Interview:2002-Yahoo Groups 1

Subject: Hullo Angels

Before the blisters on my fingers burst through constant rehearsals for the forthcoming Spring Surprise Tour,before I go to sleep through translating so much boring bullshit from Alan Trench of World Serpent Distribution in his wonderful interview in the German ‘Zinnober’ magazine and before the Minister of Misinformation takes over this list as his own mouthpiece to the ‘World’ I thought it was high time to intervene. I will be available from 6th March-9th March to answer any reasonable questions etc. placed on this list. After that, who knows?

To clear up the questions about Rune Watches and Live albums: Officially the Death In June “Odin Hour” watch is now deleted. The last ones NER had were sold during the performances in Europe last December.If you want it, and see a mail order company have it other than NER, then you should get it! There will be no more.The runes are Ansuz, Beorc, Gyfu and Odal. This occupies a very special position in my split from World Serpent and their cynical and hypocritical stance adopted since then and more can be said about that if anyone is interested. The only official live album that is presently available is “Heilige!” Everything else on the site are studio recordings. It’s a limited range of what was available before 1999 but there are plans to improve upon it in the very near future. Here’s to wining and dining at Club 33-if Dick Cheney will let us in! Douglas P


Subject: [deathinjune] Hullo Doug. Question 1.
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 09:41:55 -0000 >
What are the shows that are yet scheduled ? The american ones ?
What are the ones to be confirmed in Europe ?

Bok Rob, Despite many rumours to the contrary the only 2 performances that have been confirmed to me are the ones in Los Angeles on the 25th March and New York on the 31st March. Sorry, I have no details of the ones that I hope will take place in Europe throughout April/May. I hope that situation will be rectified within the next day or 2. However, I do know that dates for performances are still being worked on. By the way, to put the record straight the only performers on stage on any particular evening will be Boyd Rice, John Murphy and myself. Albin will not be there so “Wolf Pact” as a concept will not be appearing. That fact that songs from that album will be performed is another matter, of course. Heilige! Douglas P.

Planned releases

Subject: [deathinjune] Salute Doug question 2
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 10:53:46 +0100 >
Salute Doug ,
What is planned for days to come concerning CDs, vinyls ?
Is a new album soon be finished ?
What will happened to the DVD I’ve read about some days ago ?

There will be a picture disc LP of a remastered “The Guilty Have No Pride” issued within the next month. The artwork is, once again, by the brilliant Enrico Chiarparin. Also, the double LP “Something Is Coming” will be reissued but this time with a 4th side, which was originally blank, now containing the final live performance DIJ gave in Zagreb, Croatia December, 2001. In effect, it will now contain the first and the last performances given in the “New Jerusalem”. There are still plans for videos and DVDs as soon as they are practicable. In the meantime, other aspects of the merchandising are being revamped so a limited series of Death In June ceramics will shortly be available plus a 13 month Death In June calendar running from June 2002-June 2003 with mostly unseen photos being used. These new items will soon be advertised with full details and,hopefully, also available throughout the European leg of the tour. Heilige! Douglas P.


Subject: [deathinjune] Salute Doug, Bruxelles gig
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 12:55:52 +0100 >
Salute Doug,
Are the tracks you played at the opening of the DB / LJDLP gig been taped ?
Do you plan to make them distribute ?
It’ll be a nice “souvenir” !!!

Erik from LJDLP recently told me that the evening was videotaped or, at least the LJDLP section was, and the sound of the video was good but I’m unsure of any plans that Erik might have about us releasing this material. I’m still waiting to see/hear it myself. Definitely the collaboration between us in the “Ostenbraun” section of the night was recorded so I’m looking forward to hearing that soon. It was completely impromptu as no one knew that I was going to be there but I think it went well, at least at that very moment in time. Heilige! Douglas P.

Brussels – II

Subject: [deathinjune] Salute Doug, Bruxelles gig
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 14:24:49 +0100 >
Salute again, to make a small correction , without any pretention, the
Frenchie Southern Squad was talking just before the doors opening of the
eventuality of your coming for some reasons … Having phoned two days ago to see if the places were reserved someone at Discomania told me that there was a “BIG” surprise to come and when I told him it’s “TRIBE OF CIRCLE” he answered “No a BIG BIG BIG surprise” and then we knew (Nath F.) that you weren’t far from Bruxelles ….. So we were crossing fingers and praying to see you playing in front of us …. You did it and it was delightfull
….And I really thank you for these times of dream !!!
Sure I’ll be happy if the Videotape was distributed, it’ll be a nice time


Ha ha, Discomania were just very lucky in their second guessing probably because they had heard I had done the same in London a few days before where Von Thronstahl,Days Of The Trumpet Call,Folk Storm and Nocturne had played. It was a genuine surprise appearance-at both places! Some people did see me earlier in the day trying to get into the venue but they seemed confused by my ‘fatherly’ moustache!


