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From: “Douglas P.” a href=”mailto:douglasp_@h…”>douglasp_@h… Date: Sun Jun 2, 2002 2:32 pm Subject: WSD & The Police

Well, this Golden Jubilee weekend has been all rush, rush, rush as I haul my genetically defective self in and out of my Gogomobile and harangue tourists to buy photos of me featured in that wonderful calendar which becomes oh so effective this month. They’re here to see the Queen and it’s exactly what they got! But, as the calendars have nearly all sold out it’s time for a break to catch up with all my adoring fans on this list (and all the others that sniff and trot around it.)So, I’ll pour myself a gogglemoggle and continue: First of all, that offer from Sam P…. to send me some titbits on Tibet and Tony: We’ve all probably got enough dirt on each other to sink a battle ship but depending on how far WSD want to push that particular boat out I’ll tread water on that offer for the moment, thanks all the same. I don’t wish to sink to their level but if it looks like I’m going down I’ll have no qualms about dragging a few others with me. However, until then all I’ve ever wanted is what is owed me both financially and materially and if I get that then the past is very much the past. The death of anyone’s children seems to be the defamatory ravings of an unhappy 2 pot screamer!

I have never claimed that WSD possess any master tapes of recordings by Death In June.These are different to the master U-matic tapes, CDs, metalwork etc you need from which factories can manufacture records,cds etc and which I have always paid directly for at the various cutting or mastering studios.This is what the “L’Ame Electrique” interview refers to. With the numerous Death In June and other NER titles that were being distributed by WSD at the time of the split these asters total up to be worth thousands of Pounds. It is these I do not have in my possession, have been refused access to and so must ‘remaster’from the original recordings any title that is not currently in circulation i.e. almost everything from 1981-99. The cost of this is prohibitive so only select titles will ever see the light of day again if this situation continues. There has been no satisfactory outcome -legal or otherwise- regardless of what 2 pot screamers or Spiggy Tobes(who?) say. The picture disc of “Not Guilty And Proud” is one more step up the ladder of remastered reissues. Now to the current obsession of the list; The Police. When my first group Crisis were given the opportunity by Step Forward Records to do some demo recordings at Surrey Sound Studios in Leatherhead, England The Police were also in the same studio recording. They weren’t there that day and as my Woolworth Jedsen guitar was deemed too bad to be able to produce a good sound I was given the thumbs up to use Andy Summer’s Gibson SG. Maybe that’s what Sting was singing about on Synchronicity? The tapes that came out of these unique recordings were the ones that got us a John Peel session on BBC radio in 1978 (unfortunately these demo tapes were later lost at Peel Acres) and the rest, as they say, is histrionic! It was 25 years ago this very weekend that I thought of the name of the ill fated Crisis – apologies to all concerned! Heilige,….. Douglas P.

By the way, contrary to a posting on this list, to the best of my knowledge ‘Brother Dave Records’in London do not stock any Death In June material because they are friends with someone called ‘Piggy'(is that the correct spelling?)and believe I am a witch! But, nearby Tower Records at Piccadilly Circus have no such morals-or friends-and stock all of the available Death In June material at about 12-13 GBPs which is at least 2 GBPs cheaper than any of the WSD stock they hold. The Rough Trade Shop in Portobello Road is also another excellent place to find music of quality, distinction and witchcraft at fair prices. 88 (Happy Holidays) Douglas P.

There is another link of sorts between Death In June and Whitehouse. In early 1984 shortly after Whitehouse had been banned by Rough Trade Distribution,(mainly for their perceived misogynism) and whilst I was still working for Rough Trade, Geoff Travis one of the company’s directors walked into my office and slammed a letter down on my table demanding an explanation to its contents. The letter was written by William Bennett whinging about the fact that his ruff tuff group had been banned yet the truly nasty Death In June, some of whose members he could definitely prove were linked to the National Front/British Movement/etc, was not only distributed by Rough Trade but,(Shock! Horror!!) even had a member working for Rough Trade.How could this calamity be? Well, unknown to outside parties like William Bennett and Geoff Travis a change in the membership had already taken place and an acceptable explanation to the company was given. I continued working there and Rough Trade distributed Death In June for 6 more years. The best thing about this is that I was one of the 3 or 4 people that ordered Whitehouse product and were against the ban! Thankyou William!! I’m unsure if that unnecessary ban is still enforced at the Rough Trade Shop. Alan Trench with sandwiches in a camouflaged lunch pale? I thought he was more of a liquid lunch man myself. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: HonestAbe44@a… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] More Questions For Douglas > Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 21:56:11 EDT > > Howdy Douglas, > I have only been listening to Death In June for a couple of years. So if > you > have already publicly answered these questions I apologize in advance for > being all naggy like. > 1. Douglas, did you always know that you preferred men as lovers? > 2. I understand the current qualms with World Serpent, but I have yet to > know > why you left. Why did you leave? > 3. You are credited with the Genesis Orridge vehicle Splinter Test, How did > such an alliance come about? > 4. I liked your unshaven look at the LA show. You looked like Indiana > Jones. > Are you sticking with that appearance?

