes” are better than theirs will ever be). Douglas P.

Date: Wed Jan 14, 2004 10:00 am Subject: The Pink Swastika

Someone mentioned this book a little while ago and if you can get it second hand then I highly recommend it for the chuckles it provides – albeit probably unintentionally. Don’t buy it new. These creeps deserve no royalties. The authors Scott Lively and Kevin E. “May God Bless America” Abrams are the quintessential reactionary xtian and jew who find common ground in their mutual loathing of Homos and all things Nasty and Queer which are, of course, one and the same. They state they live in Oregon and Israel but they probably troll the streets, or perhaps it’s the gutters, of Chicago hand in hand, in a purely platonic fashion of course, with their other arsewipe friends. Classic stories include the time when well known sex dwarf and bon viveur Joseph Goebbels organised a party where elderly high ranking Nasties were so aroused by the sight of young waiters dressed as pages in tight white trousers and powdered Rococo wigs that a wild orgy resulted in many of the revellers having to be saved from drowning in the nearby lake. Why bother with a trusty old stahlhelm when such is the power of the those fine, powdered Rococo wigs! Heilige! Douglas P.

Date: Wed Jan 14, 2004 10:18 am Subject: ALARM AGENTS

The new Death In June/Boyd Rice album was completed on Mid-Winter/Summer’s Day 21st December, 2003 at Absinthe Studios Denver Colorado. Tracks include:

Untouchable Black Sunrise Tears Of The Hunted You Love The Sun (Don’t You?) Storm On The Sea (Out beyond Land) Summer Is Gone Deeper Than Love Are You Out There? Sunwheels Of Your Mind Get Used To Saying No! Symbols In Souls An Ancient Tale Is Told The Man Who Laughs

Release date – late April, 2004. Heilige! Douglas P.

Date: Wed Jan 14, 2004 10:27 am Subject: RE: [deathinjune] Re: Cartoons

The cartoons featured in “Misery & Purity” were originally in a British fanzine from the early – mid 1990s the name of which completely escapes me. They were stuck on the wall in my kitchen for years and Robert Forbes decided to immortalise them! “Let us go forward together To that place where we shall buy sweets” One of the best lines I’ve never written. Douglas P.

Date: Wed Jan 14, 2004 2:17 pm Subject: Speedos?

So, in the incredibly rare Waffen version of “Misery & Purity” I appear in Speedos on page 93? Surely you must be thinking of chicken legs Tibet, the man with “the scrawniest legs I ever seen” as Graham Hawkes once exclaimed at Heathrow Airport! And, dearest Graham should know!! Besides, Speedos are far too plebian. I always sun bake and swim naked and the only brand names that get close to my crown jewells are UnderDAKs, Rohan and more recently Rivers whose eagle logo is so teasingly like that of a regime not so long gone that it’s like wearing BOY for middle-aged men. Luvly! Douglas P.

Date: Thu Feb 5, 2004 4:09 am Subject: Throbbing Gristle

Apologies for my unavoidable absence from this list. I’ve had a quick look through it’s recent contents and will attempt to answer some of the questions that are left outstanding such as the one about TG. When I first heard ‘Heathen Earth’ I thought this was the album I had tried to record in 1974 with my first attempts at creating music of sorts. It was what I should have done and what, historically, had to be done but I wasn’t in the position to make that come to fruition. Thankfully, some years later Gen along with his cohorts was and I’m pleased that it was him that had the guts and belief to see that through. One of these days, probably as a CD accompanying my official autobiography, I’ll air those recordings from way back when. 2006 seems a likely date. In truth, my favourite pieces of work by Throbbing Gristle were the catchy 7″ singles that came in those equally attractive camouflaged plastic bags.’Adrenalin’ and ‘Subhuman’ were often on the record deck whenever Boyd was staying with me in the UK and seemed to play all day alongside stuff from Vicki Bennett and People Like Us. Heilige! Douglas P.

Date: Thu Feb 5, 2004 5:56 am Subject: Doing the Schmeissering

It looks like not all of my emails to this group over the past few days are getting through but I’ll continue posting nonetheless. A couple of weeks ago Dan Feindflug correctly pointed out that the MP40/Schmeisser sub-machine gun was made by Erma and didn’t really understand why it was often called a ‘Schmeisser’. I think, and I could possibly be wrong, that because Hugo Schmeisser invented the first German sub-machine gun towards the end of WWI, designed the MP28 which was very popular especially amongst W-SS troops in WWII and later went on to be general manager of the Erma works (later even adding a few modifications to the Heinrich Vollmer designed MP40) it became more of a generic name rather like Hoover/hoovering has become in parts of the English speaking world for vacuum cleaner/vacuuming. I may be pushing a vacuum cleaner made by Panasonic around the front room but, I’m still doing the’ hoovering’ etc. My Maschinen Pistole 40 was a beautiful piece nonetheless, other examples of which I was surprised to see still in use with Croatian and Bosnian troops in the 1990s albeit with a banana-shaped magazine clip rather than the usual straight one. Heilige! Douglas P.

Date: Thu Feb 5, 2004 6:19 am Subject: Forever Changes Live

Someone asked if I had heard an Arthur Lee/Love album which featured the ‘Forever Changes’ material in a live setting from a few years ago. The only official one I’m aware of is the Love ‘The Forever Changes Concert’ issued in 2003 and I was lucky enough to be given a copy of this CD by Peter the promoter of our recent performance in Copenhagen. That, along with another live album of Lou Reed, John Cale and Nico ‘Le Bataclan ’72’ have been played a lot over this recent Yuletide. I think both CDs are superb. When I saw Arthur Lee at the Gaelic Club in Sydney last April he was brilliant but very different as he didn’t have the orchestral backing he had at London’s Royal Festival Hall which is the featured show on the live CD. Nevertheless, the guitarist did a great job of interpreting the trumpet parts etc.

Date: Thu Feb 5, 2004 2:14 pm Subject: RE: [deathinjune] Douglas – Angel of the North

Ah, you’re giving too much of the game away Chris! It’s already been described on the internet and elsewhere as a monument to Nastydom in one of the former Axis countries by those who know nothing but wish to enlighten so many. I never fail to stand in awe of their ‘wisdom’. Actually, The Angel Of The North was a deliberate photo-shoot since I was doing a recce around various parts of the UK where some people live, how they live, why they live etc and so on. All very interesting and, as always, my Nikon came with me. Metropolitan? Maybe? But, I think of myself more as a rural Cosmopolitan these days. Heilige! Douglas P.