Subject: Re: [deathinjune] Salute Doug, Bruxelles gig
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 16:46:24 EST >
heils douglas,
is it true that you did show up at the VT/DOtTC show in London??? is
there a
possibility of a VT/DIJ show in the future??? i would definitely travel to
Europe to see that. ( and other reasons, of course)
oh well, i’ll just have to live with NON…he he j/k. 10 years isn’t too
long…can’t wait til the 31st…see you there!
HVGr >
ps…any reason you chose NYC??? in the wake of the recent events it seems
rather unorthodox….oh and what is the meaning of the WTC graphic on the
show page???

As I mentioned in a previous mailing ,I did a very short impromptu set at the start of that evening in London which I was very pleased I was able to do. Overall it was a great evening so thanks to Hagshadow and the groups for allowing me to go on! For the foreseeable future that will be the only time VT and DIJ perform together. The show in New York is connected to Tesco U.S. recently opening there and I had nothing to do with the graphics but, I do not see them as anything other than commemorative. Heilige! Douglas P.


Subject: Re: [deathinjune] Salute Doug, Bruxelles gig
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 22:53:14 +0100 >
Still wondering why Douglas didn’t gave an introduction to Nocturne…

I would have done but he was on before I knew it! The other groups had told me they would be on in a couple of minutes so I knew when to introduce them. The sheer volume of Saphi was suddenly there so I couldn’t. Heilige! Douglas P.


Subject: [deathinjune] Questions questions questions …. Salute Doug,
Bruxelles gig
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 00:00:52 +0100 >
Boy oh boy , you all have lot of questions to ask …….. You’ll make poor
Douglas addicted to the Desinformation Highway …….. (If he allready
,after spending a day filled with suspense at this mailinglist ! )
I will now continue laughing with the Dutch electionresults , if you want
excuse me …….. >
Yours, Elvis ……..

You haven’t seen the amount of stuff being sent to me off list! I’m definitely not addicted to this but if you could get together a post industrial apocalypic folk noir lounge somewhere in Las Vegas I could definitely become addicted to performing a residency there for the remainder of my Twilight years. Ringo could fill in on percussion whilst John has his holidays. Heilige! Douglas P.

Scandinavia, The Wall Of Sacrifice, Mahler

Subject: [deathinjune] just three questions for Mr. Pearce
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 23:57:28 -0000 >
1. Do you consider it likely that you’ll do a concert in Denmark
or any other of the Scandinavian countries this Spring? >
2. Will “Wall of Sacrifice” be reissued on cd in the near future? >
3. Are you a “fan” of Gustav Mahler? You should be you know!

1.The last time I saw an update of the countries being penciled in for a performance there was sadly no Scandinavian name on it. But, as I’ve said the full itinerary is still being worked on.

2.There is no immediate plan to reissue “The Wall Of Sacrifice” on cd. Reissuing all the material that was previously distributed via World Serpent and which they refuse to give back is too cost prohibitive because it means remastering, reinventing the artwork etc and so on. . 3.I wouldn’t say I was a “fan” of Gustav any more than I’m a fan of Ken Russell. I don’t mind either. Can’t think of anything I haven’t already recommended over the years. I really like the self-titled Cousteau album due to its very Scott Walker overtones and the Richard Hawley album “Late Night Final” but I know nothing at all about the groups themselves. Thanks for the recommendations. Heilige! Douglas P.

Limited edition

Subject: [deathinjune] new questions for Douglas
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 19:25:06 -0000 >
Is there a limited record planned to be available >
only during this new tour ? >
Is there also a new album in project ? >
Friendly, >
Ludo / Herr Runen

I don’t have any plans to make a brand new Death In June record but if it ever does get made it will be called “The Concrete Fountain” which was the project I was working on when Albin came along and “Take Care And Control” came into being instead. After this forthcoming tour all of my efforts will be put into finishing off this legal business with World Serpent which has been going on for over 2 years, regardless of what else has been said. However, whilst on the subject of Albin ‘track 2 “When All Else Fails” album’ is the track I’ve contributed to his “Fire Danger Season” album. It’s not a remix but a completely new recording which I’ve appropriately titled for convenience “Many Enemies Bring Much Honour” – the English translation of the Italian spoken on his original. I’m really pleased with it and I hope it does well for him. Heilige! Douglas P.