1. Since about the age of 8 although I really didn’t do anything about it until the age of 11. All my underage sex was thoroughly enjoyable with men who were affectionate and caring and didn’t disturb me or ruin my life whatsoever. In fact, I regret not having more sex at that age. Whilst on this subject I have to admit to having a problem with those who rant on about pedophiles this and pedophiles that. I have yet to meet one who didn’t worship the ground their young lovers walked on and wouldn’t harm a hair on their head. I find this current vogue for retrospective finger pointing 30 years after the so-called life damaging event extremely dubious and distastful to say the least.It seems to me that some of these people are looking for someone else to blame for how things didn’t work out in their lives and rather than take a hard look at themselves they think back to the cock they sucked when they were 15.

2. There are too many reasons to mention here but none that I haven’t already spoken of in various interviews. Those interviews that have been placed in the files section of this list probably are a good place to start.

3. In about 1994-95 at a large rave event in Zagreb, Croatia I was one of the photographers for the evening. Gen was the star attraction and as I was standing at one of the entrances talking to my friend from TeHom who was on security Gen walked in and said something like;” I knew I’d bump into you in some warzone or other in the World”so that broke the ice and, along with another Croatian friend, we got to scheming. A lot of the material he performed that night was what eventually came out on the Splinter Test CD on Twilight Command but my only real ‘artistic’ involvement was taking the photos that appear and actually getting the thing out, of course. It was a great release.

4. No, the game is to keep the enemy guessing as to what I look like- it makes stalking them a lot more fun! Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: nescionihil@a… > Reply-To: > To: a href=”“> > Subject: Re: [deathinjune] DIJ & Whitehouse > Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 03:50:02 EDT > > You’ll be surprised, he had even more of those suspicious boxes. One was > labelled “The lost Crisis John Peel sessions” and another “The secret > Douglas P. and Liberace duets” standing alongside “The unknown Beatles > reunion LP recorded 1975”. So if you are looking for old tapes, I’m sure > Alan will be happy to help you…Sorry, bad joke, I know… > > amararemedia > > PS: You mentioned the Queen golden jubilee, did she invite you to play at > the concert this afternoon?

Not being a royalist the only concert I’d be prepared to perform at would be for their collective beheading. As regards the tapes that you say Mr. Trench has it doesn’t surprise me one bit. They’ll come in handy when the Whirled Serpent are but a bad memory in the annals of musical history filed under “People Who Didn’t!”

> From: James Taylor a href=”mailto:jtx@n…”>jtx@n… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: Re: [deathinjune] More Questions For Douglas > Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 16:50:04 -0700 > > Ok Douglas, now for the 2 most important questions you’ll ever be asked > in your life, I’m sure: > > Who would win in a knife fight between yourself and Boyd Rice? > > and > > Who would come out victorious in the following cage match/battle royale: > > Yourself > Albin Julius > Boyd Rice > Jhon Balance > David Tibet > Steven Stapleton > > In the previous scenario, there is one metal folding chair in the center > of the ring at the beginning of the match. > > I’m sure the world is eagerly awaiting your answers.