Date: Sat Feb 7, 2004 12:47 am Subject: RE: [deathinjune] Australian weapons laws?

Hi Brandon, The story of what happened to my MP40 is featured on the link David Tonkin has on his message dated 28th January 2004 to an interview I did for an Australian radio station last year. Rules both in the UK and Australia regarding owning weapons of any sort are very strict especially since the shootings in Dunblane in Scotland and Port Arthur in Tasmania. And, rightly so! It’s a shame however that they also extend to such a degree to deactivated ones. I remember the morning after my 40th birthday listening to the radio announce the ever increasing body count in Port Arthur as they continued to find the corpses of people who had tried to hide under cars, inside cupboards etc. from the nutcase who was determined to have a higher body count than the incident in Dunblane. I was staying at Mario’s Hotel in Broken Hill where all the ceilings and walls of the rooms are decorated like the paintings Michael Angelo did in the Sistine Chapel in Rome and is the hotel featured in the film ‘Priscilla-Queen Of The Desert’. Staying there is a surreal experience at the best of times but especially that morning. If anyone on this list is ever passing through that part of the world a stay at Mario’s is recommended as well as a visit to the Silverton pub. Heilige! Douglas P.

Date: Sun Feb 8, 2004 12:27 am Subject: RE: [deathinjune] DIJ Music Videos

Whilst not necessarily connected to the poll that was conducted on list a few months ago this past week has been spent viewing material that will be added to the DVD version of Death In June “Live In Italy” when that is released later this year and a DVD of Boyd Rice/NON which will be sold in conjunction with a new scheduled live album of his. That will be called “Baptism By Fire”, and features material from shows in Los Angeles and Adelaide. John Murphy and myself provide musical backup. There are several ideas for DVD/Video release sometime this year and I’ll try to keep you abreast of them as they get closer to fruition. Douglas P.

Date: Tue Feb 10, 2004 4:48 am Subject: RE: [deathinjune] DIJ / CAFC

This is a design Patrick and Tony gave me and as soon as I placed it within the appropriate sized circle of the artwork I was working on for the ‘Heaven Street’ 12″ my heart sank. However, we didn’t have an alternative at the time, we realised how important symbols were and it was, in fact, inspired by an Italian poster Tony used to have hanging up in his flat so, we went with it. But, the similarity to the badge of CAFC didn’t go unnoticed – until now,23 years later Maurice, you smarty pants you!! For the record Tony was a Chelsea fan, I have been a life time Cockney Red (a Southern Manchester United to the non-Brits on the list) and, more latterly, a Zagreb Dynamo supporter and Patrick supported Aldershot although he probably now barracks for Kabul Rovers! All Hail the The Red Devils & the Bad Blue Boys.

>From: “mauricefy” a href=”mailto:mauricefy@y…”>mauricefy@y… >Reply-To: >To: >Subject: [deathinjune] DIJ / CAFC >Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2004 09:34:21 -0000 > >Have any of our British correspondents noted the similarity between >the pre-Totenkopf DIJ sword hand logo (e.g. on the label of the >original Heaven St single) and that of Charlton Athletic Football >Club? > >Just a frivolous thought…

Date: Thu Feb 12, 2004 4:29 am Subject: Re: [deathinjune] Football

I remember as a 10 year old seeing England beat Mexico 2-0 at Wembley Stadium during the World Cup of 1966 which was especially pleasing after the boring opening match between England and Uruguay during which my mother attempted to commit suicide – really! But, the best was yet to come as England then beat France 2-0 and I truly learnt the meaning of 100,000 people shouting the Wembley roar – bloody awe inspiring!! I should think those 2 results, courtesy of Bobby Charlton and Jimmy Greaves and/or was it Roger Hunt(?), would please more than a few people on this list. Sadly couldn’t get tickets for the Argentina, Portugal and Germany games and luckily my mum seemed to behave herself watching those on TV. And England won the World Cup which was the most important thing. Thems the days,….. Douglas P.

P.S. Just to refresh my rapidly decaying middle-aged memory can anyone out there confirm or correct who scored what in those games? Also, was it 1-0 against Argentina (Hurst) 2-0 against Portugal (Charlton x 2) The final score and who put them in the back of the net needs no refreshing thanks! “The crowd is wondering if it’s all over – it is now!” – Ah, such unreserved glee!!!

Date: Fri Feb 13, 2004 3:48 am Subject: Brown Book so Nasty it’s Fab-official!

I know it’s boringly off topic but I’ve just recieved information that says that Death In June’s ‘Brown Book’ album has been included in an Italian book of the 600 most influential albums of all time in the history of rock. Entitled ‘ROCK e altre contaminazioni’ the photocopy of the front cover shows the cover of ‘Brown Book’ standing alongside the likes of Bob Dylan’s ‘Blonde On Blonde’, Love’s ‘Forever Changes’, The Sex Pistols’ ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’, Miles Davis’s ‘Kind Of Blue’ and Led Zeppelin ‘III’ etc. I can’t see any other details such as author etc. It gets reviewed alongside Dead Can Dance’s ‘Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun’. Evidently number 1 is something from Eric Satie. I guess it makes a change form ‘Sgt Pepper’.

Yes, I’m surprised that it wasn’t the album ‘But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?’ as that is supposed to be the ground breaking, genre inventing, blah, blah, blah one but I suppose, in reality, that direction really did begin with ‘Brown Book’? Other notables on the front cover that I can make out are The Beatle’s ‘Revolver’, The Kinks’ ‘…Village Green Preservation Society’, Madonna’s ‘Immaculate’ and some recordings by Free, Bruce Springsteen, Buffy Saint Marie, The Human League, Public Enemy and a Jimi Hendrix sleeve with its title hidden that I’ve never seen before.

Date: Fri Feb 13, 2004 4:07 am Subject: Project Thule

Also in the post today is the 3rd and newest album from Projekt Thule ‘Black Sun Rising’. For those interested onlist obsessives I do vocals and contribute to tracks; ‘The Hooded Master’ and ‘Blue, Silver, Gold’. Distribution should be through the usual such as Tesco in Europe but I’m not sure about where you’ll be able to get it in America etc. For more details contact: Projekt Thule P.O.Box 40331 Portland OR 97240-0331 USA.

The first 2 albums (‘First Kingdom’ & ‘Cosmic Law’) are also worth checking out if you like dark, atmospheric soundscapes heavily mixed up with a bit of je ne sais quois.