Leagas, Wakeford

Subject: [deathinjune]
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 00:31:06 -0000 >
good evening to all of you >
looking back at 20 years of dij i was thinking about who the most important
/ influental people in dij were and which records are the most important
ones – i don’t mean the best ones but the ones that mark highlights /
changes in direction / sound / lineup etc >
patrick hitthaler

Besides myself and the other 2 original members Patrick Leagas and Tony Wakeford, David Tibet and Albin Julius are obviously important in the history of Death In June. ALL of these people have been EXCELLENT to work/be with at their moment in time in DIJ or working for DIJ. The next part of the question is more difficult because I can’t think of a recording that didn’t mark a particular development or closure for Death In June. Each one is a particular milestone for better or for worse! Heilige,… Douglas P.

Listening to…

Subject: [deathinjune]Naive questions for Douglas Pierce
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 17:11:07 -0800 (PST) >
Have you listened to any great records recently ?
(inside or outside the scene) any good books to
recommend ? or good places ?
maybe a general discussion would be a little bit more
enjoyable for you and it’s more interesting for me to
know you more as a person (sorry if I seems a little
bit stupid) >

I’ve already mentioned a couple of albums that struck me as interesting/enjoyable etc. on a previous reply which are nothing to do with ‘the scene’. Whilst doing this I’m listening to “The Essential Cilla Black-1963-78” which has a groovy message to all her “luvley Aussie Fans…” at the back of the inlay tray! I was given a ton of books for Yule and one in particular is worthy of note because I’ve managed to read it and that is called I think “Paul Is Dead”. My studio engineer currently has it so I can’t confirm the title or auther but it has an embossed egg on the front cover and now I’m convinced the Paul McCartney of today is an imposter. He’d be perfect for this list, wouldn’t he! Heilige! Douglas P.


Subject: [deathinjune] The Rise of Douglas P.
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 18:02:17 -0800 >
Hello Master P., >
On behalf of all of us, we are thoroughly excited to hear your playing LA. > >
I’m sure this question has been asked and answered many times but Do you
ever plan to work with Tibet, Cashmore, Rose or any of the others again?
If not is this due solely to world serpent involvment?

My bottom line is that I will not work with anyone with connections to World Serpent regardless of previous work together.End of story. I don’t intend to further line the pockets of hypocritical charlatans either directly or indirectly. Heilige! Douglas P.

New Zealand

Subject: Re: [deathinjune] Hullo Angels
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 15:43:24 +1300 >
Just one question…. >
Are you interested in playing in New Zealand again, or have any plans to
do so soon?

The one DIJ did in Wellington a few years ago was an important one and ,in fact, similar to what will be performed on the forthcoming tour. Naturally, there will be a lot more new material but New Zealand got me thinking about what could work live for DIJ and so I would definitely like to return. When Boyd and Albin were in Australia early 2001 recording the “Wolf Pact” album with me there were plans to play in Auckland and Wellington but we ran out of time and everyone had to go back to their various parts in the world before the only available dates in clubs came up. Heilige! Douglas P.


Subject: [deathinjune] Yet another question.
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 19:27:55 -0000 >
Is there anye chance that Ostenbraun will be re-released by chance?

Yes! After the performance with Erik Konofal in Brussels last December I started rethinking my ideas about that album so I have recently corresponded with him and am awaiting his response about a reissue on CD. Heilige! Douglas P.

Bind Rune

Subject: [deathinjune] (unknown)
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 08:51:02 -0000 >
Here is one of those questions that may not be answered. I’ve asked
several times about the bind-Rune you use(the one on Rose Clouds,
also etched onto the ‘To Drown a Rose’ 10 in). The most common answer
I get is it is ‘your name’. Is it possible you could elaborate on

In 1986 whilst staying with Tibet in his flat in Freya Aswynn’s house in north London over a period of 3 nights I dreamed I was falling in a sort of rain of indistinct runes. On each separate night I managed to concentrate enough on one particular rune to stop it from spinning and moving so I could actually see which one it was. When I awoke I made a note of it. After 3 nights the dream stopped and I decided to try and form an ‘appropriate’ bind rune from the original 3. This I did and after Freya saw it I basically was given the ‘thumbs up’ about the whole thing. It definitely does not refer to my name but it definitely does refer to ME. And, no I won’t tell you what those original runes were-sorry! I think only Freya and Tibet were ever shown those. Heilige! Douglas P.


Subject: [deathinjune] deäth in jüne
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 02:01:26 -0800 >
What’s the significance of the umlauts (..) sometimes in the band name and
on “The World That Summer”?

They were purely artistic devices and not meant to be taken phonetically in any way. Heilige! Douglas P.