These appear to be questions asked by a typical non-combatant. Have you ever been in a knife fight? Have you ever bashed anyone’s brains out with a hammer? Have you ever been up to your elbows in someone elses blood? Have you ever walked through a minefield not knowing if your last step would be your last? Have you ever been shot at? Please,…… I’ve been stabbed in the back by some of my so-called friends but certainly not Boyd. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “huntedbythyself” a href=”mailto:huntedbythyself@h…”>huntedbythyself@h… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Re: I shall lay Leopard Flowers upon your Tears. > Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 05:32:49 -0000 > > Needless to say, these are questions for Douglas… > > Firstly, I must give you the thumbs up for the brief, but very clear, > statement you made after the assasination of Pim Fortuyn. It assured > me that you’ve got “both feet firmly planted on the ground.” > Now, onto other issues….: > 1. Your “Östenbräun” collaboration with Les Joyaux dela Princesse is > VERY dear to me. Especially the parts where you read aloud. Your > voice is magnificent for this. I recognice some of Nietzsche’s > Zarathustra wowen in there on “Carried away by Despair…” But what > about the rest? “You link up with those moments, as you do with the > morning when you awake from an agonizing Dream…” From some book of > Genet? Please enlighten me about this. And re-issue “Östenbräun”! > 2. Will there be a live-release from the “Spring-Surprise Tour”? > 3. Have you sought out greek filmdirector Theo > Angelopoulos’ “Eternity and a Day”? And Gustav Mahler’s 1st and 6th > Symphonies (its NOT too late you know).

The recording of the vocals for ‘Ostenbraun’ came on a depressed Saturday afternoon in England of which I remember little in detail. It was a question of grabbing what I could from the ether whilst the going was good and certainly at that time Genet was a big influence. But, so was Jim Beam. The reissue of ‘Ostenbraun’ is a definite possibility but it depends on how Eric feels about it. One minute I’m not sure and he is and then the next he isn’t and I am. There are no plans to release anything from the Spring Surprise tour but, equally, I haven’t had the chance yet to listen to the tapes of those shows that were recorded.Evidently there is a lot of video footage as well. I’m unfamiliar with the Greek film director but Mahler along with a lot of other classical music is played in my company so,… Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “Ben..” a href=”mailto:eboladisco@h…”>eboladisco@h… > Reply-To: > To: a href=”“> > Subject: [deathinjune] Re: More Questions For Douglas > Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 23:45:26 +1000 > > Poor Douglas…as soon as he shows up..he is needled with questions.. > Whilst on the ever-popular topic of your sexuality…did you ever end up >” Making it with a woman,just to see if you can” ? > > After hearing some Crisis mp3’s…I ordered in a copy of “We are All Jews > and German’s” (apparently one of the last available or so I was told) not > to > shower you in the warm spittle of mindless praise but I must say..I really > really like it…surpassing a lot of the early punk bands that I’ve > heard..especially some of the idea’s that you guy’s were using such as the > back masking and distorted vocals…how much of this did you contribute to > the band? > > Ben..

As it happens, 4 weeks ago tomorrow I screwed a friend’s wife a couple of times. Fortunately, he also happened to be there so it’s not quite as weird as it sounds! I would say that I was responsible for 49.5 % of the musical output of Crisis. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “keeffinnan” a href=”mailto:keeffinnan@y…”>keeffinnan@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] questions for douglas > Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 10:23:35 -0000 > > Hello > douglas dont know if you are still perusing the group > i did send you an email but i dont know if you got it > as im on aol and its a bit crap > Id just like to thank you for your hospitality in the slimelight > and thank you for the drink i’ll repay that honour one day > i do have a few questions if you dont mind > Im trying to find the film the world that summer with no joy > i have the book but after a couple of years searching no joy > 2)can you help me with a watch i lost mine in work a couple of weeks > ago caused me much distress(its probably fell in some old dears > letter box and given her a heart attack) > 3)need molre plates are they still available > 4)ive always wanted to ask even though it was always stated that it > was a semi official bootleg the white hands of death cassette has an > intro to it featuring a nice tune with lyrics in german what was this > from > 5)the strange piece of apparel you wear playing live am i right in > assuming its a snipers helmet > 6)do you know where i can aquire some decent cammo i bought most of > the stuff i wear in liverpool but the place closed down so i have to > look elsewere > 7)how does one get in touch with boyd > thats it really i must say though i was shocked when you told me that > tony w and david t wouldnt back you up on the problems you are having > with we steal distribution as you stated once friends are few indeed > but ill tell you this much and it relates to whitehouse when william > reissued the fantastic 120 murderous passions on the come org cd he > relayed his problem with world sepent when they released this item it > was mastered from a vinyl version with no permission from william > understandably he went mad as the wsd version sounds awful compared > to his version as he has all the masters > anyway take care doug hope to speak to you again > keith “to love is to lose” >