Date: Mon Feb 16, 2004 6:19 am Subject: RE: [deathinjune] C93 question for Douglas

The way I see it Rick, is that regardless of whatever is said in other people’s press interviews etc I was there whenever I was supposed to be there and not when I wasn’t. There’s a time and place for everything and my relationship with C93 came to a very natural end and I enjoyed very much being part of it at the time. However, to this day I still wonder why Tibet gave me a credit on the homophobic, reactionary piece of shite that was the Tiny Tim album he issued. I had nothing to do with the release but when I received a copy, listened to it and noticed he had put my name on it as some sort of ‘thankyou’ I was really pissed off. I made immediate contact and asked Tibet to take my name off of any further reprints of the booklets. Whether or not he did this I don’t know as I threw away the copy I had and didn’t receive another. As far as I’m concerned releasing a CD with whacko Tiny Tim saying that AIDS is God’s punishment for homosexuals is completely reprehensible. Tibet didn’t have a good reason why he didn’t edit that out so who knows what he thinks about the subject. Either way, I certainly I didn’t want my name associated with this release. Heilige! Douglas P.

Date: Mon Feb 16, 2004 6:50 am Subject: RE: [deathinjune] Bones???

On a photo-shoot in a wood just outside of Brussels we came across a monumant that looked like a sort of mini Stonehenge that was dedicated to the fallen of WWI. Beside each of the stones in the circle were small clay figures of people and shapes which were obviously the remnants of some kind of ritual that had taken place there. Not being one to miss a God given photo opportunity I picked some of them up and they are the ‘bones’ you see in the photo. I’ve replied to Jon directly about the T-shirts. Heilige! Douglas P.

Date: Tue Feb 17, 2004 12:27 am Subject: RE: [deathinjune] Richard Butler/”NADA!” tour

Richard Butler took over the extra duty of playing bass guitar during live work after Tony Wakeford was asked to leave the group in January 1984. Richard’s last appearance with Death In June was in December,1984 so he was part of any live performance in 1984 up until then. As “NADA!” was still being written that tour didn’t happen until early the following year taking in The 100 Club in London, The Milkyway (Melkweg) in Amsterdam and about 9 dates in Italy where it ended in April. No bass was played on “Heaven Street” during those performances.

Date: Mon Mar 1, 2004 7:15 am Subject: Chicago 13th December review

Some weeks ago one of the disappointed attendees of the public happening that wasn’t meant to be in Chicago on 13th December, 2003 posted a message asking for a review of the impromptu private event that eventually took place. No one else, as far as I can see, has done this so before it becomes 2005 and with the advantageous blessings of a leap year I’ve decided to write a description of that unique private performance. The groups, organisers, security, people who had helped in any way hire equipment, drive cars etc and record distributers finally met up at the White Label (the promoters of the event) HQ later that evening. The opportunity to perform at another club at 2 a.m. later that night had arisen but with the increasingly blizzard-like conditions making travelling hazardous and no real way at this late stage to inform people of yet another change in venue it was decided that it was best to batten down the hatches, stay put and weather the storm. With the exception of 1 broken wing mirror on a car carrying hire equipment and the absence of a lost in the snow Robert N. Taylor of Changes we were all in one piece, albeit spirits were low. The time spent outside the Deja Vu Club had been disappointing, bloody and ugly. I personally felt defiled by having actually spoken to the wilfully deaf, dumb and blind. It made as much difference as putting my hands into a bowl of sewage and smothering my face with it as though the exercise would somehow cleanse my pores rather than pass on its inherent germs. Ugly on the outside – ugly on the inside as David Tibet used to say. And, these ‘people’ were UGLY! Regardless of their supposed politics I instinctively knew these were lowlifes that I would always dislike. You can pass them in the street, doing the shopping, driving in a car. Sometimes you can smell the difference in humanity and these ‘people’ reeked. But, Albin Julius of Der Blutharsch was to hand at the HQ. Thank the Gods for Albin! Albin who had not been attacked as some of the Commies for New Christendom, or whatever they’re called, and their gutter-dwelling lackies had announced was, in fact, in perfect working order. He threw several large logs together and created one of the hottest fires I’ve ever stood close to. As the flames grew brighter and higher so did our moods and Nicholas from Changes picked up his guitar and played the opening to what was to become a totally charismatic and inspirational performance. Oddly enough it was a version on the late 1960s hit ‘Classical Gas’ but soon to follow was much of the ‘Fire Of Life’ album. With Robert Taylor present Changes must be a brilliant live act. Death In June then stepped in and with the exception of a few improvisations regarding the fair city of Chicago did pretty much the full set in the style that was performed in London and Denver. Besides helping out on percussion, and throwing more logs on the fire, Der Blutharsch did brilliant and memorable a cappella versions of a ‘new’ song ‘God Curse Chicago’ and ‘Time Is Thee Enemy’ which must be the catchiest song Albin has ever written. Once again, thanks and “Heilige!” to all those who travelled to Chicago only to be disappointed by the ‘no show’. I wish you could have all been there at the HQ but some things just aren’t possible. As for those monitoring this list and who shouted out that wonderfully world changing polemic of “Who are you looking at?” on that horrible night of your own creation well, of course, it’s you, you stupid twat! And, by now you should realize that you’ve been getting looked at quite closely of late. Have a very bad day, after day, after day,….. Heilige! Douglas P.

Date: Tue Mar 2, 2004 3:42 pm Subject: RE: [deathinjune] Douglas’ Other Posible Music Ventures???

No. I’ve done exactly what I’ve wanted to do from Punk to whatever and feel happy about what I’ve accomplished. The forthcoming ‘Abandon Tracks!’ rarities album might even show 1 or 2 styles that I ventured into but didn’t take any further. ‘The Concrete Fountain’ title track that’s featured on it might surprise a few people? The release date for the compilation album is still scheduled for late April.

Date: Mon Mar 8, 2004 7:47 am Subject: RE: [deathinjune] While you’re out there Douglas!

Dear Richard, My first piece of militaria was a summer issue Wehrmacht tunic in excellent condition except for some blood down one of the sleeves. I bought it with my paper round money when I was about 12-13 from Ulric of England. When my Dad found it hidden in the garden shed he went ballistic and made me return it. However, not so long after that he finally caved in to what was obviously a keen interest and escorted me to an antique shop in the Edgeware Road in London where I bought a rusty stahlhelm in terrible condition which, with my Dad’s help, I totally refurbished to almost as new condition. That was eventually stolen from my office which was known as The Bunker at Rough Trade Distribution! I treasure all of my pieces equally so I have no particular favourite. Heilige! Douglas P.