RCOH Cover

Subject: [deathinjune] Another Question for Douglas
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 11:12:07 -0000 >
Hullo Douglas! >
I´ve alway wondered about the cover-artwork of “Rose clouds…”.
Does the rose symbolize a phallus and the rune represents the sperm?
It seems to be very obviously, if you turn the picture 180°. >
kind regards

I know what you mean but this came about accidentally when James Mannox and I were designing the cover. It started out when the photographers who printed my shots made a mistake and did a reverse print by accident but gave it to me anyway along with the proper print. I thought the 2 prints together would look good but when James placed them together on the computer screen a cock seemed to jump out at us! We realised we were lucky boys so we went from there with the idea. Heilige! Douglas P.


Subject: [deathinjune] Howdy Mr.P, Question # 3
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 13:35:44 EST >
Douglas, will you be preforming in LA with a “Fatherly” mustache?

Now that would be giving the game away but as it’s in California I was thinking of a more “Family” look rather than a patriarchal one! Heilige,… Douglas P.


I don’t really have any feelings about it other than if it has something to do with Death In June then it is totally wrong to assume that money goes to the group as some mad people do.I don’t see any of it especially if it’s come from World Serpent-ha ha,… When I was younger I collected David Bowie and Beatles’ bootlegs which I could buy at a Sunday market on Blackbush Aerodrome in Surrey, England.It was a particularly fine setting as somehow the aerodrome had bought a few Heinkel III bombers from the Spanish airforce when they were decommissioned in the 1960s and had repainted them in their more ‘authentic’ colours and had them on display near the market stalls. Record buying was such a real pleasure in those days! Sadly all my Bowie bootlegs were stolen after I’d lent them to a friend whose house was burgled. I have to say that I am non-plussed at why I bought the Brain Donor album some months ago. I must have heard something else on the radio but heard the name Julian Cope and thought it would be good. I was sadly wrong. Heilige! Douglas P.

Occidental Martyr

Subject: [deathinjune] Question for Mr P..
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 15:23:30 >
I’ve been racking my brain for a question I want answered..and for the life
of me can’t find one at this instant.. I was wondering Douglas if you could
enlighten us about Occidental Martyr as there doesn’t seem to be much
information available about him at present.. (at least what I’ve seen on

No, he is a very private person and likes it that way. He is still involved in the Australian media. Heilige! Douglas P.

Heilige Tod

Subject: [deathinjune] q. for Douglas P. re. “Heilige Tod”
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 23:34:53 +0200 >
Hello, Douglas. >
I recall reading something on the list, at some point in time, about the >” tribute” album entitled
However, I can’t seem to recall exactly what … but I have the impression
that it was supposed to
be a bootleg, or in any case some sort of unauthorized release. >
Might you clarify this matter for me?

This was a bootleg. I was never consulted about it and I never received any money from it despite claims from the person behind it, once we had tracked him down, that royalties had been paid to the Italian royalty society. And, I don’t know if the so-called Bosnian charity that it was supposed to help raise money for ever did either.If, in fact, they actually existed at that point in time. This charity was called ‘Mir Sada'[Peace Now in English] and after I had been told about this release by a friend who had bought the CD in Italy I started my investigations in Croatia and Bosna Herzog. From very reliable sources in the military and Medicins Sans Frontiers I was told that Mir Sada were basically a bunch of Italian hippies who would turn up at a situation and ‘get in the way’. They were last seen helping out at a hospital in Sarajevo in 1993-94. I think “Heilige Tod” was released a good 2-3 years after this. It sounds like a complete con to me. Heilige! Douglas P.

Heilige Tod II

Subject: [deathinjune] Again on DIJ tribute
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 14:14:15 +0100 >
Well, sometimes they return… >
By chance, I knew Guido from Palace of Worms label some years ago, and he
asked me for a brief introduction to a DIJ tribute CD (the well-known
‘infamous’ Heilige Tod compilation). I accepted his request, thinking it
would be a great idea to make a compilation in honour of my best favourite
one-man-band. Some months later Guido told me about strong difficulties with this project, I supposed there had been some mistakes in realization and misunderstanding between the small Italian label and WSD-DIJ. As for Mir-Sada, it was a little voluntary service like many others in North Italy (whose background is a post-catholic-communistic mix, unfortunately). Personally, I had some perplexity with this collaboration, but as I become sometimes snob, I took no further interest in it.
In my humble opinion, there was a lethal gap between the producer, the
Italian royalty society (well-known for tantalizing every independent
activity in music and movies) and the owner of the rights (i.e. Douglas
most of all).
Sometimes I read about Heilige tod tribute and the misunderstanding it
arose, and every time I think ‘what a lost chance!”.
But all this has gone…
Now I am waiting for Douglas to perform his best show in Italy in the next
months, hoping he would forgive and forget the mistake of a great
appassionated lover from deep North-Italian country. >
All my Love & Respect >
dada cinokk

But, do you know if any money did get to any charity working in Bosnia? Heilige! Douglas P.