Dear Keith, Some answers: 1. The film of ‘The World That Summer’- ‘Die Welt in Jenem Sommer’ in its original German- was released in 1980 and I’m sure won the Palm D’or. It’s by Ilse Hofmann and Robert Muller and tons better than the book. A masterpiece, in fact. I heard some years ago there was a video of it commercially available but I’ve never seen one. Given the current climate in Germany I doubt whether something like this would now be available-I’m pretty sure it was produced by WDR the then West German TV station. It’s possibly available in Austria but when I showed Albin the film I seem to remember him saying he’d never seen any videos of it etc. By the way, I’m not in a position to do any duplicating before you ask. 2.The watches have all gone and there are no plans to do any more- sorry! It should have been deleted from the website a while back. 3. Both plates are currently being remanufactured and are available via the NER mail order – check for details. 4. I’ve no idea what that music is or where it came from. I can’t remember if that was being played at the start of that particular concert or added later by Catfood press. 5. The ‘mop’ some people thought I was wearing on my head consisted of 3 things: the helmet, the helmet cover and the sniper’s veil. All original but essential for when I do the shake’n’vac to put the freshness back. 6. The last time I saw an actual shop carrying a huge and extensive range of camo gear was The Supply Sergeant Store on Hollywood Boulevard a few weeks ago which probably have a website somewhere. Outside of that I’ve only seen market stalls in London with limited stock of Austrian/Swiss material etc. Those kinds of shops seem to be harder and harder to find although John Murphy has a good nose for sniffing things out. Perhaps he has some suggestions? For original gear I recommend Military Antiques in Islington and they definitely have a website:

7. P.O.Box 30081 Denver CO 80203 USA

Hope this has been of some help Keith and it was great meeting you and more than a few others at the last performance in poor ol’ Blighty. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “godilovechicken” a href=”mailto:godilovechicken@h…”>godilovechicken@h… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] yet another question for Douglas > Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 14:48:43 -0000 > > Hello Douglas- > > I have a question about female vocals in Death In June. > > While albums like Wall of Sacrifice used Rose McDowall’s vocal talents > brilliantly, the last few albums haven’t had any female voices at all. > > I was wondering if you felt that the material of All Pigs & Operation > Hummingbird, did not lend itself to female vocals, or perhaps you felt > that the harmonizing and such sounded better in your own voice. > > And are there any female vocalists you’d like to work with in Death In > June? (Brigitte Bardot? Andrea Haugen? Liz Frazier? Francoise Hardy? > etc. etc.) > > > Oh, and thank you for playing NYC. The concert was wonderful, and it > was a great excuse to go to New York and meet up with old and new > friends there. > > Thanks- > Rick

I think the real reason why there are no female vocals on any DIJ recordings now is because there are no female vocalists in my sphere of influence anymore. That was then and this is now – 14 years later. Yes, there is 1 particular female I would like to record whilst she was being throttled. I’d then reverse the tape, place echo on it, flip it over again and listen to the ‘true’ meaning of her death rattle:” Piggy told me to do it, Piggy told me to do it, Piggy told me to do it,……..” BB, Francois Hardy and France Gall are in another league, however! Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “keith355″ a href=”mailto:keith94@h…”>keith94@h… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] For Douglass > Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 19:48:07 -0000 > > Have you ever read or been influenced by: > > 1) Francis parker Yockey > 2) Ernst Nikisch > 3) Oswald Spengler > 4) The Strassers

No! But, David Tibet and Tony Wakeford certainly have!

> From: “mauricefy” a href=”mailto:mauricefy@y…”>mauricefy@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] ?? for Douglas? > Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2002 15:16:49 -0000 > > Douglas > > Firstly thanks for a lot of great music and for a wonderful, > unforgettable performance in New Malden (where?) way back in 1983. > Do you have any memories of this performance? One of the best gigs > I’ve ever been to. I’ve been fascinated by DIJ ever since. > > Some questions: > > 1) Do you still have links to Surrey in terms of friends/family? Do > you still feel any particular affinity with England/ the UK? > > 2) I would love to know what you think/thought of Stewart Home… > Both when you were in Crisis/ early DIJ and now… > > Cheers > > More in the pipeline I’m afraid… > > Maurice

My family are like rats-they’re everywhere and they’re probably under your floor boards right now-along with Stewart Home. Some episodes of Monty Python were shot in New Malden but, that’s all I remember besides a sloping car park but, that might have been me on the night.