Date: Mon Mar 8, 2004 8:03 am Subject: RE: [deathinjune] TWTS……

I was only ever aware of the final edition on vinyl of The World That Summer album having a smooth board finish. As that LP sold so well I’ve no idea what pressing number that actually was but it occured in the early-mid 1990s after the French manufacturer of the rose embossed card used for the original versions of the record sleeve had closed down. Before that there had been a sort of pebbled effect used on the sleeve but it was never as good as the roses. As far as I remember the final smooth board edition came in red coloured vinyl.

Date: Wed Mar 17, 2004 7:16 am Subject: RE: [deathinjune] David Hitler As Kalki

Umm, so I drag myself down to the garage, frighten the rats and rummage through the boxes where all the wsd associated stuff lies forlorn, amongst all the grubby legal paperwork and haul out a few choice items to listen to while I do the ironing as I, in turn, perhaps like the very Christ-child himself once did, wait for Steve Slaughter the tree surgeon to come and examine my garden of perdition and its wood of wounds? Okay! Herr 69, it sounds like a perfect Autumn day to examine my past in which I now rarely exist! I’m not featured at all on the studio version of “Hitler As Kalki” which is on “Thunder Perfect Mind”. Whether or not I actually wrote the main theme – in truth I can’t remember. Neither do I care. I certainly play the main theme of the song on the live version featured on the “Hitler As Kalki” album ( it’s my Hohner headless 6 string put through the Vibrato input on my Vox AC30 amp and probably the last time I used this amplifier in a live setting) before exchanging groovy e-bow licks with Nick Salomon on stage at the Royal Standard in an attempt to stop him turning the song into a horrible ‘Ungrateful Undead’ outtake. Mind you, as I counted 13 people on stage at one point that evening I realised that the mighty Current was fast becoming like some post-industrial hippy haven. That night in Walthamstow was probably my penultimate live performance with c93 – the last one being at Halloween 1992 in Amiens which is also featured on the “Hitler As Kalki” live album. Overall, due to a variety of reasons not completely unassociated with Tibet but, equally not totally his fault, that was a rather depressing experience. After the show Michael Cashmore and I spoke most of the night discussing ‘this and that’ whilst playing Erik Satie on the hi-fi stystem of where we were being accomodated. Between us we agreed, regardless of what the others were planning, to catch the first train out of the city back to Calais at about 06.30 the next morning. Rose and Robert, her then husband, also agreed to this speedy escape and, after Robert had made a surprisingly delicious breakfast of instant mash potatoes for those about to flee, we made out through the cold morning air to the train station. Funnily enough, upon arrival everyone else in the c93 party was there in an attempt to get out of Amiens as quickly as possible and head back across the Channel to the sad but reassuring sight of blue birds scattered over the white cliffs of Dover! Enough was enough. Little did I realise how dead, deady dead it was. Certainly for me. And, I was never to perform with Current 93 ever again. Now there’s a tale. Heilige! Douglas P

Date: Tue Mar 23, 2004 1:41 am Subject: RE: [deathinjune] Produced by Douglas P.

There have been a few over the years such as the excellent Polish based Ukrainian group Le Plastique Mystification who supported Death In June in Warsaw 3 years ago but I have to be realistic about NER’s financial priorities. DIJ has still yet to get back on the shelves all the main titles that were avaiable prior the litigation with wsd in 1999. Plus, there are all the other projects that have yet to be realized so I can’t see myself getting involved in any newcomers in anyway for the near future. Those days are gone – perhaps forever? It’s perhaps a shame in one way but, as I hope this year will show I have plenty on my plate to be getting on with. Heilige! Douglas P.

Date: Wed Mar 24, 2004 5:11 am Subject: RE: [deathinjune] Produced by Douglas P.

Well, as I have always basically done everything from record production, sleeve design to release schedules etc and so on in NER I’ve always been the ‘in house producer’ for everything connected to NER/Twilight Command/NEROZ so, I don’t feel the need to follow in Michael Gira’s footsteps – quite the contrary in fact! Where I lead others follow. When I departed wsd in December,1999 I already had distribution via NEROZ in Australasia and Tesco in Europa. As Tesco opened up an American section to their operations a couple of years ago I’m happy to see how that develops there. Home grown American releases are certainly not out of the question either with Tesco US or other interested companies, of which there have been a few. Time will tell, Riton. Heilige! Douglas P.

Date: Thu Mar 25, 2004 12:29 am Subject: Re: Audio Tape Looping (ATTN: Douglas P)…

—I used a WEM Copy Cat echo unit and simple cassette tape loops available in most electrical shops. I still use the latter as I like their randomness. Albin Julius of Der Blutharsch used an ASR 10 sampling keyboard when working with DIJ. Boyd Rice uses a Lexicon Jam Man.

Date: Thu Mar 25, 2004 3:28 am Subject: Re: David Hitler As Kalki

— Dear amararemedia, I’ve gotten so used to being told I wasn’t there, I’ve forgotten where I was but, now I know where I am I can freely admit I was wrong – about where the final concerts were at least! These 2 nights( one for C93 one for DIJ with supports from each other, each night)were good performances but I remember how Tibet immediately scampered off through Customs at Orly airport to meet and greet and be generally feted by the promoter whilst I pushed the trolley with almost everyones baggage and equipment on. As I was hauled over by the ever charming French Customs officials and asked if it was all mine and what was in the bags etc and so on I had to point through the glass partitions to the owners of each item, who seemed blissfully unaware of my lack of presence let alone their lack of bags so, evidently, eager were they all for their 15 minutes of fame! Look at me I’m with David Tibet,too! “Jesus wept,…” indeed! Heilige! Douglas P.

Date: Fri Mar 26, 2004 1:22 am Subject: Re: Produced by Douglas P.

—For nearly 20 years I’ve had intermittant contact with people in all of those Asian countries. HMV Kowloon was a keen stockist of DIJ but I’m not sure if that’s still the case. Regardless, NEROZ sells to distributers who distribute in that part of the World so who knows where it ends up? I’ve recently been told that there is a Chinese music magazine, English translation of the name as yet unknown, that features The Beatles on the front cover and has a feature about Death In June inside. I’m waiting to find out more about that from a relative presently working in the People’s Republic. When Death In June was in Russia December, 2002 I couldn’t believe the amount of bootleg versions of my albums that are available on both CD and mp3 and are freely obtainable there. The wide knowledge of DIJ’s work in the audience in both Moscow and St. Petersburg would make it highly likely that in Siberia there is a Death In June cadre.Whether or not they’re serving time with hard labour is another matter however! There has also been talk of performances in Belarus and the Ukraine. Heilige! Douglas P.

Date: Fri Mar 26, 2004 1:55 am Subject: Re: Someone is cumming?