Subject: [deathinjune] Re: Ostenbraun question.
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 20:50:22 -0000 >
Why only a reissue??? Why not a new collaboration with Les Joyaux de
la Princesse, the epitome of the French Genius? Like a good (French!)
wine, both projects have bonified with time and a combination of both
would be a pure nectar for the ears…

Well, that is to be discussed as well as Erik as come into possession of some interesting ‘material’ that we might be able to work together on. Other than that there are no plans for any further new recordings with Boyd or anyone else for that matter in the near future. He however, has just finished a new NON album entitled “The Children Of The Black Sun” but I haven’t heard any of it yet. Heilige! Douglas P.

Robert Forbes

Subject: [deathinjune] Robert Forbes
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 23:44:16 -0000 >
Bonsoir, >
Do you still have an interested look on Robert Forbes publications? I
think of his very complete book `Pour L’Europe – The
French Volunteers of the Waffen – SS'(2000). >
Are you a `serious’ militaria collector or do you just borrow
some pieces for some precise purposes? >
Thanks for your time,

I still have contact with Robert and am aware of his publications other than ” Misery And Purity”. I would think I would describe myself as serious about most of my interests. Heilige! Douglas P.


Subject: [deathinjune] more Scandinavia related Q’s for Douglas p.
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 00:17:42 +0100 > >
Hallo Douglas!
I know this topic is somewhat related to something that has been asked you
on this list before, but i am curious nontheless.
As far as i have noticed DIJ has played in both Demnark and Sweden on
several occations, and since being a norwegian i must ask if you have ever
considered playing in my country… i mean, since DIJ has played in my
neighbouring countries i am sure it must have crossed your mind at some
point. I guess Norway is not the most attractive market, but i know when >” cult acts” such as merzbow, legendary pink dots and the likes (stupid
comparisons) have been here they’ve packed the venues, and raised the roof!
much to my suprise, and probably everyone elses.
As you said there were no immediate plans to play here in Scandinavia, but
guess i am just wondering if the thought of playing in Norway has ever
tempted you at some point. Crisis played here, so why not DIJ? hehe.

The simple fact is that we have received no credible offers to play in Norway over the years when it has been possible. I remember Norway well after that month’s tour with Crisis and would like to go back. I forgot that I have done some DIJ songs in Iceland when I was there with Current 93 in the late 1980s. Heilige! Douglas P.

WSD/Strength Through Joy

Now my time for a question! Dear Richard, At this stage in the game I think it might be in your interest, and of interest to the group,if you could tell us why World Serpent are selling the Strength Through Joy albums that came out on NER and which I helped produce, even had a hand in writing and am, in effect, mentioned all over them. After all, in their letter to me in December 1999 they clearly stated that they wanted a “severing of the relationship betweenDeath In June,NER…and its offshoots” and, of course, myself. 2 years on, however,….. Could you please tell us fully and chronologically Richard exactly how this came about and just let the facts speak for themselves. Thanks! Heilige,… Douglas P.

Douglas et al

It is good to be able to finally make this public.

First of all, we have been asking WSD for the last 18 months to stop distributing STJ. At first, it looked like this was being adhered to but there has never been a total cessation of sales for these items. When Ostara left WSD in 2001, the sales went up again, against our professed wishes to suspend all sales of STJ.

Let me put this into perspective:

When Ostara planned to release new material with WSD in 1999, we has absolutely no knowledge of the split between WSD and DIJ. This knowledge came to us second hand and we had not been in contact with Douglas for some time. Thus, we were entering a new deal with WSD just as DIJ were exiting.It was also at that time that WSD asked us if we would like to re-press STJ. We thought this may be a good way of combining our new work with the back catalogue and we agreed ON THE CONDITION THAT THERE WOULD BE NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST WITH DOUGLAS P. They assured us there was none. You have to realise that at that stage, we had only recently formed Ostara and Douglas (as far as I know) was not sure if this had something to do with a desire to no longer be associated with DIJ: this of course was not the case. We changed the name for artistic reasons that had nothing to do with the need to cut ties. On the contrary, we assumed at that stage that WSD was still the premier distributor of the genre we were involved with and our associations with DIJ and other WSD artists were an assett.