> From: retrogradation@g… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Another Question for Douglas > Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 06:47:23 +0200 (MEST) > > Hello again Douglas, > > I was curious as to what your view on the United States’ “War against > Terrorism” is. > > Marc

It’s long overdue but I don’t agree with Bush shouting his mouth off regarding countries that belong to a so-called Axis of Evil. That is frighteningly naive beyond belief. For instance,I believe Saddam Hussein, treated in a different way years ago, would have been a much better ‘friend’ to the Occidentally minded of the World than many others that claim to be our friends today.However, as the rest of the World has only been too happy to sit back and let American governments etc., do the thinking and fighting for them welcome to a situation where few have any real choices anymore-including the Americans. Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “keith355″ a href=”mailto:keith94@h…”>keith94@h… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] For Douglas > Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2002 15:53:25 -0000 > > About 4 years ago I read every article and book about you and DIJ I > could find. Every time you mentioned an album or band or singer you > liked, I went out and bought it. At one point you praised Billy > Macenzie – “Beyond the Sun” – and I even ordered that one from the UK. > > Please give us a list of albums you think are worth listening to and > getting because the last time I did this it exposed me to some > really, really great material. > > Also, the radio program you hosted and did the “Guest DJ” work for > was terrific! > > Cheers and thanks! >

For one reason or another my listening of late has been a bit restricted but David Bowie’s first album and a compilation of his early material called” London Boy” have been definite favourites along with the new Pet Shop Boys album and Moby’s “18” (what a great title!) Also the soundtrack to the film” Blow” but mainly for the song by Nikka Costa entitled “Push & Pull”. However, the one I can’t get out of my head but I don’t own, and can’t find, is Billy Nicholls’ “Would You Believe” which Lux played in the car driving back from Disneyland a few weeks ago. Brilliant British psychedelia! Heilige,… Douglas P.

When I met Dirk Bogarde in 1986 it was by chance in Covent Garden near where he was due to do a book signing. He was very straight forward and friendly but hated the crowds of London and the noise. As ‘The World That Summer’ had recently come out I had some promo copies with me so I gave him 1. I never found out what he thought of it soundwise but after a quick look at it he said something along the lines of: ” I don’t know which code you’re using but it’s interesting”! I then bought a couple of copies of ‘Backcloth’ for myself and David Tibet and later got Dirk to sign them. Unfortunately, when I looked at what he’d signed in David’s copy he written “To Bette” but David didn’t seem to mind. ‘The Singer Not The Song’ is the western you are thinking of and it is an excellent film if for no other reason than John Mills being totally oblivious to Dirk’s chat up lines. A camp classic! I really think ‘The Night Porter’ is my favourite Dirk film but close on its heels are ‘The Victim’,’The Damned’ and ‘Despair’. Boyd and I have done as much as we can to help promote that film but the director seems to have lost all enthusiam to get it out. Last year we even shot extra bits for a DVD release but still nothing so,…. With a bit more editing and dubbing I think it could be really good but also really old! A lot of the drug taking and the Dr. Who bit should definitely go as almost everyone who sees that section, including myself, bursts out laughing as it comes in from so far out on the left field that it is ridiculous. And, compared to Startrek, Dr.Who was crap, anyway, along with those books which contain some of the most asexual images I’ve ever seen. Boyd does indeed have strange tastes!

> From: “livio” a href=”mailto:LivioCocteauT@m…”>LivioCocteauT@m… > Reply-To: > To: a href=”“> > Subject: R: [deathinjune] female vox > Date: Fri, 11 Jan 1980 00:31:55 +0100 > > Ciao Douglas! > Do you like Liz Fraser and Cocteau twins? > Let me know,please. > Grazie! > > Livio

They always seemed too “sugery” to my ears although I liked their frequent(?)references to sperm if I haven’t mistaken some of their imagery. Douglas P.

