With the recent addition of the Death In June album “Rose Clouds Of Holocaust” to the German government’s so-called Index of censored/banned ‘forbidden fruit’ comes a much greater threat.

I have been told that Joachim Kohl and Klaus Hilger of Tesco Organisation Germany, the manufacturer and distributor of this title, have initiated legal action against this decision. Although at present this act of censorship only involves Death In June and one album by my group this, as anyone involved in this musical genre should be aware, could prove to be only the very tip of the iceberg. If this ban succeeds and continues what other works and what other groups from the Neo-Folk/Post Industrial/whatever you wish to label it ‘scene’ will be next;

Der Blutharsch, :Of The Wand And The Moon:, Orplid, Blood Axis, Westwind, forseti, Sol Invictus, Dies Natalis, HERR, Werkraum, Sonne Hagel, Darkwood, Ostara, Fire+Ice,……….?

The list could go on and on and possibly will if some few people have their way in restricting freedom of expression in Europa. This is not an isolated banning of a show in one city caused by a threatening telephone call, or a group of violent street people hanging around a club or a politician desperate for some votes. This ban is a national one courtesy of a European national government agency who have been maliciously influenced.

These are indeed “Strange Days for YOU, Me and Germany!”

I am not directly involved in the actual day to day legal proceedings in Germany but Joachim Kohl and Klaus Hilger have been effectively called to task and are serving on the front line – for all concerned!

Although I am offering moral support and support in terms of legal statements my financial support is also required and at this first, extremely vital stage of appeal the costs could run as high as 10,000 EUROS. Eventual costs could be higher.

It is with not only this in mind but, also a Greater Calling for a Demonstration of Solidarity that I call to those out there who have proven capabilities and experience that a Fighting Fund Festival should be arranged and feature groups from this genre/artfield that are willing to waive their fees so ticket sales, after costs, would be donated to this cause. The Festival should naturally take place in Germany and I will come out of my recent retirement from live work to also perform for this cause.

Will the Sons Of Europe answer this call to arms – even if their only weapons could be an acoustic guitar and some drum sticks?

Or, after all these years will “Festivals End – As Festivals Must”?

Heilige Kampf! Douglas P.