Once we realised that a legal and personal conflict was apparent, we asked WSD to withdraw STJ. They did for a while but not comletely. We considered the idea of trying to persuade them to confine all sales to mail order enquiries but to direct all such enquiries about STJ directly to us as we still had some old stock that we could legitimately pass on. This of course was not a solution and we persisted with our efforts to get the circulation stopped. I was told by WSD that they were only selling the CDs ‘privately’ which meant in very few numbers but we wanted this reduced to zero.WSD also proposed reissiung STJ under the Osterraed banner but we refused. We did not want these CDs sold let alone pressed again with new labels. The first repress utilised old parts of booklets that contain the NER/Twilight Command labelling that belongs to Douglas.

The numbers rose rapidly after our departure and we wrote again to WSD requesting cessation. Their attitude now is that we have gone and they have the right to sell STJ and recoup the repressing costs. This is their decision against our stated wishes.

As for Ostara, WSD possess the last copies of the first album which we did not want to move to Eislicht due to the flaws in the artwork. They also have the 7″ pic disc. Once these items are sold, we will be exclusively distributed by E&L.

I will conclude by saying that Ostara/STJ have not seen any money from WSD since we departed. They say we owe them for unreleased items (Ostara MCD) and presumably for the repress of STJ.


The Concrete Fountain

The project was put aside in 1997 after contact had been made with Albin and ” Take Care And Control” took over. I had done some work on the title track with a Croatian friend called Mario Kalendaric who is better known for the Future Shock techno material that I’ve done vocals on over the years in Croatia. There is no current approach as such because I’m not working on it. However, as I previously said IF there is another new Death In June album it will be entitled “The Concrete Fountain”. Heilige! Douglas P.


Subject: [deathinjune] heil mr p
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 10:03:19 +0100 (CET) >
heil mr p, >
is there a chance to see ou in paris for the tour with
non ? >
best regards >

I haven’t seen Paris mentioned yet. The only one I’ve seen confirmed in France was the one in Brest that came up on the list yesterday. Thankyou Christophe! Heilige,… Douglas P.

Future Shock

Subject: [deathinjune] Re: Concrete Fountain.
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 10:11:49 -0000 >
Did you hear their latest hit : “My name is 2001” hehe ? > Say “cheese” ! > >

I had done some work on the title track

with a Croatian friend called Mario Kalendaric who is better known
for the

Future Shock techno material that I’ve done vocals on over the
years in


Yes, I was in Zagreb when the vocals were recorded last June. DJ Ed obviously didn’t use mine but instead used my partners. What an ungrateful Balkan dog!! Heilge! Douglas P.


Subject: [deathinjune] A new face?
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 10:20:39 -0000 >
Hello Douglas, >
Who is Rob Nikada? Would he be you personal assistant cum private
secretary? You new lover?
He certainly seems to take the liberty of answering many questions in
your stead.

A few people have done that and if the answer is appropriate it certainly saves me time. I’d correct anything that was way off the mark. My new lover? Bound, gagged and with a paper bag over their head it would be hard for any of my lovers to communicate other than with body language, honey!

Tour 2002

These dates are as confirmed as what has been advertised on the internet. I know no more than that. Death In June will be John Murphy and myself and NON will, of course, be Boyd Rice. Extracts from “Wolf Pact” will be performed but as I’ve said in a previous posting the concept of “Wolf Pact” will not. I think some of the promoters have got slightly over zealous in using that name or logo. Albin won’t be at any of the concerts because he told me months ago that his work schedule would be very full this year. A reply to your letter is already in the post to you Simon. Heilige! Douglas P.


Subject: [deathinjune] Re: A question for STJ/Ostara
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 11:04:26 -0000 >
Hi Richard, hiho Doug, hi all. >
— In deathinjune@y…, “Richard Leviathan” a href=”mailto:osterraed@h…”>osterraed@h… wrote:

First of all, we have been asking WSD for the last 18 months to stop

distributing STJ. At first, it looked like

this was being adhered to but there has never been

a total cessation of sales for these items. When

Ostara left WSD in 2001, the sales

went up again, against our professed wishes

to suspend all sales of STJ. >
Hmmmmm … I’m wondering that there are still so many (IMHO really good)
artists at WSD like C93, Sol Invictus, … >
Don’t they have any Problems with WSD? >

Hmmm,….I remember what people used to say, or complain about is maybe a more accurate description, before the split and I remember what people said, or rather didn’t, after the split. Self preservation, or panic, can kick in so hard that all else goes by the wall:”Everybody, let’s form pyramids!” The end result will still be the same. Heilige! Douglas P.

Nada, Burial

Subject: [deathinjune] (unknown)
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 14:46:01 +0100 (CET) >
no plans for rerelease nada and burial, douglas ? >

This goes back to an earlier reply. The financial constraints of reinventing artwork, remastering etc. because World Serpent have refused to hand back my originals which I paid for years ago make it unlikely for the foreseeable future. Heilige! Douglas P.