From: Bodrossy Márk a href=”mailto:mark.bodrossy@k…”>mark.bodrossy@k… > Reply-To: > To: a href=”“> > Subject: [deathinjune] How did you laugh? – for Douglas P. > Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 16:41:47 +0100 > > Dear Douglas, > > there’s one thing I was always interested about. If I’m right “Oh How We > Laughed” was released by Patrick Leagas only, after several years his > depart > from DIJ and so it can be viewed as his posterior explanation of what DIJ > meant to him. He said there: “Oh how we laughed at your failure to see in > us, yourselves. When you scorn us, you thrust a dagger in your own > heart…”, which can be interpret that DIJ worked as a ‘self-mirror’ for > each and every individual of the audience at that point of time, and as > some > might say in this way it was some kind of provocation at the end. I’m > curious how do you feel about this interpretation of DIJ and the quote > above…

I’m perfectly happy with it as it was something Patrick and I discussed many times. We shared experiences and opinions on many things.He’s a ‘good guy’! Heilige! Douglas P.

> From: “Ben..” a href=”mailto:eboladisco@h…”>eboladisco@h… > Reply-To: > To: a href=”“> > Subject: [deathinjune] >Subject: For Douglas > Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 18:34:48 +1000 > > Yes,Douglas your interviews have definitely influenced a few additions to > my > musical and literary collection as well… > especially Scott Walker…who until having a closer look I thought was > purely “The Walker Brothers”.. whom I’ve grown up listening to…you > mention > Scott 4 as one of your favorite albums..but what do you think of the > excellent (in my opinion) album “Tilt”??? > Ben..

It is an excellent but ‘difficult’ addition to his canon of work and probably will be appreciated even further down the track like ‘Climate of Hunter’. I’ll be ecstatic if I’m releasing such quality material in 10 years time. I have to admit that when I first heard it I wondered if he had been listening to DIJ. Still do! Heilige,…. Douglas P.

> From: “anders brunæs” a href=”mailto:andersb78@h…”>andersb78@h… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] to douglas: the concrete fountain > Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 11:55:18 +0200 > > hello > i remember you mentioned not long ago, either on this list or in some > recent > interview, i cant recall, that you were not sure if you would ever complete > the concrete fountain album. are you any closer to reach > a descision wether you will complete and release it, or not now? > > anders

If I ever feel the need to do another brand new album it will be ‘The Concrete Fountain’ but besides words being written, which I do all the time anyway in case they are of use at a later stage, there has been no more recording done on this project. The last recording I did was in February/March for some old DIJ tracks that have been remixed and rerecorded etc for inclusion on a rarities album somewhere down the track and the ‘Many Enemies Have Much Honour’ tribute I did for Albin which I forgot to mention is also 1 of my most played songs at present. I think I got that one really right. Heilige! Douglas P.

>From: “jason_thompkins” a href=”mailto:othala@s…”>othala@s… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Vegetarianism and the Seasons > Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 06:14:16 -0000 > > > Dear Douglas, > Is your vegetarianism a spiritual(if I may use that word) or simply > a ‘Health’ issue? I have noticed, in your music and in some > interviews, your attitude towards the wildlife, which is a very noble > one. I think of the time you mentioned using that Badger for > the ‘hoof’ sounds during the lines ‘The One Wild Hunt’ and then > burying the creature in a “beautiful spot on a hill”, all this being > a sacrifice to Odin. > > Also, what is your favorite season? I, myself, have always felt a > very ‘Winter’, ‘Coldness’ in your music, especially “Rose Clouds of > Holocaust”. As I live in South Carolina, it is a very common thing > for the men to wear camo-gear in the Cold season, the time of > hunting. This may be one clue as to why I always feel a Winter/Hunter > feeling in your music, because it reflects what I see around me and > of course, childhood memories of wandering the fields, head to toe in > camo, waiting for the hunt. Of course South Carolinian camo is not of > SS design, but it is camo nevertheless. > > Yours, > Jason Thompkins >

I feel my vegetarianism has been for both reasons in my life. Basically, at the about the age of 7 I stopped eating meat because I thought it was cruel and unnecessary. My parents told me it stemmed from seeing the turkeys hanging upside down in a butcher’s shop window, Christmas 1963. 20 years later in the mid 1980s I started eating meat again on a regular basis but it wasn’t very long before I had 3 bouts of what seemed ‘ordinary’ food poisoning. However,the 3rd from a beefsteak was particularly bad, acted as extreme aversion therapy and effectively stopped me from eating meat again. It came at a time when friends were also suffering from ‘food poisioning’ which used to be a complete rarity and then there was increased talk of the livestock herds in the UK being contaminated with something that the government wanted to keep hushed up. It was suspected for years that there was something not quite right about the meat in the UK but it took years before the government owned up to it, by which time it was too late for many. As I’d already been a vegetarian for so long perhaps I was particularly sensitive to any oddities in the flesh and perhaps it’s saved me in the longterm. Outside of the occassional pork/bacon that I have devoured for a particular reason in the past couple of years I do not eat meat because I want to lead a long and healthy life. The only Season I ever really feel at home with in the Northern Hemisphere is Winter. Spring and Autumn depress me and the Summer doesn’t make sense in England. Too much trash, in all its various forms, appears too visible then. The dirt looks really dirty! However, in the South I love them all especially Spring and Autumn so figure that one out. By the way, I’ve always admired much of the camo I’ve seen in the States used for duck shooting etc. But, you’re supposed to feed the ducks not shoot them, aren’t you? Heilige! Douglas P.