—Your suspicions are unfounded Andi, but during the recordings of the first PTV albums Gen used to love Paula giving him a blow job before and/or during a vocal performance. Jacob’s Studios still talk about it whenever I’m passing through. In return for a free Chip Shop Boys Terrific Pop Plate you can advertise your fantabulous ‘Drift Of No Wonder’ mugazine on this list. Although I think only UKOK residents or ex-pats would probably understand it.

In, “akb_777″ a href=”mailto:a.brechin@b…”>a.brechin@b… wrote: > Apologies if this has been brooched before (I’m a fair weather > visitor here)…. can anyone (Douglas?) confirm what bodily > function was occurring during the breathier parts of Doug’s > vocals on later recordings… I think you all know what I’m getting > at…

Date: Sun Apr 4, 2004 8:44 am Subject: RE: [deathinjune] “Alarm Agent” updates???

Yep! I’ve recently finished mastering the CD and LP versions of this album and work on the artwork is in progress. A realistic release date will be now sometime in late June. How’s the 30th sound? At all forthcoming live performances presently being planned for May/June, 2004 this album will be played between groups etc. as the soundtrack to the disco of your Dreams. The same also applies to the Death In June rarities album ‘Abandon Tracks!’ which I’ve finally put into track order only a couple of days ago. Due to the surfeit of material that was a task and a half. The CD version of this album will be a double and the shorter LP version will be a picture disc. This must now be mastered and artwork finalised. Full track details will be posted here over the coming weeks. Release date will be about the same time as ‘Alarm Agents’. Perhaps a little later? The 5th July could be appropriate? By the way, if Boyd and I perform together – and this is in the pipeline for America – we will be performing live material from ‘Alarm Agents’. Keep your eyes peeled! Heilige,…. Douglas P.

Date: Tue Apr 6, 2004 1:43 am Subject: RE: [deathinjune] “Crisis” re-issue & lost tracks

I’ve no plans to reissue anything by Crisis. ‘Search & Destroy’ and ‘S.P.G.’ (Special Patrol Group) were both recorded in the studio but these were on the tapes that were given to John Peel that resulted in Crisis getting a BBC radio 1 Peel session in 1978. Unfortunately, those demo tapes were never returned and the only other copies were lost. Typical!

Date: Tue Apr 6, 2004 1:56 am Subject: RE: [deathinjune] The End of Scorpion Wind

The voice was taken from a message left on an answer machine of a friend of Boyds – I think it was Jim Goad’s wife. It belongs to 1 of 3 British fans who went to America, evidently with the intention of assassinating President Clinton, but having been thwarted in their mission ended up committing joint suicide on a gun range somewhere in the States. Or, perhaps they were executed – who knows! Either way, they all ended up with 9mm bullets in their heads. I’d spoken to Stephen/Eugene on the telephone a few days before they departed for America because he was in urgent need of some merchandise and there was no mention of their peculiar mission and he seemed quite sane albeit in a real hurry to get the CDs etc. before they left for America. Very sad!

The artwork for Death In June’s and Boyd Rice’s “Alarm Agents” album is proving problematic, hence causing some delay, but we hope to have it out by the end of June/early July. The same also applies to the rarities Death In June album “Abandon Tracks!” which I finished mastering just over a week ago. However, a late July release would seem more likely for that one.Perhaps even later? DVD releases are still scheduled for late 2004 which will hopefully see a flood of material being issued. As regards camouflage worn on stage etc, off the top of my head, I have been known to wear Austrian, Italian, British, Romanian and Australian. Heilige! Douglas P.

Date: Thu May 13, 2004 1:31 am Subject: Re: Brown Book sample

—Basically,one features the voice of a Jewish grandmother of a Hitler Youth speaking about how life is like a series of ice-floats – no matter how much you keep jumping from one to another they grow smaller and smaller and only the inevitable awaits. The other is that of an S.A. Man talking about how the S.S. is full of gays and how it was the S.A. that confronted the red front in the streets with placards etc.A lovely contradictory piece that the smartarses of the antivolk just don’t seem to be able to get their heads around. Not that any of them have ever heard it, of course! Heilige! Douglas P.

Date: Fri May 28, 2004 4:54 pm Subject: For the record:

The first groups I ever saw when I was 15/16 were Mott The Hoople, Uriah Heep and Hawkwind. Today I regret getting rid of ‘Look At Yourself’ with the groovy mirrored cover and ‘Demons And Wizards’with the penis fountain but what else was a young, unforgiving punk to do in 1977?

Date: Sat Jul 17, 2004 8:33 am Subject: Israel

Since Death In June’s recent visit to the Holyland was of such concern to some of you I thought I’d share some of these intercepted emails with you. They may be of interest? For the sake of decorum some names/addresses have been blanked out:

“From Ken Stern (sternk_ajc@c…) Sent: Tuesday, June 08, 2004 Subject: Death In June to play in Tel Aviv, Israel

Dear****** Below you will find 2 emails to me from Eric Ward of the Center for New Community. Eric is a longtime friend, a PI alum, and one of the world’s foremost experts on the racist music scene. DEATH IN JUNE is a problematic music group, as you see from Eric’s description. It is, however,scheduled to play Tel Aviv in 10 days. I know the group has had concerts cancelled at various venues when its pedigree has been known to club owners. Eric’s second email to me, at the bottom, lists some of those cancellations. The fear, of course, is that it would be harder for anti-racist community activists in the US and elsewhere to make a case about whether a club owner really wants to support such a group if their reply is that if there was no problem for them to play in Tel Aviv, what’s the problem with playing in Peoria? I wonder if you could forward this information to the appropriate people in the Israeli government. If they want any more information from Eric, he’d be eager to provide it. Best regards and thanks, Kenneth Stern American Jewish Committee 165 East 56th Street New York NY 10022 (212) 891-1444 fax: (212) 891-1495

Original message From: eric@n… Sent: Friday, June 04 2004 To: stern_ajc@c…

Ken Stern, I am writing on behalf of the Center for New Community to let you know that Death In June is scheduled to play in Tel Aviv, Israel on Friday June 18th,2004. The only information listed for contact information is the following. Within Israel: Tel *****and outside of Irael: ****** The Center for New Community believes that promotion of fascism by Death In June is an affront to memory and dignity of the millions who perished at the hands of the Nazis. Moreover, we believe that Death In June has chosen to play in Israel in an attempt to deflect present charges of bigotry, thereby making its bigotry accessible to a larger international audience.”