Subject: [deathinjune] Question for Douglas..
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 13:55:49 >
Fair enough..
Haha…great,now I’m going to be looking at every goddamn media personality
and wondering..
A more practical question…(similar to just about everyone else’s..)
Are you going to be playing again in Australia anytime soon?
How about a gig in Hahndorf?

Hahndorf? Now that would be tempting and after they would probably have to rename it Ambleside again like they did a few years back!! They have some lovely German WWI mortars in the High Street, don’t they? After this next series of dates I’ll be making up my mind about live work so Australia might see DIJ again. I liked the atmosphere of the last Melbourne show. Heilige! Douglas P.


Subject: [deathinjune] Douglas, one more before you take your leave of
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 12:33:53 -0800 (PST) >
Douglas- >
Let me begin by extending my heartfelt thanks to you
for temporarily joining our list. The information you
have provided thus far has been invaluable. >
My DIJ related curiosity has more to do with your
evolution as an individual rather than concerts,
releases, or collaborations. Hopefully my line of
questioning will not be too personal to answer on the
list. >
What, if you care to reveal such information, is your
class background and how has it effected your
philosophical development? If I remember correctly,
Crisis had definite Marxist leanings while DIJ gives
the impression of being a group that has been inspired
by Nietzchean nihilism or Stirnerite egoism. Coming
from a background steeped in the latter lines of
thinking, I have experienced first-hand the supposed
class tensions that exist between collectivism and
individualism. I’m curious as to what, if any, your
relationship to such matters is. >
Also, do you make your living off of DIJ or does
circumstance force you to have a “regular” occupation,
live off of family savings, etc? If the latter is in
fact the truth, what sort of employment do you have? >
I’d also love to know if you attended university.
Your lyrics reflect a level of education not often
seen in “popular” music. >
Thank you in advance for whatever information you
choose to provide. >
-Will >

This is quite an extensive question and given my time limits I will by necessity have to be brief about answering it. In the mid 1950s I was born in a working class council estate on the southern suburbs of London.Out of interest members of Status Quo and The Jam also came from here. I was at the same primary school as Bruce Foxton and probably the others and on my way to senior[high] school I’d walk by the house of the drummer in Status Quo and he’d already be rehearsing at that time in the morning!! The Communist Party had a presence on the estate and I suppose my first contact with leftist politics was with them. They would deliver their paper ‘The Morning Star’ to our house. However, after I started going to college I started coming into contact with what was then the New Left and that continued for a few years until the end of Crisis. I had vague plans to go to University to study to be a teacher of Economic and Social History but LSD got in the way. I remember distinctly turning up at the entrance of the hall in which I was supposed to take my ‘A’ level History examination with a friend who has since gone onto to be a world famous actor and we both decided “no!”We both dropped a tab of acid and took off to St Catherine’s Hill above the town of Guildford. A few weeks later we were both staying in Amsterdam dropping acid on a very regular basis and during that time we both decided that all else in life was a distraction unless it was exactly what you wanted to do. He decided his fate was in acting and I decided mine was in music. When we returned to England some months later we both got on with making sure that came about. Either working for Rough Trade Distribution or for myself I have managed to live off of music for 22 years. And no, I won’t tell you the actor’s name! Heilige! Douglas P.

Wilhelm Reich

Subject: [deathinjune] Question for Douglas P. regarding Wilhelm Reich
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 22:14:30 -0000 >
Dear Douglas, >
Having read an interview in one of the very early Sigill magazines, I
understood you dislike Wilhelm Reich and his theories very much.
(“Ich bete die Amerikaner ihre bücher zu verbrennen”) >
For years I have been wondering what your opinion on this matter is
exactly, and what it is you dislike so much about Reich. >
I know this is a simple question that can’t be answered in a few
words, as Reich himself was active in many different “scientific”
fields. I just like to know your view towards Reich in general,
especially your views (if any) towards his orgonomy. >
Thank you in advance for your reply >
Best Wishes >

I don’t recall the interview per se but on the basic level that Reich was a homophobic, misogynistic shit of a crank I suppose that’s good enough for me to dislike him. I know someone who actually met him and this was/is not a false impression. Heilige! Douglas P.


Subject: [deathinjune] Yet another Douglas question…
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 12:15:16 EST >
Hullo Douglas,
After listening to Brown Book this morning, I wonder what your favorite

In America I rather like a Robert Mondavi Chardonney and in Australia a Chardonney called “Broken Wood”. I am presently sipping on another fine one from S.A. called “Cockatoo Ridge” which isn’t bad for $10 a bottle. I never drink German wine now unless I’m in Germany where it always tastes better than most of the exported stuff. Heilige! Douglas P.