Dear List, Yes, I am still “out there” and always will be but, I’ve no time at the moment to rejoin and answer questions etc, as I’m having to deal with Weird Sisters and their machinations on a regular basis.

Did you realise that downloaded emails from this discussion group are Currently in the High Court in London as so called ‘evidence’ against me?

Did you also know that a certain Thomas Olsen has submitted about 20 emails supporting Weird Sisters in their list of documents which concentrate almost solely on what a Nasty boy I am? I didn’t realise what a famous music critic he was to be taken so seriously-ha bloody ha!

However,until the day arrives when being a Nasty boy is a good, and legal enough, reason not to pay me I really couldn’t care less how Nasty they say I am. And, the same goes for that new book with, no doubt, old ideas. In the past 2 years,7 months I’ve got used to floating on a sea of cheap innuendo, lies and slander but I reckon someone else will very soon drown in it. Afterall, why should I have all the fun and hog the limelight? There’s plenty to go around!

Has anyone else found it peculiar how since I told Weird Sisters I was no longer part of their funny family I’ve been in so many more ‘antifa’ magazines and books? Most odd, methinks! Still, a front cover can’t be all bad. Can it? Heilige Leben! Douglas P.

>From: “kevin_dockus” a href=”mailto:kevin_dockus@y…”>kevin_dockus@y… > Reply-To: > To: > Subject: [deathinjune] Question about Douglas’ views on racism… > Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 14:06:39 -0000 > > I have listened to Death in June for years, and at moments have found > myself and others, in some debate over the whole question of nazism > and racism and how (if at all) it is connected to the music of Death > In June. Some say they don’t care about the lyrics, some say they > are only concerned with the quality of the music, etc…I personally > think Death in June has released some amazing music over the years, > but there has remained some questions in my mind concerning > the “message”. And for me, the “message” matters. Now, this is not > an attempt to start some huge debate about the history of the > swastica or a re-reading of some obscure lyical passage. Its a > simple inquiry. What’s with the etching on the Occidental Martyr > vinyl? It says “He Ain’t Heavy….He’s my Genetic Burden.” An > obvious play on the original Hollies song from 1969 “He Ain’t Heavy… > He’s my Brother”. The original quote “He Ain’t Heavy…He’s my > Brother”is attributed to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th US president who > worked to abolish the slavery of blacks in the 1800’s. Now, correct > me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the Hollies song written about/in > response to black/white racial struggles of the 1960’s. Isn’t it > written from the perspective of a white man attempting to lend his > hand to a black man? Isn’t the “brother” being spoken about in both > the Lincoln/Hollies quotes, a black man? I could be wrong about all > this, but if I am right, what’s with Douglas’ “He Ain’t Heavy…He’s my > Genetic Burden”? Awaiting a response. > > Kevin

Knowing more than most of you about what has been going on behind the scenes of various lists besides this one, I had been warned that something like the newest controversy would probably raise its overly familiar head and sure enough here it is. Interestingly, the name “Kevin Dockus” had been mentioned and I note that the original message was sent after the June 6 deadline set for questions and I had left the list. Ah, those oh so familiar tactics! Within is the original question which I will respond to:

First of all, I wasn’t aware that Abraham Lincoln was an American President from the 16th Century. In fact, I wasn’t aware America even had Presidents in the 16th Century but then I’ve always found that the Devil is in the detail. Despite Kevin’s verbosity, lack of detail appears to be his weakness. The word play with The Hollies song mentioned is correct but as homosexuality has been described as a genetic deformity even on this list of, obviously, ex-sexual partners of mine I think the accusation of “racial struggle” is tenuous to say the very least.The pertinence exists only in Kevin’s head. However, as Kevin is so fascinated with run off grooves what does he make of the one on side “A” of “Operation Hummingbird”:” We’re King Process In Reverse” which is obviously another word play on the Hollies version of:” He’s King Midas In Reverse” ? I suppose this definitely proves that I am Nasty and Graham Nash is my Paedophile Love Fuerher.Or is it that I just like playing with the words of The Hollies and wait to entrap mere,no doubt underaged, innocents like poor Kevin? I think the question of “Race” is important and like Paul and Michael once said,before Michael ripped Macca off over publishing and they were still speaking to each other, of course:” There is good and bad in everyone” (that is SO Abraxas, don’t you think?) Given the plethora of simian-like white trash scrapping their knuckles along the streets of England these days I would definitly prefer to be the only honky on a bus load of Nation Of Islam supporters than waiting for a bus with a bunch of the former. Not only would it be safer but the conversation would be more stimulating.But, “here I go again…”, thinking of The Hollies! (“Bus Stop”, etc.-geddit?) I am too busy with more important things than to read all of Kevin’s latest tome, which going by its length it had obviously been prepared well in advance which is more than I can say about certain piss poor legal statements I’ve seen of late(perhaps you can give them a helping hand, Kevin if you aren’t already?) but, as paraphrasing appears to be all the rage I’ll leave by paraphrasing 2 great war criminals of our time; Terrance and Phillip:

“You’re A Pig Fucker!”

But, they’re Canadians so, what would they know. (Oh shit, there’s the proof that you’re a racist, Doug. Bugger!) P.S. SORRY CANADA!! P.P.S. Right On, Lorin, Right On!!!

The track listing on the new, extra side 4 of the “Something Is Coming” double LP re-issue on coloured vinyl (red and white as in the colours of Holy Hrvatska)is: 1.”Smashed To Bits (In The Peace Of The Night)” 2.”All Pigs Must Die” 3.”Tick Tock” 4.”Disappear In Everyway” 5.”We Said Destroy II” 6.”Kameradschaft” 7.”The Enemy Within”

These were recorded during Death In June’s last and final performance in Zagreb,the capital of Croatia, December,2001. Combined with the first performance and accompanying studio recordings that formed the original release of “Something Is Coming” in 1992 this marks the beginning and the end. At least, of that particular war! Za Dom,…. Douglas P.

To the best of my knowledge the Angel Oransanz Centre-not synagogue- was only too pleased to take the money for allowing the Neo-Nuremburg Rally to take place in their holy hall over a period of not just 1 but, 2 nights. I was under the impression that it was now run by Cuban exiles, Jewish or otherwise, who thought it was a good chance to not only make money but to display their various works of art from other Cuban exiles in the hope some sales would also be made.Not one complaint was ever aired – to me. I’ve also seen Dennis Leary perform there which was something to say the very least. Me like!!

I also remember seeing The Virgin Prunes perform, what I think was their first concert in England, at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill Gate, West London in the early 1980s where they did a kind of ritual of the Last Supper. Some of them careered around in wheelchairs whilst giving blow jobs to French loafs.All of this in front of a backdrop of huge tablets with the 10 Commandments on.It was brilliant! But, then I’m SO insensitive. Douglas P.

Kevin Dockus prattles on about some video that I DID NOT put out and would NEVER have agreed to put out if what he talks about is what I’ve seen-in 2 different versions! And, by the way, I’ve made no money from. Thanks to those who sent the footage to me. It is fun of sorts but, it is amateurish! When you’re Mega-famous like Boyd, Albin and myself and you’ve been touring for 2 months sometimes one loses one’s sense of decorum but I don’t remember the Leni Riefenstahl-esque sieg heiling shadows etc. All I recall is me looking bored at check-in counters and a stupidly shot sideways view of Boyd trying to have sex with a stripper in Barcelona. Oh, there is the stuff from the Zeppelin Field where I pressed a button by mistake so you see “Happy Birthday” printed over the footage I took of Boyd strutting his stuff accompanied by my vocal consternations of why this caption was appearing on the screen! As Death In June has never issued a video to the public I do not see why I should be held responsible for this indulgence of others.Stop moaning Kevin, you know you really love me. Address the issue to them whoever they may be, not me. It definitely is not mine. Douglas P.