There then follows reams of the usual “… Douglas tears the wings off of flies, whilst slaughtering innocent men, women and pigs with his HOSpitalble friends in Bosnia and making a HOSpital out of the dismembered limbs and sticky-backed plastic whilst happily humming the Hoarse Vessel Died…” etc and so on. Then continues:

“Death In June goes to great lengths to distort their embrace of fascism by casting their bigotry in a coded language of arts, music and “fetishism”. This effort to make friendly the face of hate deserves the attention of Israeli human rights organisations. Warm regards, Eric K. Ward BDI Field Director Center for New Community P.O.Box 346066 Chicago IL60634 Tel: 708 848 0319”

Eric and Ken have obviously a real hard-on about me but thankfully my strict white, uncircumcised cock-sucking policy means they shall forever remained jilted and spurned. I can hear Eric’s heart miss a few beats even as he reads this now, grabbing at his chest and grasping for breath. Oops, now be careful Eric I hear you don’t lead a particularly healthy lie-style. And, by the way, where the fuck is Peoria? I want to perform there! Heilige! Douglas P.

Subject: Summer is (almost)Gone.

Hi Kids, Apologies for being uptight and outta sight for a while but I’ve recently been lost for words (those who know me should be aware of what I mean) and instead have been concentrating on making My Dreams come True. Seems like that’s been working a treat of late! I intended to post remarks about each of the last series of DIJ performances in May/June but both the ones I posted about Germany and Austria at the time for some reason disappeared into the ether and then time got the better of me to keep up with the others in Israel and America. Suffice to say, all of them had their moments and this is now by necessity just a precis;London and Zagreb I’ve already covered so the next stop was a beautiful 16th Century Castle in Germany. Despite all the tedious problems that can arise from some of the great unwashed in that country I still love visiting it and meeting again people who seem to have been around me for years and years taking an interest and enriching my Life with their contribution to it. One of the best things I’ve ever heard about the people who come to Death In June performances was from the owners of the castle via the extremely professional organisers of the show. Of the 500 or so people that attended never had the owners met such a well behaved and pleasant bunch of young folk who treated their historic surroundings with such care and respect. When I heard the sound of falcons screeching above me as I chatted to Stjepan Rukavina and looked up to see them flying in and out of their nest site high above in the apex of the main entrance I knew it was a propitious sign for the evening. The Monastery in Vienna was the next stop and this is the place where Richard The Lion Heart was arrested on his way back from The Crusades. Evidently, handing over a gold coin for his drink in Ye Olde Worlde Inne situated in the cellar of the religious abode was a dead give away for someone pretending he was a poor lager lout from London on his way back from giving a few rag heads a good kicking in the Godforsaken unholy land! The ever clever and cunning Austrians had also fallen out with some of their fellow Crusaders and thought that ransoming who they found out to be the King of England was a much better and profitable idea than sweating it out in Jerusalem!! Continuing with the theme, the following day good kubelwagen Siegfried drove us all through the storms up into the sunshine awaiting us at the castle in the Nebelungengau where Richard was held as a hostage until the first famous Gay Balladeer of Doom known as Blondel eventually found him and a rescue was accomplished. I’m sure the sucking of white, uncircumcised cock was the order of the day on that particular happy occasion!

Next stop was Israel, a controversial destination for almost everyone except Death In June and the Israelis. But, a long-overdue one nevertheless! The professionalism and hospitality shown to us during our 4 day stay there was second to none and I learnt a lot more about that country and some of its inhabitants by actually being on the ground in Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Jerusalem than I ever would by watching newsreports on television. However, it could have all ended in tears when during the stage invasion towards the end of the actual performance The Mask and Hood were stolen. As one of the promoters observed; it was like the disappearance and death of an Icon. Luckily my friends in Mossad soon sniffed out who and where the thief was. At about 03.30 in the morning outside what had once been a bombed-out bar and, as I sat forlornly with a bourbon in one hand and my head in the other, waiting for the dawn to come and my flight out of the country 2 comrades appeared with a simple plastic bag saying “This belongs to you!” Its contents certainly did, Daddio!! Next stop L.A. where an entrancing midnight rendezvous with Rodney on the ROQ Bingenheimer arranged by the groovy local branch of The Partridge Family Temple led to pretty far out performance at The Key Club. The highlight for me besides premiering some of the “Alarm Agents” material was probably the ad-libbed version of “People” that Boyd decided to do at the end of the show. Definitely one that will never be repeated! Going back to Cantner’s Deli the next day with Lux and his ‘signicant other’, sitting in Marilyn Monroe’s favourite booth and finally getting to find out what eating gefilter fish was like was also another highlght. Now I know what the Kravatz’s are on about in Bewitched. Oddly enough I couldn’t get that particular dish in Israel! San Francisco was another kettle of fish altogether, however. It felt like I was swallowing razor blades that night so I’m not surprised some of you were puzzled by the performance. But, at least there was one and that for me was what really counted. I had warned on this list that the intimacy that had been growing between Death In June and its audience since the New York, London and Denver performances would be further pursued but, perhaps we got too close? If so, I hope my barking at you didn’t give you any of my germs. For me these days Death In June performances are rituals and celebrations some varying in approach and becoming raw and exposed. But, We Survived Defiantly. Which I hear is more than can be said of some others currently!Heilige! to those who helped organise these events and who attended and helped make these some of the most memorable of My Life. Thankyou. Heilige Leben! Douglas P.

Subject: RE: An addendum to Douglas’ account of the San Francisco performance.

I hasten to add Kids that these were not the necklaces of rainbow beads that I later threw into the audience in San Francisco. They were bought after this particular incident happened at Twin Peaks from a shop called something like ‘Satan’s Booty’ down on Castro and the proceeds hopefully went to some AIDS related charity based in America. There were no flying fish to be seen during that evening of the swallowed razor blade! Lorin, I’d forgotten about that peculiar episode so thanks for reminding me although you should remember that it was Satan’s Spawn himself, Boyd Rice that accepted the dodgy looking beads not me. The fact that the bloke had literally a sack of fish beads plus a woman (“I’m from New Orleans”) in tow who reiterated everything the mighty fish-giver said was a tad suspicious and reeked of something like, “I’m sure I can save these poor men if only I can get them to wear my metalic fish.” Ever on the ball the christians chose the fun loving, indifferent, heterosexual Boyd as their victim! The best T-shirt of the day, besides the one the sexy, old, fat man wore that genuinely looked liked he was wearing women’s underwear in the street was something like “Christian + Gay = OK”. Tell that to those who burnt at the stake! Heilige David Cassidy, Douglas P.