Subject: [deathinjune] what do you know about repressings…?
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 00:39:31 +0100 >
Hi Douglas, please tell us about the repress of bootlegs. >
– Only Europa knows
– The guilty have no paste [sic]
– The LJDLP split on vinyl
– 2nd press of “March Of The Lonely” >
Have you ever seen a “NER PROMO” in red vinyl of TMOTL?

These are all bootlegs and I have no interest in them or knowledge about them. Any old fool can scratch “NER promo” onto vinyl at the cutting stage of the pressing. It is NOT! Heilige! Douglas P.

Snows of the enemy

Subject: [deathinjune] That Little black Baby
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 01:41:50 -0000 >
What is the inspiration behind ‘The Snows of the Enemy’, who is this
little black baby? And of course secrets are secrets, but what in the
world is the ‘Wolf Angel’ saying? I always hear either “Life’s
Terrible” or “Lies, Terrible Lies, Terrible lies”…..But, who knows! >

Some of the words are taken/inspired from the inscription on the gravestone of the first known convicted murderer of African descent, in England. The white family he murdered and who had ‘bought’him as a baby in order to ‘save’ him were anti-slave trade and had brought him up as one of their own. Unfortunately, however, as he grew up they, and their local village, realised he wasn’t quite the full ticket and he was always referred to as” the little black baby” regardless of his age. He eventually wrought vengeance on his liberal, honky oppressors by slaughtering the family. Well, there’s gratitude for you! Heilige,…. Douglas P.


Subject: [deathinjune] Re:question for Douglas..
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 05:38:29 >
WW1 german trench mortar…not very far away from the anzac
memorial,haha..Hahndorf is also home to the worlds largest Ku ku clock.. >
Yes the last show at the esplanade was very powerful..

Yes, I forgot about the KKK clock but wasn’t that due to close a couple of years ago? I often drive through the place but haven’t stopped for a walk around in a while. Perhaps after I’ve finished with this stuff on Sunday I’ll go over and see if any oom pah pah bands are playing at The German Arms? That Anzac memorial makes for strange reading, doesn’t it! Heilige S.A. Douglas P.


Subject: [deathinjune] Another question.
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 04:25:39 -0000 >
I hope it isn’t too late to ask another question…I don’t know if
this one has an easy answer, but I thought I might as well toss it
out here. >
I wanted to know about your use of samples and how you feel they
relate to the whole of a piece. Do you see the samples you choose as
parallel to the music, or do you ever feel as if a new entity is
created out of the contrast of music and samples? Also, do you ever
work a song around a sample, or is a sample more like a decoration
that is secondary to a completed song? >
Thanks for appearing here. I’m looking forward to NYC! >
-stephanie >

I think it varies with every song. For instance, I knew which song I was going to cover for this forthcoming Der Blutharsch ‘tribute’ album but wasn’t quite sure how it was going to go. In the weeks waiting for studio time I heard something that I knew immediately would be right for the song and the song then sort of worked itself out before I went into the studio. I suppose it changes from song to song is what I’m trying to say. Also it depends on which ones you are referring to as Albin was responsible for most of the samples used on “Take Care And Control” and “Operation Hummingbird”. My main duty on those was to ruin the beautiful pieces he had written by adding what he called ‘kitch keyboards’ and, of course, my terrible lyrics and then “Voila!”A Death In June album. Heilige! Douglas P.

Operation Hummingbird

Subject: [deathinjune] Question For Douglas: Operation Hummingbird
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 23:22:00 -0800 (PST) > > > >
Hello Douglas, >
if you don’t mind me asking, why did your release Operation Hummingbird
as an album instead of an EP? It runs rather short. >

Thankyou very much for posting that compilation of interviews on the net. I’ll try and fill in some details off list over the next days.

Back to your question: I suppose people have got used to having up to sometimes over an hour of material on CDs but I haven’t. In fact I think an overlong album can really spoil the appreciation. Many of the first records I listened to were lucky to reach 30 minutes but they made a big impression on me and they still sound great today. A case in point was the “Best Of Cream” LP I was playing the other afternoon.I kept having to get up and change sides because it is hardly half an hour long but we played it over and over again and 30 years ago this was the album, or more specifically the track “White Room”, which inspired me to start writing lyrics! So, it’s not the quantity but the quality etc,…. ” Operation Hummingbird” came to a natural full stop in the studio and as my partner and I lay in bed that night hearing Albin vomit his guts out in the adjoining toilet I knew it had all become too much for the poor dear! It brought back fond memories of Tibet and I drinking Icelandic “Black Death” in Enclave X. Another great album was ‘in the can’ so to speak! Heilige! Douglas P.