>From: “lorin partridge” >Subject: [deathinjune] An addendum to Douglas’ account of the San Francisco >performance. Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 01:42:38 -0000 > >The San Francisco DI6 show happened to fall upon the same weekend as >the Gay Pride festival. If you’ve never been in the throes of the SF >gay pride festival, imagine a Mardi Gras consisting of twenty >thousand drunk Rob Halfords eating clam chowder instead of gumbo. A >few hours before soundcheck, Douglas went for a stroll through the >goings-on and was approached by a fellow offering rainbow beads. >Something about the guy was too friendly. He triggered that >unsettling feeling one gets when confronted with that awful mixture >of banality and interminable glee. Douglas took his beads, chatted >for a few minutes, and went on his way. Curiously, the pride beads >little fish on them. > >It turns out the fish beads were the work of a homosexual Christian >group who presumably allege that sucking cock is fine so long as you >ask Jesus’ permission first. Upon learning this, Doug bared his >teeth, ripped the beads to pieces and threw them in the air. The >image of Doug venting his rage in a hail of little gay sealife is my >fondest memory of the day. Perhaps you had to be there. > >L.P.

Subject: Re: Order to B.M JUNE

—All the ordering details are at the end of message # 21739 so no, French cheques are not okay! There are no Customs charges between England and France as they are both E.U. countries. Personally, I think in your case it would be simpler to contact a French distributer such as Darkside. Their website is: or telephone on: (33) 0474235653. There may be other distributers or shops that French members of this list could also recommend to you. Perhaps you could say whereabouts in France you live? Happy Birthday! Douglas P.

Subject: Re: pay pal etc

It’s been discussed but, for the time being NER mail order feels that there are enough alternative mail order firms with DIJ stock that already provide this service and if we did NER would have to raise its prices to cover the service as well as change a few other things. This is something we do not want to do. I understand that certain merchandise items are only available from NER but if there is a Will there is a way and cash in any amount always counts. As long as it’s in a major currency, of course! Personally, I can’t remember the last time I wrote a cheque or postal order for something I wanted via the post. For those interested there will soon be some new additions to the Death In June ceramic collection. Photographs of the handmade pieces will soon appear on the website. They’re exquisite! Heilige! Douglas P.

>Subject: Re: [deathinjune] ALARM AGENTS – LP/CD versions >Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 23:26:47 -0700 (PDT) > >Think DIJ will ever accept Paypal payment for >mailorder?

Subject: Re: The Douglas P./Tony Wakford Project

— I couldn’t have put the first part of this message better myself, Konstructeur. For the record Tony was asked to leave shortly after the performance in Paris, January 1984. He didn’t “quit”! There are no other versions of that reality!! The only difference the collapse of world serpent distribution makes is that I’ll feel a lot less sqeamish about handing royalties over to Tony from the forthcoming re-issues of “The Guilty…” and “Burial” (now pencilled in for early 2005)than I would have done if he was still in the pig pen. I hope his time with Dark Vinyl sees an artistic resurrection for him. Also for the record Patrick Leagas was never with wsd although I saw a message claiming he was. To his credit when they approached him with an offer shortly after my split from them in December 1999 he told them to get lost! He will have some new releases coming out soon on various labels and his new 6th Comm album “Headless” is pretty good from what I’ve heard. Heilige! Dougla P., “konstrukteur69″ a href=”mailto:konstrukteur69@y…”>konstrukteur69@y… wrote: > I wouldn’t call it a grudge. It’s more Doug has his thing & Tony has > his & at this point, the two of them (along w/ Pat) doing a new DIJ > album would be stepping backwards (it would be fun for the fans). > Depending on who you speak to, Tony was either “fired” or “quit” DIJ > around ’82-83 but that hasn’t seem to stop them from working together > on various WSD artists albums afterwards or do the late ’90’s London > live action. That being said, Douglas has always stated that he > wouldn’t work w/ any artists that had current affiliations w/ WSD & > Tursa (Tony’s label) was being distributed by WSD. Now that WSD is > no more…! > > Cheers, > DerKonstrukteur

Subject: Re: Question for Douglas P, Death is the Martyr

— They are, in fact, South Australian Magpies or, as they are sometimes called, ‘Bell Magpies’. When I first came to S.A. hills in 1989 I was enthralled by their song as I lay awake at night jetlagged. They have a beautiful voice and they love singing at the best of times but, it’s especially strong and plaintive during moonlit nights. I recorded them and later put the tape through an effect and thus was another starting point for what became “But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?” A true sound of the Australian bush.

In, “Andrew Fletcher” a href=”mailto:doktorfaustus77@c…”>doktorfaustus77@c… wrote: > Hello Douglas, > > For some time now, I have been wondering how you created those curious sounds for the Something is Coming versions of Death is the Martyr of Beauty. I vaguely recall that a dead badger was reanimated to perform on the title track to Symbols Shatter? Perhaps, it is something equally unique?

Subject: Re: two different nada digipaks

— I’ve spoken with Tesco and they assure me that the flat digipak of NADA! is a printing error not a different edition. One or two must have gone out to Portugal. If you, or anyone else, wish to return it send it to Tesco in Germany with a brief explanation of where you bought it from etc and they will replace any flat NADA! digipak with a properly debossed version.

In, Jim a href=”mailto:jim@z…”>jim@z… wrote: > Greetings! > A few months ago, I ordered by accident two Nada cd’s. One by Equilibrium Music, one by Music Non Stop. Actually, on the cover of that from M.N.S. you can see the bandmembers in reliëf and that from E.M. is just smooth. For the rest is everything the same. Are this two different editions? Their tracklisting is the same..

Subject: Re: Douglas P – The Formitive Years

I consider Crisis was the first real group I ever played in although it’s working title was originally A.S.U. (Active Service Unit)and besides Tony and myself had a lead guitarist called Keith Renton in it. I think he went on to be in some sort of Mod group and claimed to have been in Crisis but never was. ASU never got out of the ‘rehearsal room’. Sometime probably in the Spring of 1977 I was on the seafront at Minehead in the West Country of England drinking a bottle of Carlsberg Special Brew and reading a newspaper when it hit me that nearly every lead paragraph had the word “crisis” in it. Bingo!! It’s a moment I’ll never forget and as soon as I could contacted Tony Wakeford, told him what I think the group name should really be and shortly after everything with personnel, gigs interviews etc began to fall quickly into place. Tony had been in a group called Backwater which I think did Status Quo covers and the real lead guitarist in Crisis Lester Jones had been in a sort of pub rock group called Schmo. I never saw either group live. When there was a short period in 1978 that Crisis didn’t have a drummer Fred ? the drummer from Schmo stood in for a few concerts and then thankfully Luke Rendell came into the picture.

I always wanted to be involved in music from day one but until Punk came along it always seemed a peculiar objective rather than a definite reality and possibility. However, after a 3 month sojourn in Amsterdam in 1974 where I really thought about what I truly wanted to do with my Life I aimed in that direction and, I suppose, waited for my moment. Heilige! Douglas P.

Subject: Barcelona, Boyd, Sex etc.

Someone asked in an original message I can no longer find what I was up to in Barcelona in 1999 while Boyd and Albin kicked up a storm. Well, at the bullfight mentioned I noticed just my type of man standing to the right of our party so apparently turned on by the fight that he had an obvious erection. It was like something from a Marc Almond or early PTV song and Boyd even filmed him as I pointed it out. (It’s a home movie to treasure.) I quickly introduced myself and via Otilio our trusty interpreter made sure I was completely on the right track. I was and within a couple of hours we became Lovers resulting in some of the best sex I’ve ever had in my Life. Boyd mentioned something about natural selection and he was absolutely right. I spent some time flying between London and Barcelona later that Summer.I also remember one of the best gay bars I’ve ever been in where at some point in the evening the locals, mainly middle-aged professionals, bankers etc would start singing ‘their song’ which went something like “Musica Fantastica, Pantaloon Descenda”. It was, and they did! For their own safety I kept the rest of the group away from there. And, then there was the time I pretended to be Albin’s lover to get him out of a difficult situation arising in a bar filled with aggressive female prostitutes wanting money from Albin for something he obviously hadn’t got and didn’t want and then there was the time,……. I Love Spain. Heilige! Douglas P.

Subject: Re: a song for baby

Thankyou for those words. Patrick Leagas told me some years ago that his twins used to run around the house singing (screaming?)”Little Black Angel”. I’ve tried playing DIJ to my step Grand-daughters but without the success you had. One immediately started crying and the other quickly went in search of her mother. There’s a boy expected in the New Year so I’ll see if he’s more accepting of those same old tired chords of mine? Heilige! Douglas P.

Subject: Re: question for Douglas: about criticism

During the recording of ‘Alarm Agents’ we both quietly agreed this was the logical conclusion,. We’d worked together for 13 years, a good number for both of us, on 4 albums which was another good number. The number of success in fact, Keith. Denver had been at its snowy best both Halloween 2002 and Mid-Winter 2003 and in the Wellington studio situated on the top of a hillside we could watch helicopters and light aircraft flying BENEATH us (thanks Hamish & Mark). It couldn’t get better than that and we think that AA is the coming together of our 2 separate styles. It’s the perfect ‘neo-folk’/’industrial’/’experimental’ whatever album stripped back to its bare essentials. I’m intrigued at how many people both on and off list compare it to ‘Scorpion Wind’ because that was so multi-layered and orchestral it was a totally different recording/writing experience. Heilige! Douglas P.

Subject: Re: Time to move on to Nada!?

Pat and I were both concerned about the production on “NADA!” as this was going to be such a stylistic departure for us and also our first album since Tony Wakeford departed the group. We went through listening to the different mixes doing stuff we’d heard Brian Wilson had done like lying on the floor of the studio, standing outside in the hallway of the studio etc and so on. “Subsonic” is the actual word I used in describing to our sound engineer Iain O’Higgins what we wanted. There’s a bass machine, which I think was a Roland, and a bass guitar used on that particular track. We also used cut-to-size poles of scaffolding like industrial wind-chimes that also accounted for some of the bass frequencies. For me there was, in fact, one particular record that wanted me to try and get that sound and that was a 12″ called “Biomutanten”/”Menetekel” by Les Vampyrettes who were, I think basically Holger Czukay and Connie Planck (excuse me if I’ve mispelt their names). Rough Trade, where I was still working, had a fantastic sound system in the warehouse (unlike some companies I won’t mention!) and if I was working late there I’d make sure that was played often and really loud and enjoy how the building would vibrate to those subsonic frequencies. I was obsessed with that record for some time. Heilige! Douglas P.

Subject: Re: A Question, not about jb or wsd, for Douglas.

I first visited Australia in 1989 and fell in love with the place and its people then. I don’t know if I’ve settled down in Australia but it’s certainly the place I prefer to spend most of my time when I’m not touring or recording in other parts of the World etc. For years that has taken months and months out of each year but it is something I’m presently thinking about changing. The next 12 months will probably see me coming to a decision, one way or another, about some aspects of my ‘Wandering Minstrel I’ Lifestyle. I find Australia a very easy country to be a vegetarian in. Most, if not all, restaurants I’ve ever been in have vegetarian dishes even in my favourite German one which is largely “wurst, wurst und mehr wurst”. I don’t know which part you were visiting but even in the bush I’ve found bakeries or delis that sell vegetarian pastys and pies etc. Supermarkets also sell a large range of frozen, tinned and so on veggie meals with the main brand being Sanitarium which I think is owned by the 7th Day Adventists. But, if I can put up with quotes from the bible on this list I’ll also tolerate their yummy food. Big of me, I know! Their tinned ‘Tender Pieces’, ‘Vegetarian Sausages with Herbs’ and ‘Not Bacon’ are especially good. For Australians possibly taking note if you microwave ( which they don’t recommend) the ‘Not Bacon’ for 90 seconds – 2 minutes you get crispy ‘Not Bacon’ par excellence! So,…. Unfortunately, I can’t find Linda’s sausages anywhere in Oz and have to admit that I’m finding them also hard to find in England these days. But, on the upside I’ve discovered a great vegetarian sausage mix by Direct Foods simply called Sosmix. Holland and Barratt’s Porkless Pies, sausage rolls and scotch eggs are also brilliant and worth trying, especially with hot English mustard. All washed down by Carlsberg Special Brew, of course, being the beer drinking faggot that I am! As opposed to the 3 bottles of vodka a day drinking faggot that belongs on another list etc and so on blah, blah blah,… Heilige! Douglas P.

Subject: Re: Time to move on to Nada!?

That 12″ Erik, was Patrick reissuing the Death In June “Born Again” 12″ which was fine by me. The only surprise was that he put a picture of him and Freya on it who we didn’t even know at the time of recording in 1984/85. By the time of that picture disc’s release Pat was by then living at Freya’s house ‘Enclave Ex’, as I had a year or 2 before, so it was seen as a kind of “Thankyou” to Freya. I was happy with that explanation and still am. The other part of the question I’ve answered along with the original message. Heilige! Douglas P.